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The NOC (Network of Champions) was a Sports & Entertainment YouTube channel that launched in February 2012 as one of Google's Premium Content Partners.[1] The NOC aimed to provide a dedicated media platform for professional athletes to express their personalities and engage with their fans.[2] According to AdAge's YouTube Original Channel Tracker, The NOC ranked 37th out of YouTube's 131 original channels as of October 15, 2012.[3] However nothing has been put up on this channel from March 2013

The NOC has worked with Steve Nash, Michael Vick, Robinson Canó, John Wall, Nick Swisher, Larry Fitzgerald, Jon Jones, and a range of other professional athletes and celebrities.

Athletes and celebrities featured on The NOC[edit]





Additional athletes and celebrities[edit]

NOC shows[edit]

  • Nash, Camera, Action
  • Obama vs. Romney: Presidential Decathlon
  • Street Games w/ Stevie Johnson
  • Training Days
  • Judge Sapp
  • NOC’d UP
  • Every Fan
  • Ice Bucket
  • FaceOFF
  • Let's Buy Sh*t
  • Make Me Hot
  • Opera Fight Songs
  • Music Twideos
  • Brian Davies Sports Report
  • Metta World Therapy
  • Got Em' w/ DeAndre Jordan
  • Save the Centers w/ Dwight Howard

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