The Narrow Way

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"The Narrow Way"
Song by Pink Floyd from the album Ummagumma
Published Lupus Music Ltd.
Released 25 October 1969 (UK)
10 November 1969 (US)
Recorded 2 May 1969
Length 12:17
Label Harvest Records
Writer(s) David Gilmour
Producer(s) Norman Smith

"The Narrow Way" is a section on the studio half of Pink Floyd's fourth album Ummagumma.[1] It is a three-part song written and performed entirely by David Gilmour, using multiple overdubs to play all the instruments himself.

Different parts[edit]

Part one of the song was called "Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major" when played by the band in a BBC broadcast on 2 December 1968;[2] it also strongly resembles the tracks "Rain in the Country (take 1)" and "Unknown Song" recorded (but eventually not used) for the soundtrack of Michelangelo Antonioni's film Zabriskie Point in November/December 1969. This portion features layered acoustic guitar with some spacey effects overtop.

Part two features an electric guitar and percussion which modulate heavily at the end, forming a drone that leads into part three.

Part three of the song features Gilmour's only vocal contribution to the studio part of the album.[3] It is the first Pink Floyd song to feature lyrics by Gilmour. This final part was incorporated into The Man and the Journey by the full band on their 1969 tour.



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