The Mylene Sheath

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The Mylene Sheath
Mylene logo.jpg
Founded 2007
Founder Joel Proper
Lindsay Palmer
Distributor(s) Redeye Distribution
Genre Post Rock
Post Metal
Indie Rock
Doom Metal
Black Metal
Country of origin United States
Official website

The Mylene Sheath is an independent record label, founded by Joel Proper and Lindsay Palmer. The label originated in 2007 in Covington, Kentucky & Cincinnati, OH, then later relocated to Athens, Georgia. They have a strong focus on vinyl and the overall quality in the packaging of their releases.[1]

The first release The Mylene Sheath put out was the debut record by If These Trees Could Talk.

The label has released records for over twenty artists, including Pelican, Caspian, Junius, Constants, and Aeges.[2]


The label recently signed the Seattle super-group Dust Moth, which contains current and former members of These Arms Are Snakes, Minus The Bear, Aeges, XVIII Individual Eyes, Shift and Undertow. "Dragon Mouth", the debut EP from Dust Moth, will be released on March 25, 2014. CD, 12" Vinyl and digital download.[3] The band also recently signed San Angelus, who features members of Pelican, Sparkmaker, and Red Vienna. They will be releasing a new 3-song 7" titled "UU•Ü•UU" on March 11, 2014.

Other recent releases from the label include a 7" from the highly influential instrumental powerhouse Pelican, a split 7" between Aeges and Dust Moth titled "Bad Blood", and their first ever cassette format release "Shiver" by Living Phantoms (Will Benoit of Constants solo project).

The website eMusic featured The Mylene Sheath in its label profile section.[4]


The Mylene Sheath has released records for the following bands:


Cat # Artist Title Format Release date Vinyl Pressing Info
Sheath001 If These Trees Could Talk If These Trees Could Talk 12" August 16, 2007 1st Pressing:

100 orange w/black splatter

150 clear w/orange haze

250 black

2nd Pressing:

100 orange

100 orange w/black splatter

300 half orange/half black

Sheath002 Beware of Safety It Is Curtains 12" October 16, 2007 100 black w/silkscreen cover

100 clear w/red & black splatter

200 red/black swirl

250 black w/regular cover

350 red w/black haze

Sheath003 Gifts From Enola Loyal Eyes Betrayed The Mind 2xLP June 3, 2008 100 clear w/black & blue splatter

150 side A/B clear w/gray haze, side C/D clear w/white haze

250 gray

Sheath004 Caspian The Four Trees 2xLP/CD/digital November 20, 2007 1st Pressing:

200 side A/B green w/splatter, side C/D blue w/splatter

300 side A/B white w/brown splatter, side C/D brown w/white splatter

500 half pilsner/half white

2nd Pressing (new artwork):

100 translucent pilsner w/maroon & black splatter

100 clear vinyl w/bronze swirl

400 bronze

Sheath005 You.May.Die.In.The.Desert Bears In The Yukon CD/digital June 24, 2008
Sheath006 Giants They, The Undeserving LP May 6, 2008 1st Pressing:

100 white w/green splatter

100 translucent green w/white haze

300 white vinyl

2nd Pressing (new artwork):

100 translucent sky blue

100 opaque maroon

300 cream w/maroon center

Sheath007 Beneath Oblivion Beneath Oblivion 10"/digital February 10, 2009 100 clear w/ white swirl

100 black

300 translucent red w/ white swirl

Sheath008 Eksi Ekso I Am Your Bastard Wings 2xLP November 4, 2008 200 translucent orange w/ translucent red swirl

200 translucent orange w/ black swirl

600 white

Sheath009 Caspian You Are The Conductor 12"/CD/digital October 21, 2008 1st Pressing:

100 white

200 baby blue

100 brown

600 clear

2nd Pressing (deluxe tip-on jackets/180 gram vinyl):

100 translucent green

100 opaque mint green

100 white vinyl

300 black

Sheath010 Lvngs Sinking Ships 7"/digital February 24, 2009 100 translucent blue

150 purple

250 black

Sheath011 Beware of Safety dogs 2xLP/CD/digital January 13, 2009 100 yellow w/ black swirl

100 yellow

300 pilsner vinyl

Sheath012 Gifts From Enola From Fathoms 2xLP/CD/digital June 23, 2009 100 Side A/B swamp green/ translucent ice blue swirl, Side C/D translucent orange/brown swirl

100 Side A/B translucent deep blue, Side C/D translucent forest green swirl

300 half swamp green and half opaque navy blue

Sheath013 Actors&Actresses Arrows LP/CD/digital June 9, 2009 100 grey with yellow haze

100 gold

300 grey/clear swirl

Sheath014 Constants The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension 3xLP/CD/digital July 14, 2009 100 clear with black swirl

100 Side A/B brown, Side C/D grey, Side E/F clear

300 cream

Sheath015 Caspian Tertia 2xLP/CD/digital September 15, 2009 1st Pressing (gold foil stamping/includes 12-page booklet):

100 translucent maroon

100 pilsner w/ maroon haze

100 180g black vinyl

700 maroon

2nd Pressing (gatefold jacket/gold foil stamping):

200 white

300 gold

3rd Pressing (gatefold jackets):

100 opaque maroon/pilsner swirl

104 bloody gold splatter

400 translucent pilsner

Sheath016 Giants / Beware of Safety Split 7"/digital January 4, 2011 100 Wild Cherry

