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The Neptunes are a two-member producing group consisting of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. This discography lists the recorded performances as a duo and individuals. It also lists the writing and production credits as The Neptunes, as Williams or Hugo, or both. Song names that are bold are singles, album names/releases are in italics.

Contents: '91'92'93'94'95'96'97'98'99'00'01'02'03'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'11'12'13'14'15'16 - The Neptunes Singles

Tracks produced for other artists[edit]


S.B.I. (Surrounded By Idiots)S.B.I. (Surrounded By Idiots) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • If Ur Freaky Baby
  • It's Like That
  • Skull, Caps & Strip Shirts
  • Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh

(With Larry Live, DJ Timmy Tim aka Timbaland, Mr. Magoo & Magnum The Verb Lord aka Pharrell Williams, All Tracks Produced By DJ Timmy Tim aka Timbaland)


Wreckx N' EffectHard Or Smooth (November 24th, US #9)

  • Rump Shaker (August 25, US #2) (Single)
  • New Jack Swing Part II

(All Tracks Produced By Teddy Riley, Written By Pharrell Williams)


BLACKstreetBLACKstreet (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Bootknockilization featuring Pharrell

(Produced By Teddy Riley)

SWVRight Here (VLS) (July 10th, US #29)

  • Right Here (Extended Human Nature Mix) (September 11, 1992, US #1) (Single)
  • Right Here featuring Pharrell (UK Back To Black Mix)

(All Tracks Produced By Teddy Riley)

The LegacyTechnobodies (Unreleased)

  • From Earth To Sky
  • Graverobbers From Outerspace
  • Lost In Transmission (Live Trash)
  • MTM
  • WAV
  • Wipeout Destroy

(All Tracks Produced By DJ Chase Chad aka Chad Hugo)

The PartyAll About Love (Promo CDS)

  • All About Love feat. Magnum, The Verb Lord (aka Pharrell) (Future Mix)

(Produced By Demetrius Ship)


BLACKstreetBlackstreet (June 21st, US #7)

  • Happy Home (Produced By Teddy Riley, Saxophone By Chad Hugo)
  • Tonight's The Night featuring SWV & Tammy Lucas (August 1, 1995, US #12) (Single)

Wreckx N' EffectNBA Jam Session

(Produced By Teddy Riley, Written By Pharrell Williams)


Average GuyzFirst Come, First Serve (Unreleased)

  • Ride

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [1]* [2]

MystikalMind Of Mystikal (October 15th)

  • Not That Nigga feat. Michelle Tyler

(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Leroy 'Precise' Edwards)


SWVThe New Beginning (April 23)

  • Use Your Heart (March 4, US #6) (Single)
  • Use Your Heart (Interlude)
  • When This Feeling

Use Your Heart (CDS) (July 28th, #6)

  • Use Your Heart feat. Grampa & Boneyman (Rappers Delight Remix)
  • Use Your Heart feat. Rome (CDS Version)

TotalTotal (January 13, US #23)

  • When Boy Meets Girl feat. 112 (November 30, US #20) (Single)

(Samples Bee Gee'sLove You Inside Out)


Jay-ZIn My Lifetime Vol. 1 (November 4th, US #2)

(Produced By Teddy Riley, Saxophone By Chad Hugo)

KeystoneA Tear Falls In Brooklyn

  • If It Ain't Love (The Neptunes Remix) (Single)
  • The Day The Earth Stood Still

MaseHarlem World (October 28th, US #1)

Looking At Me (CDS) (July 6th 1998, US Rap #1)

  • Looking At Me feat. Pharrell & Puff Daddy (Extended Mix)

Taral HicksThis Time (September 16th)

  • How Can I Get Over You (September 16) (Single)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Tammy Lucas - Turn Off The Lights (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Turn Off The Lights *


Brand NubianTake It To The Head (Don't Let It Go To Your Head Remix) (CDS)

  • Take It To The Head (Don't Let It Go To Your Head) feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix) (Single)

ClipseGot Caught Dealin' Part II (We Get Money) (CDS)

  • Got Caught Dealin' Part II (We Get Money) feat. Pharrell & Kelis (Single)

Live On 103 Jamz

  • Freestyle feat. Pharrell

LatrelleI Need U (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I Need U feat. Pharrell

I Want U (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I Want U feat. Terrar (aka Pusha T.)

Nothin' Else (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Nothin' Else

MC LyteSeven & Seven (August 18, US #7)

  • Closer featuring Space Nine
  • It's All Yours featuring Gina Thompson (UK #36 ) (Single)
  • I Can't Make A Mistake featuring Marc Dorsey & Kelis (UK #46) (Single)

NoreagaN.O.R.E. (July 14th)

  • Superthug featuring Pharrell & Tammy Lucas (September 21, US #1) (Single)

PrasWhat'cha Wanna Do (CDS) (September 28th, UK #72)

  • Whatcha Wanna Do (Bang Your Head) feat. Kelis & Clipse (The Neptunes Remix)

The LoxMoney, Power & Respect (CDS) (March 17th, US #1)

  • If You Think I'm Jiggy feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix)


Bad Meets EvilShe's The One (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • She's The One

