The N's Student Body

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The N's Student Body
The N's Student Body Nickelodeon Logo.png
Presented by Laila Ali
Starring Laila Ali
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 8
Running time 43 minutes
Original network The N
Original release July 11 – August 24, 2008
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The N's Student Body is an eight-episode reality television series that first aired on The N on July 11, 2008 that takes twelve students from high schools MacArthur and Eisenhower in Decatur, Illinois.

Tagline: Competition is tough. Change is tougher.


Host Laila Ali challenges twelve out-of-shape and overweight students from rival high schools to change their bodies, their nutrition, and their attitudes. The winning school takes home $25,000. Whoever loses the most weight wins $25,000 for themselves. The rules changed at the end of the competition, as the grand prize was awarded for "biggest overall transformation". The solo win went to Mike Walker for his overall change in attitude and self-esteem.

Every week, the two schools compete in some sort of challenge. The school who wins the challenge gets a reward, such as a yacht ride or being served dinner by the other team. The losing team gets "punishment", like husking corn or cleaning the bleachers after a high school football game.

Weigh-Ins & Evaluations[edit]

After the challenge and reward/punishment, the schools go to the weigh in to find out what their current weight is, therefore evaluating how much weight has been lost that week. Later, the teams go to an evaluation where they are given 1 of 3 different rankings:

Green: the student is making good progress.

Yellow: the student is not making progress (3 yellows equal a Red)

Red: the student isn't invested in the competition and is asked to leave.


Week # Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Finale
Contestant Results
Haylee Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe TEAM WIN
Julian MVP Safe Safe Safe Warn Safe Safe TEAM WIN
Kevin Safe Safe Safe Warn Warn Safe Safe TEAM WIN
Rebecca Warn Safe MVP Warn Safe Safe Safe TEAM WIN
Temisan Safe Safe Warn Safe Safe Safe Safe TEAM WIN
Wayne** Safe Safe Warn Warn Safe Safe Safe TEAM WIN
Andrea Safe Safe Safe Warn Safe Safe Safe Safe
Bronson*** Safe Safe Safe Warn MVP Safe Safe Most Weight Loss
Chaz Safe Warn Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe
Jilashli Safe Safe Safe Safe Warn Safe Warn Safe
Mike Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe SOLO WIN
Josh* on hiatus Warn Safe Warn Warn (Elim)
Tana Warn Elim
     The student was from MacArthur.
     The student was from Eisenhower
     (SOLO WIN) The Student made the biggest overall transformation.
     (TEAM WIN) The team won the game.
     (MVP) In the event of a tie a student was chosen as an MVP and won for the team.
     (Safe) The student got a green card and was improving.
     (Warn) The student received a yellow card and a warning.
     (Elim) The student was asked to leave because of their lack of being in the game.
     The student was not in the competition that week.

* In week 3, Josh joined Eisenhower in the competition to even out the teams.

** In week 7, Wayne's evaluation did not count to even out the teams.

*** In week 8, Bronson won the bet with his mother by losing 74 pounds, reaching a final weight of 206 pounds. Although Bronson lost the most weight and became the most fit, Mike won the grand prize for his change in attitude and self-esteem.

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