The Naked Vicar Show

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The Naked Vicar Show is a satirical Australian radio and television series. The classic Australian sitcom Kingswood Country was spawned from sketches in the series.


The series was written and produced by Gary Reilly and Tony Sattler and made by their company RS Productions for ABC Radio, later for Triple J, before making a record titled The Naked Vicar Show in 1975 (containing two full-length shows) and being adapted successfully for television to Channel Seven. The series premiered in 1977 and ended in 1978. The stars also performed a live cabaret season of the show during 1976.


The series starred comedy actress Noeline Brown (who came to fame on The Mavis Bramston Show), veteran announcer Kevin Golsby and actor-comedian Ross Higgins, with a supporting cast including Colin McEwan, Julie McGregor and Laurel McGowan.