Springvale Botanical Cemetery

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Springvale Botanical Cemetery
Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Princes Hwy Entrance.jpg
Springvale Botanical Cemetery's Princes Highway entrance.
Established 1901
Location Springvale, Victoria
Country Australia
Coordinates 37°56′33″S 145°10′32″E / 37.94250°S 145.17556°E / -37.94250; 145.17556Coordinates: 37°56′33″S 145°10′32″E / 37.94250°S 145.17556°E / -37.94250; 145.17556
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The Springvale Botanical Cemetery is the largest crematorium and memorial park in Victoria, Australia. It is located in Springvale, in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


The Necropolis commenced operations in 1901. Until 2006, it operated as The Necropolis Springvale. Between 1904 and 1952 it was served by its own railway station and line to transport coffins, passengers and staff to the cemetery.[1] The first cremation took place at Springvale in April 1905.[2] In 2007 Springvale conducted over 2000 burials and 6000 cremations.

The Trustees of the cemetery also administer Dandenong Cemetery, St Kilda Cemetery and Melbourne General Cemetery.

War graves[edit]

The cemetery contains the war graves of 146 Commonwealth service personnel, nearly 50 from World War I and nearly 100 from World War II.[3]


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