The Narrows, Manitoba

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The view of The Narrows from the beach

The Narrows is a community in the Canadian province of Manitoba. Situated on the Northern part of Lake Manitoba within the Rural Municipality of Siglunes. It is notable as the only place where Lake Manitoba is traversed by use of a bridge.

A Post Office was opened at a location on 14-24-10W in 1896. The post office service was terminated in 1958. A school district was located on SE 24-24-10W. There are two Lake St. Martin First Nation reserves (The Narrows 49 and Narrows 49 A) located in the surrounding areas.


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Coordinates: 51°04′54″N 98°46′46″W / 51.08167°N 98.77944°W / 51.08167; -98.77944