The Muthers

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The Muthers
Directed byCirio H. Santiago
StarringJeannie Bell
Rosanne Katon
Trina Parks
Jayne Kennedy
Music byEdd Villanueva
Distributed byDimension Pictures
Release date

The Muthers is a 1976 women in prison film.[1] It starred Jeannie Bell, Rosanne Katon, Trina Parks, Jayne Kennedy, Tony Carreon and John Montgomery.


  • Jean Bell as Kelly (credited as Jeanne Bell)
  • Rosanne Katon as Anggie
  • Trina Parks as Marcie
  • Jayne Kennedy as Serena
  • Tony Carreon as Monteiro (credited as J. Antonio Carrion)
  • John Montgomery as Turko
  • Sam Sharruff as Sancho
  • Dick Piper as Murphy
  • Ken Metcalfe as Barrows
  • Rocco Montalban as Rocco (credited as Rock Monte)
  • Bill Baldridge as Capt. Montes
  • Bert Olivar as Navarro (credited as Bert Oliver)


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