The Neighbors' Window

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The Neighbors' Window
Film Poster
Directed byMarshall Curry
Screenplay byMarshall Curry
Based on
The Living Room
by Diane Weipert
Produced by
  • Marshall Curry
  • Jonathan Olson
  • Julia Kennelly
  • Elizabeth Martin
StarringMaria Dizzia
Greg Keller
Juliana Canfield
CinematographyWolfgang Held
Edited byMarshall Curry
Music byJames Baxter
The National
Distributed byMarshall Curry Productions
Release date
Running time
20 minutes
CountryUnited States
Box office$330,661

The Neighbors' Window is a 2019 American short film written and directed by Marshall Curry.[1] It won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 2020. The film was inspired by a true story by Diane Weipert, which she recounted on the podcast Love and Radio.[2][3][4]


Alli and Jacob are a couple of 30-somethings living in New York City with their three young children. Alli is busy and stressing in nursing the kids, straining her relationship with husband Jacob. Alli's apartment's window faces with an apartment neighbor's window. Alli and Jacob both covertly spy on the couple, bitter about their loss of youth and new responsibilities as parents.

One day, Jacob comments that the neighbor man has "shaved his head" and looks hungover. Shortly after, while Jacob and the kids are out, Alli spies across the street again to find the man in hospice; he dies soon after. Alli goes out to witness the man being taken out in a body bag and finds the wife crying on the sidewalk. The woman reveals that ever since her husband became "sick," they would find comfort in watching the family through the window, much in the way Jacob and Alli did. The two embrace.

The same night, as Jacob and the kids return from the museum, the family interacts with one another with joviality.


  • Maria Dizzia as Alli
  • Greg Keller as Jacob
  • Juliana Canfield as The Neighbor
  • Bret Lada as The Neighbor's Husband
  • McGregory Frederique as Party Guest


  • Won – 2020: Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film[5][6][7]
  • Palm Springs Shorts Fest, Best Live Action Short (Winner - Audience Award)
  • Casting Society Artios Awards - Short Film Casting (nominee)
  • Traverse City Film Festival, Best Fiction Short (Winner - Audience Award)
  • Hollyshorts Film Festival, Best Drama (Winner)
  • SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Best Narrative Short (Winner)
  • St. Louis International Film Festival, Best of the Fest (Winner)
  • Nashville Film Festival, Best Narrative Short (Winner)
  • Rhode Island Film Festival, Best Live Action Short (Winner)
  • Woodstock Film Festival, Best Short Film (Winner)

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