The Named

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The Named
The Named.jpg
Front cover
Author Marianne Curley
Country Australia
Language English
Series Guardians of Time Trilogy
Genre Science-fiction, fantasy
Pages 333 (US edition)
ISBN 0-7475-7539-8
OCLC 57063678
Followed by The Dark

The Named is a fantasy novel written by Marianne Curley. It is the first book in the Guardians of Time Trilogy.


As with all of the Guardians of Time books, the prologue is written in third person while all the chapters are written in first person, switching points of view between the two narrators. The two narrators are Ethan and Isabel. They are together for most of the book.


The story is set in Angel Falls, which is located above the ancient city of Veridian. Angel Falls is a small, fictional town set near the Australian bush. The description of the high schools implies that the town is smaller than average.

The story is set in the present or near-present time. Some of the story takes place in the past, in a variety of times and places. For example, one of the earlier missions that Isabel takes with Ethan is to Medieval England, as well as colonial America.

Plot summary[edit]

The Named begins with a foreshadowing that portrays the protagonist: Ethan, witnessing his own sister's death by Marduke, an evil minion to the evil Goddess: 'Chaos' who is also the leader of the 'Order of Chaos' (an organization that opposes the Guard). The story continues when Ethan is 16. He goes to school in Angel Falls and is aware of his powers, and is relatively good at controlling them. The story switches point of views and Isabel comes into play. She is a long-time acquaintance with Ethan because of his standing friendship with her brother Matt. Unfortunately, Matt and Ethan's friendship grew apart because of their common interest in Rochelle. However, Rochelle doesn't come truly into play until later in the story. Ethan is training under the power of Arkarian, a coordinator of the Guard. He has the power of agelessness and remains 18. He has blue hair and violet eyes, but only because of this power. Arkarian is also a truthseer (can read the minds of others) and has his wings, which allows him to teleport to anywhere by thinking of it. Isabel becomes aware of her powers one day while getting ready for school. She has the power to heal. Arkarian tells Ethan that he has been given an apprentice: Isabelle, whom he must train in the following three weeks. This is to be ready for the final battle between the Order and the Guard but Ethan now Isabel knows of this in this moment in time. Isabel was in love with Ethan when they were young. She would follow him and her brother around just to be with them. She grew attached to the outdoors and was very strong for being a girl. This feature alone helped Ethan train her. At first, Isabel was weary about Ethan and couldn't trust what he was saying, but she grew to it and soon was a very strong member of the Guard and one of the named. The Named, are the group of nine who are said to fight the evil goddess in the final battle. The nine who may or may not appear in this book, are Arkarian, Ethan, Isabel, Matt, Neriah, Rochelle, Jimmy, Shaun, and Mr. Carter. Ethan and Isabel go on their first mission back in time to make sure King Richard actually became king. The only way to get back in time is to go through the citadel (a palace with many rooms that appeal to the people who show up in them). They can only get to the Citadel through their sleep, and only their souls go, their body remains behind while they sleep.

Isabel is close to dying at one point in the book. Only her soul-mate can save her. Her soul-mate had to call her name to get her soul back to her body. Ethan tried but failed. Isabel couldn't hear him. Then Arkarian called her name. Isabel heard him. When she awoke she thought it was Ethan that had saved her. Arkarian said that Isabel can never know that he is her soul-mate.

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