ClipseExclusive Audio Footage (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  1. The Prayer (Intro)
  2. Hear Me Out
  3. Power
  4. Interlude 1
  5. You Don't Even Know featuring Pharrell & Kelis
  6. Breakfast In Cairo featuring Noreaga & Kurupt
  7. Skit featuring Pharrell
  8. Hostage featuring Pharrell & Kelis
  9. Wild Cowboy featuring Markita
  10. Got Caught Dealin' Part II featuring Pharrell
  11. Interlude 2
  12. Taiwan To Texas featuring Pharrell
  13. Interlude 3
  14. Stick Girl featuring Pharrell & Kelis
  15. You Can't Touch Me featuring Lee Harvey & Nako
  16. Feel Like Me featuring Pharrell
  17. Bodysnatchers featuring Pharrell
  18. Diana Ross featuring Pharrell
  19. Watch Over Me featuring Pharrell
  20. Interlude 4 featuring Nicole Wray
  21. The Funeral (Single)

Harlem WorldTha Movement (March 9th, US #5)

  • Not The Kids featuring Rashad
  • One Big Fiesta featuring Mase

KelisKaleidoscope (December 7, US #4)

  1. Intro featuring Pharrell (Kaleidoscope)
  2. Good Stuff featuring Pusha T. (November 2, UK #19) (Single)
  3. Caught Out There (September 19, UK #4) (Single)
  4. Get Along With You (June 6, 2000, US Hot Dance #19) (Single)
  5. Mafia featuring Pharrell & Markita
  6. Game Show
  7. Interlude (Hidden)
  8. Suspended featuring Pharrell
  9. Mars featuring Pharrell
  10. Ghetto Children featuring N*E*R*D & Marc Dorsey
  11. I Want Your Love
  12. No Turning Back featuring Pharrell
  13. Roller Rink featuring Pharrell
  14. In The Morning featuring Pharrell
  15. Wouldn't You Agree featuring Justin Vince
  16. Caught Out There (Extended Remix) (September 19, UK #4)

Kid RockCowboy (CDS) (August 17th, US #5)

  • Cowboy feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix)

MobyHoney (CDS) (October 16th, UK #17)

  • Honey feat. Pharrell & Kelis (DJ Fafu Remix)

NoreagaMelvin Flynt - Da Hustler (August 24th, US #3)

  • Cocaine Business (Hysteria) featuring Pharrell & Kelis
  • Oh No featuring Pharrell (September 18, US #49) (Single)

Oh No (VLS)

  • Oh No feat. Angie Martinez, Jadakiss, Big Pun, Capone & Musaliny & Maze (Remix)

Ol' Dirty BastardNigga Please (September 14th, US #10)

  • Cold Blooded
  • Got Your Money featuring Kelis (August 28, US #6) (Single)
  • Recognize featuring Pharrell & Chris Rock

PrinceThe Greatest Romance Ever Sold (CDM) (October 5th, US #23)

  • The Greatest Romance Ever Sold featuring Pharrell & Q-Tip (The Neptunes Remix)


504 BoyzThe Goodfellas (May 2nd, US #2)

  • D-Game featuring Pharrell & Terrar (aka Pusha T.)

Angie StoneEveryday/Heaven Help (CDS) (December 11th, US #52)

  • Everyday featuring Pusha T. (The Neptunes Remix) (Single)
  • Everyday (Without Rap) (The Neptunes Remix)

Backstreet BoysBlack & Blue (November 21st, US #1)

  • The Call featuring Pharrell & Clipse (The Neptunes Remix) (February 6) (Single)

Beenie ManArt & Life (July 11th, US #1)

  • Girls Dem Sugar featuring Mýa (September 14, US R&B/Hip Hop #16) (Single)
  • Jamaica Way featuring Pharrell & Kelis
  • Ola featuring Steve Perry

Ben Harper & The Innocent CriminalsSteal My Kisses (CDS) (April 10th, US Bubbling Under Hot 100 #11)

  • Steal My Kisses feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Beat Box Mix)

ColeI Can Do Too (CDS)

  • I Can Do Too feat. Pharrell & Queen Latifah (The Neptunes Remix) (Single)
  • I Can Do Too feat. Pharrell (Without Rap) (The Neptunes Remix)

Cuban Link24-K (Unreleased)

  • Still Tellin' Lies feat. Tony Sunshine & Tammy Lucas

GuruJazzmatazz Vol. 3: Streetsoul (October 3rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #8)

  • All I Said featuring Pharrell & Macy Gray
  • Supa Luv featuring Pharrell & Kelis (Single)

Half-A-MillMilion (May 9th, US R&B/Hip Hop #91)

Jay-ZThe Dynasty: ROC La Familia (October 31st, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

KelisGet Along With You (CDM) (June 6th, US Hot Dance #19)

  • Get Along With You (Pharrell's Edit)

Lil' KimHow Many Licks (CDS) (July 1st, US Hot Rap #11)

  • How Many Licks feat. Pharrell, Lil' Cease & Snoop Dogg (The Neptunes Remix)

Lord Tariq & Peter GunzWhat's That Sound (VLS)

  • What's That Sound featuring Pharrell (Single)

What's That Sound (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • What's That Sound featuring Pharrell & Angie Martinez (Remix)

LudacrisBack For The First Time (October 17th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

Southern Hospitality (CDS) (December 29th, US Hot Rap #5)

  • Southern Hospitality feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Southern Hospitality (CDM) (December 29th, US Hot Rap #5)

  • Southern Hospitality featuring Pharrell, Max & Ms. Dynamite (Remix)

Mike E.Master Plan (Unreleased)

  • Before We Get Too Close feat. Knowledge The Pirate & Queen Pen
  • Circles
  • Look In The Water feat. Hooks (Produced By Pharrell Williams & Teddy Riley)
  • More & More
  • No Doubt
  • Say The Word
  • Stay Home
  • What Can I Do

MystikalLet's Get Ready (September 26th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

Shake Ya Ass (CDS) (July 18th, US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

  • Shake It Fast feat. Pharrell

Rage Against The MachineRenegades (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled * [3]

