The NOCO Company

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The NOCO Company
IndustryConsumer electronics
Founded1914; 109 years ago (1914)[1] (as Nook & O'Neill)
FounderJoseph Henry Nook Sr.
HeadquartersGlenwillow, Ohio, U.S.
Area served
Key people
William Nook (Chairman & CEO), Jonathan Nook (CVO & President)
NOCO Genius
NOCO Element
Revenue$53.67 million (2015)[2]
Number of employees
500[2] (2016)
NOCO Company original battery corrosion formula, circa 1920s.

The NOCO Company (commonly referred to as NOCO) is an American privately held multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics, automotive chemicals, plastics and various electrical components.


NOCO was founded as Nook & O'Neill in 1914.[1] Joseph Henry Nook Sr. was later inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame for the contributions he made to the automotive industry with The NOCO Company.[3] Their original catalog can still be found in various automotive museums and archives.[4] NOCO holds over two dozen patents[5] including a patent for portable vehicle battery jump start apparatus with safety protection.[6][7]


In 2009, NOCO acquired Advanced Fishing Technologies ("AFT)", a high-tech manufacturer of marine, industrial and photostatic battery management solutions.[8]


NOCO's ChargeLight was first created from a fully funded Kickstarter campaign, which raised $121,329.[9]

Genius Boost family[edit]

The Genius Boost family of lithium jump starters is one of the company's most popular line of products. The GB30 car jump starter was rated 9/10 by TopSpeed[10] and "Good" by Consumer Reports.[11] Production is in Vietnam, Malaysia and China.


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