The Mystery of the Fire Dragon

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The Mystery of the Fire Dragon
AuthorCarolyn Keene
CountryUnited States
SeriesNancy Drew Mystery Stories
GenreJuvenile literature
PublisherGrosset & Dunlap
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Preceded byThe Clue in the Old Stagecoach 
Followed byThe Clue of the Dancing Puppet 

The Mystery of the Fire Dragon is the thirty-eighth volume in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. It was written under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene, and was first published in 1961.

Plot summary[edit]

Nancy Drew is called to New York City by her Aunt Eloise to solve a missing-person case. The granddaughter of her elderly Chinese author neighbor, Mr. Soong, has been kidnapped. The search is on, first by disguising Nancy's friend George Fayne as the missing Chi Che, and then pursuing a lead at Chi Che's place of employment, a book store, where Nancy encounters its suspicious owner, Mr Stromberg.

Nancy decides to visit the store again but as she goes along the sidewalk, Nancy is knocked-out by a falling vase which hits her on the head. While Nancy is unconscious, Bess and George take up the mystery and a red-haired man is quickly arrested.

A series of clues leads the girls to Hong Kong, where Nancy's boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, joins the action. Nancy foolishly follows "Chi Che" on board a plane, and is herself kidnapped. Ingenious Nancy uses her lipstick to signal for help on the plane windows. After her rescue, she follows more clues to an international smuggling ring, and, utilizing a disguised George once again, forces the thieves out of hiding and has the chance to finally locate the missing girl.


This is the final volume in the series to be issued with a dust jacket. Subsequent volumes integrated the artwork directly into the covers.