(Didn't Make The Final Cut)

Ray JWait A Minute (VLS)

  • Wait A Minute feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

SadeBy Your Side (The Neptunes Remix) (Promo CDS) (October 13th, US Hot Dance Club #2)

Sheã SegerMay Street Project (October 30)

  • Blind Situation feat. D.R.U.G.S. (Describer. of Reality. Under. God's. Supervision.) (aka Pharrell) (Produced by Martin Terefe)

ShyneShyne (September 26th, US 200 #5)

  • Niggas Gonna Die

Shyne (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Lifestyles Of The Rich

The Neptunes - Studio Session (Unreleased)

  • Shady Flow *

TQThe Second Coming (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Hate

(Went To Rosco P. Coldchain's 'Leave It Alone')


Alana DavisFortune Cookies (October 30th, US Heatseekers #34)

  • Bye Bye (My Life)

Fortune Cookies (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Here Inside (aka Best Part Of Me)
  • New Glasses

All SaintsSaints & Sinners (Japan) (October 16th, UK #1)

  • Black Coffee feat. Pusha T. (The Neptunes Remix) (October 2, UK #1) (Single)

All Star TributeWhat's Going On: All-Star Tribute (October 30th, UK #6)

Angie MartinezUp Close & Personal (April 17th, US R&B/Hip Hop #7)

  • Dem Thangz featuring Pharrell & Q-Tip (May 5, US R&B/Hip Hop #80) (Single)

BabyfaceFace 2 Face (September 11th)

  • Stressed Out featuring Pharrell
  • "There She Goes" (July 7, US R&B/Hip Hop #10) (Single)

Face 2 Face (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I'm A Survivor

Backstreet BoysThe Call Remixes (CDS) (February 12th, UK #8)

Basement JaxxRomeo (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Romeo feat. Kele Le Roc (The Neptunes Remix)

Bow Wow (aka Lil' Bow Wow)Doggy Bag (December 18th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • Take Ya Home feat. Pharrell (March 12, 2002, US R&B/Hip Hop #21) (Single)

BrandyFull Moon (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Save The Babies feat. Pharrell

Brian McKnightUrban Renewal: The Songs Of Phil Collins (May 23rd, GER #3)

  • I Wish It Would Rain Down

Britney SpearsBritney (November 5th, US #1)

Britney SpearsBritney (Studio Session) Unreleased

  • Slave 4 U (Light Your Ass On Fire) featuring Pharrell (Went To Busta Rhymes's 'Light Your Ass on Fire')
  • Baby Can't You See

Busta RhymesGenesis (November 13th, US R&B/Hip Hop #7)

  • As I Come Back (December 8, US R&B/Hip Hop #91) (Single)
  • What It Is featuring Kelis (US R&B/Hip Hop #57) (Single)

Busta RhymesDr. Dolittle 2 OST (June 5th, US R&B/Hip Hop #26)

CardanHey Young World (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

ClipseTraining Day OST (September 11th, US R&B/Hip Hop #19)

  • Guns N' Roses featuring Pharrell

Daft PunkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger (CDS) (October 13#, US Hot Dance #3)

  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix)

Dr. DrePepsi Commercial

ElanAll Roads (Unreleased)

  • Seeing Things feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix)

Eric BenétLove Don't Love Me (CDS) (Unknown Release Date, US R&B/Hip Hop #38)

  • Love Don't Love Me feat. Pharrell & Clipse (The Neptunes Remix)
  • Love Don't Love Me feat. Pharrell (Without Rap) (The Neptunes Remix)

FabolousGhetto Fabolous (September 11th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

Faith EvansFaithfully (November 6th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • Burnin' Up featuring Loon

Burnin' Up (CDS) (May 2002, US R&B/Hip Hop #19)

  • Burnin' Up feat. Missy Elliott & P. Diddy (Remix) (May 2002, US R&B/Hip Hop #19) (Single)

Foxy BrownBroken Silence (July 17th, US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

  • Candy featuring Kelis (August 21, US Hot Rap #10) (Single)
  • Gangsta Boogie featuring Pharrell (Samples 'Gangster Boogie' By 'Chicago Gangsters)

GarbageAndrogyny (CDS) (UK) (September 24th, UK #24)

  • Androgyny (The Neptunes Remix)

Ice CubeThe Greatest Hits (December 4th, US R&B/Hip Hop #11)

  • In The Late Night Hour featuring Pharrell & Pusha T.

JadakissKiss Tha Game Goodbye (August 7th)

  • Knock Yourself Out featuring Pharrell (October 6, US R&B/Hip Hop #34) (Single)

Janet JacksonAll For You (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • My Big Secret
  • Ecstasy (aka Bang Bang)

Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You) (Studio Session) (Unrelelased)

Jermaine DupriInstructions (October 30th, US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

  • Let's Talk About It featuring Pharrell & Clipse

JoeBetter Days (December 11th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  • Isn't This The World

KelisWanderland (October 17th, UK #78)

  1. Intro (Wanderland)
  2. Young, Fresh & New (September 25, US Hot Dance Club #15) (Single)
  3. Flashback
  4. Popular Thug featuring Pusha T.
  5. Daddy featuring Pharrell & Malice
  6. Scared Money
  7. Shooting Stars featuring Pharrell
  8. Go Away (Interlude) (Hidden)
  9. Digital World featuring Rosco P. Coldchain
  10. Perfect Day featuring No Doubt
  11. Easy Come, Easy Go
  12. Junkie For Your Love
  13. Get Even
  14. Mr. U.F.O. Man featuring John Otsby
  15. Lil' Suzy
  16. I Don't Care Anymore featuring Pharrell (Hidden) (Cover Song By Phil Collins' 'I Don't Care Anymore)'
  17. Outro (Wanderland) (Hidden)