200 Limeade

200 Blu-Raspberry

Sheath017 If These Trees Could Talk Above The Earth, Below The Sky LP January 12, 2010 1st Pressing:

100 white w/black haze

100 translucent ice blue

300 translucent mint green

2nd Pressing:

100 translucent forest green

100 swamp splatter

300 opaque blue

Sheath018 Junius The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist 2xLP/CD/digital November 16, 2009 100 clear w/bronze haze

100 black/bronze swirl

200 cream w/bronze haze

600 bronze

Sheath019 Angel Eyes Midwestern LP/CD/digital July 13, 2010 100 navy blue

100 black with gold swirl

300 gold

Sheath020 Junius Junius 2xLP/digital June 15, 2010 100 side A/B white w/red splatter, side C/D black w/red splatter

100 translucent red and black swirl

300 translucent red

Sheath021 Caspian You Are The Conductor & The Four Trees 3xLP/digital August 15, 2010 99 side A/B on blue, sides C-F on grey

190 silver, hand numbered

210 white

Sheath022 Gifts From Enola Gifts From Enola LP/CD/digital July 13, 2010 100 baby blue

100 orange w/cotton candy vomit splatter

300 opaque orange

Sheath023 Herra Terra Quiet Geist LP/CD/digital September 14, 2010 100 grape soda w/pink splatter

100 pilsner w/purple splatter

300 grape soda

Sheath024 Eksi Ekso Kills of The Flood Tide 7"/digital November 16, 2010 50 black/hand numbered

200 pink/hand numbered

Sheath025 Lavinia There Is Light Between Us 12"/CD/digital November 16, 2010 100 silver

100 bronze

300 bronze/silver swirl

Sheath027 Eksi Ekso Brown Shark, Red Lion 2xLP/CD/digital March 15, 2011 1 orange marble / peach marble

2 orange marble / yellow marble

100 red marble / brown marble mailorder edition)

100 baby blue marble

314 orange marble

Sheath028 Actors&Actresses We Love Our Enemy 12"/CD/digital June 14, 2011 100 translucent pink

100 translucent purple

300 clear

Sheath029 Giants Giants 7"/digital June 14, 2011 100 olive green

100 opaque maroon

300 translucent gold

Sheath030 Beware of Safety Leaves/Scars 2xLP/CD/digital July 12, 2011 100 white w/black streaks

100 baby blue

300 brown

Sheath031 Actors&Actresses A.R.C. Arrows Remix Compilation 12"/digital October 11, 2011 98 black

109 translucent gold w/black streaks

Sheath032 Beneath Oblivion / Angel Eyes Split 7"/digital August 9, 2011 100 red vinyl/red cover

200 grey vinyl/grey cover

200 clear vinyl/white cover

Sheath033 Beneath Oblivion From Man to Dust 2xLP/CD/digital September 20, 2011 100 rust

100 toxic green

300 translucent orange w/black streaks

Sheath035 Junius / Rosetta Split 12" 12"/digital November 22, 2011 100 translucent blue w/laser etching

100 black/grey/white marble w/laser etching

200 opaque purple marble w/laser etching

200 white w/laser etching

400 clear w/laser etching

Sheath036 Gifts From Enola / Caravels Well Worn split LP/digital January 24, 2012 100 opaque dark green

100 translucent gold

200 clear

300 white

300 coke bottle green

Sheath037 Chasma Declarations of the Grand Artificer LP December 11, 2011 100 translucent red w/black streaks

100 white

100 translucent gold

206 black

Sheath038 Aeges The Bridge LP/CD/digital April 17, 2012 100 hot pink

100 hot pink/cream swirl

300 hot pink/black swirl

Sheath039 Constants Pasiflora LP/CD/digital July 24, 2012 100 opaque purple

100 translucent purple w/pink haze

100 white

300 black

Sheath040 Aeges Southern Comfort b/w Stars 7"/digital October 16, 2012 200 translucent red w/opaque aqua blue splatter

200 half translucent red/half opaque blue

200 white vinyl

400 translucent red

Sheath041 Gifts From Enola A Healthy Fear 2xLP/CD/digital November 13, 2012 100 translucent yellow w/blue haze

100 opaque baby blue

100 white

300 opaque navy blue

Sheath042 Minot The Ringing Silence Between Your Ears b/w
The Means Relativize The Ends
7"/digital February 5, 2013 55 black test presses w/hand screened covers

100 white

100 translucent sea blue

300 baby blue

Sheath043 Lavinia Take Shelter 7"/digital May 28, 2013 43 black test presses screen-printed jackets

100 white w/black splatter

100 half white/half black

300 white/black swirl

Sheath044 Minot An Era of Institutional Failure Limited CD/digital November 27, 2012 200 handmade CDs packaged in screen-printed sleeves.
Designed, screen-printed, assembled, and sold by the band.
Sheath045 Pelican Deny the Absolute 7" August 20, 2013 100 clear vinyl

200 grey vinyl

200 clear vinyl w/grey swirl

300 white vinyl

1200 half white/half grey vinyl

Sheath046 Aeges / Dust Moth Bad Blood split 7" October 29, 2013 100 half translucent red/half black

104 clear vinyl w/blood splatter

300 translucent red w/grey splatter

Sheath047 Living Phantoms Shiver CS/digital November 12, 2013 100 cassettes in translucent blue shells


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