The Music I Like to Play Vol. 3

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The Music I Like to Play Vol. 3
The Music I Like to Play Vol. 3.jpg
Studio album by Tete Montoliu
Released 1991
Recorded January 28, 1990
Studio Barigozzi Studio, Milan
Genre Jazz
Length 47:14
Label Soul Note
SN 1180
Producer Giovanni Bonandrini
Tete Montoliu chronology
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The Music I Like to Play Vol. 3
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The Music I Like to Play Vol. 3, subtitled Let's Call This, is a solo album by pianist Tete Montoliu performing compositions associated with Thelonious Monk recorded in 1990 and released on the Italian Soul Note label.[1][2]


Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[3]
The Penguin Guide to Jazz3/4 stars[4]

Ken Dryden of AllMusic states, "Montoliu's approach to the keyboard is hardly a slavish adaptation of Monk's style, though there are some obvious influences, and as liner note writer Art Lange points out, he owes a debt to Bud Powell as well. He opens the CD with an uncredited chorus or so of the elegantly played "Jackie-Ing" before launching into overdrive for "Straight, No Chaser"; likewise, his daredevil approach to the furiously played "Well, You Needn't" is a treat. His disguised introduction to "Let's Call This" plays with the listener's ears, and he plays a modified form of stride in "Blues Five Spot." He also stretches the boundaries of the two standards "Sweet and Lovely" and "April in Paris" in a playful way worthy of Monk. It's a pity that Montoliu only recorded one more studio session as a leader following this productive date, but all of the late blind pianist's releases from his final years are well worth acquiring".[3]

Track listing[edit]

All compositions by Thelonious Monk except where noted.

  1. "Straight, No Chaser" – 4:56
  2. "Reflections" – 7:02
  3. "In Walked Bud" – 3:31
  4. "Misterioso" – 4:32
  5. "Well, You Needn't" – 3:31
  6. "April in Paris" (Vernon Duke, Yip Harburg) – 4:38
  7. "Let's Call This" – 3:58
  8. "Sweet and Lovely" (Gus Arnheim, Jules LeMare, Harry Tobias) – 5:01
  9. "Blues Five Spot" – 3:27
  10. "Monk's Mood" – 3:54
  11. "Rhythm-a-Ning" – 2:44



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