Young, Fresh N' New (VLS) (September 25th, US Hot Dance #15)

  • The Spot

KennaNew Sacred Cow (Digital Version) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  1. Freetime
  2. Man Fading
  3. Sunday After You
  4. Vexed & Glorious
  5. Red Man
  6. Hell Bent
  7. War In Me
  8. New Sacred Cow
  9. I'm Gone

Krayzie BoneThug On Da Line (August 28th, US R&B/Hip Hop #13)

  • I Don't Know What featuring Kelis

LatrelleDirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl (Unreleased)

  • Dirty Girl (Album Version) (Single)
  • House Party (aka House Call) (Single)
  • Infatuated
  • My Life featuring Kelis
  • You Don't Even Know (Da Da Da) (Former Clipse Tune)

Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Limp BizkitNew Old Songs (December 4th, US R&B/Hip Hop #22)

LL Cool JDJ Whoo Kid & LL Cool J: The Becoming

  • I Wanna See You On The Floor (Planet Neptune) feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix)

LudacrisMick Boogie Vol. 3

  • Fatty Girl feat. Pharrell, LL Cool J, Jaz-Ming & Keith Murray (The Fat Albert Neptunes Remix)

The Good Life (FUBU album) (September 25th, US R&B/HIp Hop #9)

  • Fatty Girl featuring Pharrell, LL Cool J, Jaz-Ming & Keith Murray (The Neptunes Remix) (September 11, US Hot Rap #6) (Single)

Mary J. BligeNo More Drama (August 28th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Steal Away featuring Pharrell & Marshane L. Winfield

Master P.Game Face (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Truck Driver

Musaliny & MazeThugmania (Promo CDS)

  • Thugmania (Rock Wit Us) featuring CNN (Single)

MystikalTarantula (December 18th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

Jump (CDS)

  • Jump feat. Bektas (Alternate Version) (Single)

N' SyncCelebrity (July 24th, US 200 #1)

N*E*R*DIn Search Of... (Digital Version) (UK) (September 28th)

  1. Intro (In Search Of... )
  2. Lapdance featuring Lee Harvey & Vita (May 21, US Hot Rap #29) (Single)
  3. Things Are Getting Better
  4. Skit (Hidden)
  5. Brain
  6. Provider
  7. Truth Or Dare featuring Kelis & Pusha T.
  8. Run To The Sun
  9. Stay Together
  10. Skit II (Hidden)
  11. Baby Doll
  12. Tape You
  13. Tape You (Interlude) (Hidden)
  14. Am I High featuring Malice & John Ostby
  15. Rock Star (Poser)
  16. Bobby James featuring Latrelle
  17. Everybody Is A Star (Pa Ra Ra) (Hidden)

In Search Of... (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Love, Euphoria
  • Untitled feat. B-Real

Lapdance (CDS)

  • What's Wrong With Me

No DoubtRock Steady (December 11th, US #200)

  • Hella Good (April 13, 2002, US Hot Dance #1) (Single)

Bridget Jones Diary (More Music) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Magic's In The Makeup feat. Beenie Man (The Neptunes Remix)

P. DiddyThe Saga Continues... (July 10th, US 200 #2)

  • Diddy featuring Pharrell (November 10, US R&B/Hip Hop #21) (Single)

(Interpolates Boogie Down Productions' 'Jimmy', Which Contains The Basic Rhythm From The Wings Recording 'Let 'Em In' & A Sample From The Sequence Recording 'Funk You Up')

Perry FarrellSong Yet To Be Sung (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Glory featuring Pharrell * [4]

Philly's Most WantedGet Down Or Lay Down (August 7th, US R&B/Hip Hop #20)

  • Cross The Border (October 10, 2000, US Hot Rap #3) (Single)
  • Cross The Border featuring Pusha T & Fabolous (J.B.M. Remix)
  • Dream Car (Do You Wanna Ride) (Thriller 2000) featuring Pharrell
  • Ladies Choice featuring Pharrell & Tammy Lucas
  • Philly Celebrities
  • Please Don't Mind featuring Andre Wilson (July 21, US R&B/Hip Hop #48) (Single)
  • Radikal featuring Pharrell & Kelis
  • Street Tax featuring Clipse
  • Suckas
  • Suckas (For Da Gangsta's) Part II featuring Beanie Sigel

Please Don't Mind (CDS)

  • Please Don't Mind feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Ray JThis Ain't A Game (June 5th, US R&B/Hip Hop #9)

Formal Invite (VLS) (February 5th 2002, US R&B/Hip Hop #35)

  • Formal Invite (Alternate Version)

Formal Invite (CDS) (February 5th 2002, US R&B/Hip Hop #35)

  • Formal Invite feat. Pharrell & Lala (Remix)

Sebastián YradierVMA Remix (Promo CDS)

  • Carmen feat. Kelis (The Neptunes Remix)

Sheã SegerClutch (Promo CDS) (May, UK #47)

  • Clutch (The Neptunes Remix)

Sugar RaySugar Ray (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Here She Comes

(Recorded +2 Tracks)

T.I.I'm Serious (October 9th, US R&B/Hip Hop #27)

  • I'm Serious featuring Beenie Man (June 26, US R&B/Hip Hop #110) (Single)
  • What's Yo Name featuring Pharrell

Tha LiksX.O. Experience (July 3rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #14)

  • Best U Can featuring Pharrell (June 2,US Rap #14) (Single)

