National Defense Management Center

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National Defense Management Center

Great emblem of the National Defense Management Center.svg
Official Emblem
Founded1 December 2014
Country Russian Federation
TypeCommand and control center
RoleProvide operational control over the Armed Forces
Part ofMinistry of Defense
HeadquartersZnamenka 19, Moscow
Nickname(s)"НЦУО", NTsUO
DirectorMikhail Mezentsev
National Defense Management Center.jpg

The National Defense Management Center, also known as National Defense Control Center (NDCC) (Russian: Национальный центр управления обороной РФ, Natsional'nyi tsentr upravleniya oboronoi RF) is the supreme command and control center of the Russian Ministry of defense and the Russian Armed Forces.


The center is considered as the second highest authority responsible for the Defense Ministry's management and supervision, after the Minister himself. It has the most powerful military supercomputer in the world called NDMC Supercomputer with a speed of 16 petaflops.

The center is located in the Main Building of the Ministry of Defense at Znamenka 19, Moscow, Russia[1]

Computer network of the Center is based on the Russian military computer operating system Astra Linux[2], which in 2018 was declared the future ultimate standard for the Army.[3]


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