The Mystic of the Baja

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The Mystic of the Baja is an album by Canadian folk rock band Uisce Beatha (Ish-Ka Baha). It was recorded and released in 1992, distributed in Canada by EMI on both cassette and CD (UBCD01) The album was also released in Germany (02 77657 50155 26).

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Whose Child Is This"
  2. "Promises"
  3. "Lose That Skin"
  4. "Maggie Coulter"
  5. "Where the River Meets the Sea"
  6. "Take Me Now"
  7. "Rod and Reel (jig: The Rattlin' Bog)'
  8. "This is the Story (reel: Coleman's Cross)"
  9. "Strangers"
  10. "Working Man (music: traditional)"
  11. "Purple Heather"
  12. "Tenderness Behind the Rage"
  13. "Preparation for a Wake (jig: Off To California)"

All songs by Uisce Beatha, except where indicated.


Usice Beatha:

  • Alan Glen (vocals, banjo, guitar)
  • John Glen (mandolin, tin whistle)
  • Dough Watt (guitar)
  • Paul Meadows (Fiddle, harmonica)
  • Damian Morrissy (bass)
  • Marty Coles (drums)

Additional musicians:

  • Mark short, the pie-eyed piper ("Take Me Now")
  • Thundering Nelson Muldooney (screams on "This Is The Story")
  • Dan Brodbeck (backing vocals)

Produced & Engineered by Dan Brodeck

Assisted by Tim Murray & Uisce Beatha

Recorded at dB Studios, London, Ontario January 1993