The NeptunesNike Freestyle Advertisement

  • Boom
  • Elevation
  • Power
  • Speed

Usher8701 (July 1st, US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

8701 (Japan)

Utada HikaruRush Hour 2 OST (July 31st, US R&B/Hip Hop #11)


702I Still Love You (Promo) (US R&B/Hip Hop #49)

  • I Still Love You feat. Pharrell & Fam-Lay (Remix)

Star (CDS) (December 10th)

  • Star (Without Rap)

AirEverybody Hertz (February 19)

  • Don't Be Light featuring Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix)

Alicia KeysRemixed & Unplugged In A Minor (October 22)

  • How Come You Don't Call Me featuring Pharrell & Justin Timberlake (The Neptunes Remix)

Angie MartinezAnimal House (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Beenie ManTropical Storm (August 20th, Top Reggae #1)

  • Bad Girl featuring Justin Vince
  • Bossman featuring Lady Saw & Sean Paul (2003, UK #78) (Single)
  • Feel It Boy (featuring Janet Jackson) (June 25, US Hot Rap #14) (Single)

Feel It Boy (VLS) (June 25th, US Hot Rap #14)

  • Feel It Girl feat. Joe

Feel It Boy (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Feel It Boy feat. Pharrell & Janet Jackson (The Neptunes Remix)

BeyoncéAustin Powers In Goldmember OST (July 16)

BirdmanBirdman (November 26th, USS R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  • What Happened To That Boy featuring Clipse (March 8, 2003, US Rap #11) (Single)

Boyz II MenRelax Your Mind (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Relax Your Mind feat. Faith Evans (The Neptunes Remix)

Britney SpearsAustin Powers In Goldmember OST (July 16th)

  • Boys featuring Pharrell (Co-Ed Remix) (July 29, Bubbling Under Hot 100 #22) (July 29) (Single)

Busta RhymesBusta… It Ain't Safe No More (November 26th, US R&B/Hip Hop #10)

  • Call The Ambulance featuring Rampage (May 13, US Hot R&B/Hip Hop #2) (Single)

Pass The Courvoisier Part II (VLS) (February 12th, US Hot Rap #3)

  • Pass The Courvoisier Part II feat. Pharrell & P. Diddy (Club Version) (Single)

Carlos SantanaUntitled (Unreleased)

  • Untitled * [5]

Chad HugoThe Making Of Justified (Unreleased)

  • Last Night feat. Justin Timberlake (The Session)
  • Those Were The Days feat. Justin Timberlake & Melissa

ClipseLord Willin' (August 20th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

Lord Willin' (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • The String Song

CommonElectric Circus (December 1oth, US R&B/Hip Hop #9)

I Got A Right Tha (VLS)

  • I Got A Right Ta feat. Pharrell (Vinyl Version)
  • Interlude (I Got A Right Ta)

Destiny's ChildThis Is The Remix (March 12th, US R&B/Hip Hop #19)

  • Emotion (The Neptunes Remix) (March 12, US Dance Club #10) (Single)

Fam-LayClipse: Lord Willin' (August 20th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Bang Bang (aka Freestyle) feat. Pharrell

Ja RuleThe Last Temptation (November 19th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Pop Niggas featuring Pharrell

Jay-ZThe Blueprint²: The Gift & The Curse (November 12th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • A Ballad For The Fallen Soldier featuring Pharrell & Mark Dorsey
  • Excuse Me Miss featuring Pharrell (February 4, 2003, US R&B/Hip Hop #1) (Single) (Samples Luther Vandross' 'Take You Out')
  • Fuck All Nite featuring Pharrell
  • Nigga Please featuring Pharrell & Young Chris

Blueprint 2 (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • He Asked For It feat. Sadat X & Uncle Murder

Justin TimberlakeJustified (November 4th, US 200 #1)

  • Last Night featuring Pharrell
  • Let's Take A Ride
  • Like I Love You featuring Clipse (October #14th, US Hot Dance #1) (Single)
  • Nothin' Else
  • Rock Your Body featuring Vanessa Marquez (March 29, 2003, US Top 40 #1) (Single)
  • Señorita featuring Pharrell (July 8, 2003, US Top 40 #5) (Single)
  • Take It From Here

The Making Of Justified (Unreleased)

  • Don't Go (Horrible Woman) feat. Pharrell
  • Rock Your Body feat. Pharrell (The Improvised Jam)
  • Señorita feat. Pharrell (The Session)
  • Take It From Here feat. Pharrell (The Session)

Like I Love You (CDS) (October #14th, US Hot Dance #1)

  • Like I Love You (Without Rap)

Like I Love You (Remixes) (October #14th, US Hot Dance #1)

KennaNew Sacred Cow (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Stings & Hurts

LL Cool J10 (October 15th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Amazin' featuring Kandice Love (April 8, 2003, US R&B/Hip Hop #73) (Single)
  • Clockin' G's featuring Pharrell
  • Luv U Better featuring Pharrell & Marc Dorsey (August 13, US R&B/Hip Hop #1) (Single) (Former 2Pac Song)
  • Niggy Nuts featuring Pharrell
  • U Should featuring Marc Dorsey

Marilyn MansonThe Golden Age Of Grotesque (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Ms. JadeGirl Interrupted (November 5th, US R&B/Hip Hop #12)

  • The Come Up featuring Pharrell

N' SyncGirlfriend (CDS) (April 15th, Us 100 #5)

  • Girlfriend feat. Nelly (Remix) (April 15, Us 100 #5) (Single)

N*E*R*DIn Search Of... (March 12th, US R&B/Hip Hop #31)

