The Nautilus (magazine)

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The Nautilus
December 1923 issue of Nautilus
EditorsElizabeth Towne
William E. Towne
CategoriesNew thought, metaphysics, occultism
PublisherElizabeth Towne Company, Inc.
Total circulation
First issueNovember 1898; 125 years ago (1898-11)
Final issueAugust 1953 (1953-08)
CountryUnited States
Based inHolyoke, Massachusetts, U.S.

The Nautilus was a magazine of the New Thought Movement, founded in 1898 by Elizabeth Towne, in Portland, Oregon.


The magazine was briefly published in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1899; however, in May 1900, Towne moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts,[1] which became the magazine's permanent home until its discontinuation in August 1953, when Towne retired from publishing at the age of 88. Towne also published, under the "Elizabeth Towne" imprint, books consisting of material which had run in serialized form in the magazine, generally supplying introductions to the compiled works.

Authors who were published in the magazine include:

In 1907, writer Grace MacGowan Cooke contributed to The Nautilus. Grace authored an article titled The Spiritual Meaning of Fletcherism (1907), delving into the concept of "Fletcherism" and its spiritual implications.[2]

During the 1912 campaign of Theodore Roosevelt, Elizabeth and her husband William were active in the national delegations of the Progressive Party, and published coverage of the movement's conventions in Chicago and Boston that year.[3]


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