The Naked Chef

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The Naked Chef
Created by Optomen Television
Starring Jamie Oliver (host)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 25
Running time 30 minutes
Original network BBC2
Original release 14 April 1999 – 19 December 2001

The Naked Chef was a BBC Two television cooking programme starring Jamie Oliver. It originally ran for three seasons plus three subsequent Christmas specials, and was produced by Optomen Television for the BBC. The show was Oliver's television debut,[1] and was noted for its use of jumpy, close-up camera work, and the presenter's "Mockney" dialect and relaxed style[2]—for example, Oliver would tear up herbs rather than chopping.

The programme was credited with inspiring men to cook due to Oliver's "blokey" approach.

Each episode took its theme from a social situation or event in Oliver's life, such as a hen night or babysitting. In Seasons 1 and 2 (except the Christmas specials), Jamie was filmed cooking at his home (paid for by the BBC). In Season 3, the kitchen locations shifted to other venues.


Series 1[edit]

  1. Chefs' Night Off—Jamie cooks for his boss [3]
  2. Hen Night—Jamie's cooks for his sister's hen night
  3. Babysitting—Jamie babysits his cousins
  4. The Band—Jamie gets the band back together
  5. Birthday Party—Jamie cooks for his own birthday party
  6. Girlfriend—Jamie cooks for Jools
  7. Christmas Come Early*—Jamie finally gets two Christmases

Series 2[edit]

  1. Reunion—Jamie's German friend Tim returns to London
  2. A Perfect Day—Jamie goes gokarting
  3. Going to the Dogs—Jamie cooks takeaway and takes his friends to the dog races
  4. Picnic on the Pier—Jamie cooks a picnic and takes his cousins to the Southend Pier
  5. Girls, Girls, Girls, —Jamie is invited for a night out with Jools and her friends, and cooks for them in return
  6. A Bun in the Oven—Jamie cooks comfort food for his pregnant sister
  7. Birthday Barbeque—Jamie does a barbeque for his friend Ben
  8. Wedding Bells—The inlaws are coming over
  9. Christmas in New York*—Jamie crosses the pond to work in a New York Restaurant, it is the only hour-long episode

Series 3[edit]

  1. Moving House—Jamie and Jools move to a new flat and gets out the campstove to avoid going a day without cooking
  2. Rock 'n' Roast—Jamie cooks for his favourite Band at the lead singer's country home
  3. Godfather—Jamie becomes a godfather and cooks on a house boat
  4. Highland Fling—Jamie goes north to Scotland to cook for scallop divers
  5. Curry Feast—Jamie cooks for his mates after a night of pool
  6. Back to School—Jamie teaches students to cook for an awards dinner and gives a speech at his former school
  7. Italian Job—Jamie and his old boss go fly fishing, and they eat duck
  8. At the Beach—Jamie takes his Australian chefs to Cornwall on the condition they teach him to surf
  9. Christmas Party*—Jamie throws a Christmas Party

Asterisk means Aired as a special