  1. Lapdance featuring Lee Harvey & Vita
  2. Things Are Getting Better
  3. Brain
  4. Provider (UK #20) (Single)
  5. Truth Or Dare featuring Kelis & Pusha T
  6. Tape You
  7. Run To The Sun
  8. Baby Doll featuring Tammy Lucas
  9. Am I High featuring Malice & John Ostby
  10. Rock Star (Poser) (July 29, UK #15) (Single)
  11. Bobby James feat. Latrelle
  12. Stay Together
  13. Everybody Is A Star (Pa Ra Ra) (Hidden Track)

Provider (Promo CDS) (UK #20)

Rock Star (Poser) (Promo VLS) (July 29th, UK #15)

NellyNellyville (June 25th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

NiveaNivea (December 10th, US R&B/Hip Hop #35)

  • Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) feat. Pusha T. (December 10, 2001, UK #48) (Single)

Nivea (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Independence Day

Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (CDM) (December 10th 2001, UK #48)

  • Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Alternate Version)
  • Run Away (I Wanna Be With U) (Without Rap)

NoreagaGod's Favorite (June 25th, US R&B/Hip Hop #10)

  • Consider This featuring Pharrell & Kelis
  • Full Mode featuring Pharrell & Capone
  • Grimey featuring Pharrell (US R&B/Hip Hop #62) (Single)
  • Head Bussa featuring Pharrell
  • Nothin' featuring Pharrell (May 14, US R&B/Hip Hop #2) (Single)

God's Favorite (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • No Love For Bitches feat. Pharrell

I Spy OST (November 1st)

  • Full Mode featuring Capone, Musaliny & Maze (OST Version) (November 1) (Single)

Nothin' (CDS) (May 14th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

Pharrell WilliamsThe Making Of Justified (Unreleased)

  • Like I Love You (Demo)
  • The Drum Session feat. Justin Timberlake & Shae Haley

Royce da 5'9"Rock City (January 5th, US Top Heatseekers #6)

  • Getcha Paper feat. Pharrell & Kelis
  • She's The One feat. Tre' Little

Rock City Version 2.0 (November 26th)

  • Mr. Baller featuring Pharrell, Clipse & Tre' Little
  • Off Parole featuring Pharrell & Tre Little
  • Hidden Interlude

ScarfaceThe Fix (August 6th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Someday featuring Faith Evans (Single)

Sean PaulDutty Rock (November 12th, US 200 #9)

  • Bubble featuring Fahrenheit

Gimme The Light (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Gimme The Light (The Neptunes Remix)

SkillzGot Skillz (The Neptunes Collection Vol. 1)

Snoop DoggPaid Tha Cost To Be Da Bo$$ (November 26th, )US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace (CDS) (October 15th, US Hot Rap #16)

  • From Tha Chuuuch To Da Palace feat. Pharrell (Video Version)

SolangeSolo Star (December 26th, US R&B/Hip Hop #23)

  • Crush (2003) (Single)

The NeptunesNike Commercial

  • Easy (Basketball)
  • Easy (Remix) (Frisbee)
  • You (Football)
  • Make It Funky

TLC3D (November 12th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  • In Your Arms Tonight

Toni BraxtonMore Than A Woman (November 19th, US R&B/Hip Hop #5)

Hit The Freeway (CDS) (October 15th, US Hot Dance #2)

Whitney HoustonJust Whitney… (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled * [6]


702Star (March 25th, US R&B/Hip Hop #22)

  • I Still Love You featuring Pharrell (2002, US R&B/Hip Hop #49) (Single)
  • Star featuring Clipse (December 10, 2002, US R&B/Hip Hop #9) (Single)

ÄrsenikTaxi 3 OST

  • Gotta Drive feat. Lara

All Star TributeNelson Mandela AIDS Concert: 46664 African Prayer (November 29th)

  • American Prayer feat. American All-Stars

(Co-Written By Pharrell Williams)

BeyoncéDangerously In Love (UK) (June 22nd, US 200 #1)

  • My First Time

BLACKstreetLevel II (March 11th)

  • Look In The Water

(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Teddy Riley)

Bow WowUnleashed (August 19th, US 200 #3)

  • I'll Move On featuring Mario
  • The Don, The Dutch featuring Vanessa Marquez
  • The Movement featuring Pharrell

Britney SpearsIn The Zone (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Baby Can't You See
  • Cuz U're Lookin' So Good
  • I Don't Want You feat. Pharrell
  • Take Ya Home feat. Pharrell (Went To Lil' Bow Wow)
  • I M.I.S.S. You (Went To Nicole Scherzinger)

Bryan ZentzSeven Breaths (March 14th)

  • D-Clash
  • Troublesome Dub

(Co-Produced By Chad Hugo)

Busta RhymesI Know What You Want (CDS) (UK) (March 13th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

The Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Light Your Ass On Fire feat. Pharrell (December 30, US Hot Rap #12) (Single)

Light Your Ass On Fire (VLS) (December 30th)

  • Light That Ass On Fire feat. Pharrell (N*E*R*D Remix)

Light Your Ass On Fire (CDS) (December 30th, US Hot Rap #12)

  • Light Your Ass On Fire feat. Pharrell & Chad (Extended Mix)

Love Don't Cost A Thing OST (December 9th, US R&B/Hip Hop #22)

  • Pass The Courvoisier Part II feat. Pharrell & P. Diddy (February 12, 2002, US Hot Rap #3) (Single)

Charlie WilsonSnoop Dogg: Beautiful (VLS) (January 28th, US Hot Rap #2)

