The Mysterious Mannequin

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The Mysterious Mannequin
Author Carolyn Keene
Country United States
Language English
Series Nancy Drew Mystery Stories
Genre Juvenile literature
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap
Publication date
ISBN 0-448-09547-5
OCLC 82202
Preceded by The Invisible Intruder
Followed by The Crooked Banister

The Mysterious Mannequin is the forty-seventh volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. It was first published in 1970 under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. The actual author was ghostwriter Harriet Stratemeyer Adams.


The strange disappearance of Carson Drew's Turkish client and a strange gift of an oriental rug encoded with a message woven in the decorative border start Nancy on a difficult search for a missing mannequin. But then a robber tries to steal the rug from the Drew home . Nancy, Bess, George, Ned, Burt, Aisha, Carson, and Dave travel to Turkey to search for more clues, but then, Bess disappears during the search.