The Murray, East Kilbride

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The Murray is an area of the Scottish new town East Kilbride, in South Lanarkshire.

The Murray was the first new town development in the area and as such contains the oldest council housing in the town. However, much of this housing is currently undergoing renovation to improve its condition. |Most of the streets in the area are named for prominent Scots, such as: - Livingstone Drive ( David Livingstone Christian medical missionary 1813-1873) - Owen Avenue (Robert Dale Owen, Scottish-born U.S. social reformer and anti-slavery campaigner 1801-1877) - Bell Green (Alexander Graham Bell, 1847-1922) - Telford Road (Thomas Telford, engineer and noted bridge builder 1757 - 1834) - Liddell Grove (Eric Henry Liddell, record-breaking athlete who won Gold and Bronze Medals in the 1924 Paris Olympic Games 1902-1945) - Dale Avenue (David Dale, Businessman and Merchant famous for establishing the New Lanark Mills 1739 – 1806) - Slessor Drive( Mary Slessor, Missionary and advocate of woman's rights 1848 1915) - Simpson Drive (James Young Simpson, doctor and important figure in early anesthesia 1811 - 1870)

Much of the original housing in the area was paid for by Rolls-Royce. As it was intended as accommodation for the workers attracted to the town by the factory. Many people dispute whether to call the Murray area 'The Murray' - this is, however, how it is described on most maps.

The area lies immediately to the south-west of the town centre.

Coordinates: 55°45′23″N 4°10′59″W / 55.75639°N 4.18306°W / 55.75639; -4.18306