  • Beautiful feat. Pharrell

ClipseThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Blaze Of Glory feat. Pharrell & Ab Liva
  • Hot Damn feat. Pharrell, Ab Liva & Rosco P. Coldchain (Remix) (April 29, US R&B/Hip Hop #58) (Single)

Pussy (VLS)

  • Pussy feat. Pharrell, Ab Liva & Sandman (Remix) (Single)

CNNComin' Atcha (VLS)

  • Comin' Atcha feat. Pharrell (Single)

CommonCome Close (VLS) (March 18)

DreamReality (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I Go

Fam-LayStar Trak Presents: Fam-Lay The Mixtape

  • Available
  • This Is Living feat. Pharrell

The Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Rock N' Roll feat. Pharrell & Kelis (Single)

Rock N' Roll (VLS)

  • Rock N' Roll feat. Pharrell, Lil' Flip & Kelis (Remix) (Single)

Block Hustla (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Block Hustla * [7]

Foxy BrownIll Na Na 2: The Fever (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Magnetic feat. Pharrell
  • The Original
  • Yeah Come On feat. Pharrell

Jay-ZThe Black Album (November 14th, US 200 #1)

  • Allure featuring Pharrell
  • Change Clothes featuring Pharrell (November 4, US Rap #4) (Single)

Bad Boys 2 OST (July 15th, US 200 #1)

  • Excuse Me Miss Again (La La La) (US R&B/Hip Hop #37) (Single)

Jennifer LopezThe Crayons Mixtape

  • Love Don't Cost A Thing feat. Ghostface Killah (The Neptunes Remix)

Justin TimberlakeI'm Lovin' It (McDonald's Commercial) (September 21st)

  • I'm Lovin' It feat. Clipse (McDonald's Theme Song)

I'm Lovin' It (CDS) (November 20th, BEL #1)

  • I'm Lovin' It feat. Vanessa Marquez (November 20, BEL #1) (Single)

Rock Your Body (CDM) (April 8th, US Top 40 #1)

  • Rock Your Body feat. E-40 & Vanessa Marquez (Remix)
  • Rock Your Body feat. Pharrell, Clipse & Vanessa Marquez (Remix)

Kandice LoveLL Cool J: Amazin' (CDM) (April 8th, US R&B/Hip Hop #73)

  • Amazin' feat. Pharrell

Kardinal OffishallBelly Dancer (CDS) (March 25th, US R&B/Hip Hop #96)

KelisTasty (December 5th, US R&B/Hip Hop #7)

  • Intro (Tasty)
  • Milkshake (August 25, US Hot Dance #1) (Single)
  • Protect My Heart featuring Pharrell
  • Rolling Through The Hood
  • Sugar Honey Iced Tea featuring Pharrell

Tasty (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Freak Me Slow

The Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Popular Thug feat. Nas (Remix)

Amphibious (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Amphibious

KennaNew Sacred Cow (June 10th)

  • Within Earshot (Intro)
  • Freetime (April 22, US Hot Dance #19) (Single)
  • Man Fading
  • Sunday After You (December 14, 2004) (Single)
  • Vexed & Glorious
  • A Better Control (Interlude)
  • Red Man
  • Hell Bent (August 31, 2001) (Single)
  • War In Me
  • New Sacred Cow
  • I'm Gone
  • Siren
  • Love/Hate Sensation

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo & Kenna)

New Sacred Cow (UK) (June 10th)

  • Freetime (Chad Hugo Remix)

Kylie MinogueBody Language (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Lenny KravitzBad Boys 2 OST (July 15th, US 200 #1)

  • Show Me Your Soul featuring Pharrell, P. Diddy & Loon (2004, UK #35) (Single)

LoonLoon (Limited Edition) (October 21st, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • Sexy Mama featuring Pharrell

LudacrisThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • It Wasn't Us feat. I-20

Chicken-N-Beer (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

MC LyteThe Shit I Never Dropped (August 12th)

  • 12 O' Clock feat. Pharrell & Clipse

N*E*R*DStar Trak The Mixtape Part III

  • Don't Worry About It (Mixtape Version)

Locked Away (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Locked Away

The Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Loser feat. Clipse

Rock Star (Poser) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Rock Star (Poser) feat. Jay-Z (Remix)

NasCharlie's Angels 2 – Full Throttle OST (June 17th)

  • The Flyest featuring Pharrell & Raje Shwari (July 19, US R&B/Hip Hop #72) (Single)

NellyThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • If

NoreagaThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Put 'Em Up feat. Pharrell

Ol' Dirty Bastard (aka Dirt McGirt)The Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Popshit feat. Pharrell

The Neptunes Present... Clones (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • She's Cold feat. Pharrell

Papa RoachBiker Boyz OST (January 28th, US R&B/Hip Hop #98)

Pharrell RohffTaxi 3 OST

  • Where's Yours At featuring Pharrell

Pharrell WilliamsThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

Frontin' (VLS) (June 3rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Frontin' feat. Jay-Z (Promo Version)

Philly's Most WantedCocoa Leaf (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Cocoa Leaf (No Relief) feat. Clipse & Rosco P. Coldchain

Rosco P. ColdchainDelinquent (CDS)

  • Delinquent feat. Pharrell (Single)

(Contains Samples Of Louis Armstrong'sWhat A Wonderful World’ & Total's 'No One Else')

Star Trak Present... Hazardous Life The Mixtape

  • Don't Take It Personal feat. Clipse

The Hazardous Life (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

The Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

The Hazardous Life (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I Can't Help feat. Pharrell
  • I'm Talkin' To U feat. Pharrell
  • Itchin' To Get Ya feat. Pharrell & Clipse
  • Leave It Alone feat. Pharrell
  • Mask N' Glove Style feat. Pharrell
  • One More Time feat. Pharrell
  • Only God Can Judge Me feat. Pharrell
  • Pussy feat. Pharrell
  • Sick Of Goin' To War feat. Pharrell
  • Sun Will Shine

Royce da 5'9"Build & Destroy: The Lost Sessions (July 29th)

  • Feel Good featuring Pharrell, Tre' Little & Tammy Lucas
  • Make This Run featuring Pharrell, Le Femme Nikita & Kelis

Snoop DoggBeautiful (CDS) (January 28, US Hot Rap #2)

The Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • It Blows My Mind (aka The Chronic) feat. Pharrell & Kelis

Super CatThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Don Of The Dons (Put De Ting Pon) feat. Pharrell & Jadakiss

Star Trak The Mixtape Part III

  • Midnight Lady

The NeptunesThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Clones (Intro)

The Rolling StonesSympathy For The Devil Remixes (September 16)

Sympathy For The Devil (The Neptunes Remix) (CDS)

  • Sympathy For The Devil (The Neptunes Extended Remix)

Timbaland & MagooUnder Construction Part II (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Big White Spaceship feat. Pharrell
  • Vulnerable feat. Pharrell (Produced By Timbaland)

UsherWhat's A Guy Gotta Do (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Vanessa MarquezThe Neptunes Present... Clones (August 19th, US 200 #1)

  • Good Girl


Beenie ManBack To Basics (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled feat. Ms. Thing & N*E*R*D

Black RobBusiness Never Personal (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Business Never Personal

Busta RhymesDJ Whoo Kid & Busta Rhymes: Surrender Mixtape

  • Buss It Open feat. Pharrell

CassidySplit Personality (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Cee-LoCee-Lo Green… Is The Soulmachine (March 2nd, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • Let's Stay Together featuring Pharrell
  • The Art Of Noise featuring Pharrell

Cee-Lo Green… Is The Soulmachine (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Passion Fruit feat. Pharrell
  • Passion Fruit feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

ClipseBarbershop 2: Back In Business OST (February 3rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #18)

  • Pussy featuring Pharrell (2003) (Single)

EJ BollmannLife Is A Show (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Life Is A Show feat. Kenna

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

FabolousReal Talk (November 9th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • Tit 4 Tat featuring Pharrell (Single)
  • Young & Sexy featuring Pharrell & Mike Shorey

Fam-LayAmbulance (CDS)

  • Ambulance feat. Pharrell

Fresh N' Drivin' (CDS)

  • Fresh N' Drivin' feat. Pharrell

Git Busy (VLS)

  • Git Busy feat. Pharrell

Traintogo (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Mr. Treat Your Nose

Gwen StefaniLove.Angel.Music.Baby. (November 12th, US 200 #5))

Love.Angel.Music.Baby. (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • That's The Way feat. Pharrell

Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolWhite People (November 9th)

(Produced By Dan The Automator & Prince Paul)

HasanPhenomenon (VLS)

  • Phenomenon feat. Pharrell & Young Rooney (Single)

JadakissKiss Of Death (June 22nd, US 200 #1)

  • Hot Sauce To Go featuring Pharrell

Jo Jo PelligrinoSaturday Nite Gangsta (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Saturday Nite Gangsta

Justin TimberlakeI'm Lovin' It (CDM)

  • I'm Lovin' It feat. Vanessa Marquez & Snoop Dogg (Remix)
  • Nothin' Else (Extended Mix)

KelisTrick Me (CDS) (April 19th, UK #2)

KennaSunday After You (CDS)

  • Sunday After You (Burning Down Mix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Lil' FlipPackage Of Power (VLS)

  • Package Of Power feat. Pharrell (Single)

(Former Fam-Lay Track) * [8]

Lil' Jon & The Eastside BoyzCrunk Juice (November 16th, US 200 #3)

LudacrisThe Red Light District (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • She's A Freak feat. Pharrell (Went To T.I. As 'Freak Though')

Mac Mall & JT The Bigga FiggaIllegal Game

  • Love The Game feat. Miss Dre

N*E*R*DFly Or Die (March 23rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #5)

  1. Don't Worry About It
  2. Fly Or Die
  3. Jump featuring Joel & Benji Madden
  4. Backseat Love
  5. She Wants To Move (March 9, US Hot Dance #6) (Single)
  6. Breakout
  7. Wonderful Place
  8. Preservation (Hidden Track)
  9. Drill Sergeant
  10. Waiting For You (Hidden Track)
  11. Thrasher
  12. Maybe featuring Lenny Kravitz & Questlove (UK #24) (Single)
  13. The Way She Dances
  14. Chariot Of Fire
  15. Find My Way (Hidden Track)

Fly Or Die (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Skippin' School

She Wants To Move (Promo CDS)

Catwoman OST (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Natasha RamosMidnight Hour (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Midnight Hour
  • Midnight Hour (Alternate Version)

Nick CannonNick Cannon: The Mixtape

  • Just Another Case feat. Pharrell

NigoPlanet Of The (B) Apes (February 5)

  • Planet Of The (B) Apes featuring YTR, Ignitionman, Pocyomkin, Yoshi, Boy-Ken, Hi-D, Keyco, Ani, CQ, Wise, Ilmari, Verbal, Ryo-Z, DJ Kaori & Gore-Tex (Single)

Ol' Dirty Bastard (aka Dirt McGirt)Operator (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Operator feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Papa RoachGetting Away With Murder (CDS) (August 23rd, US Mainstream Rock #2)

  • Just Go (Don't Look Back) (Alternate Version)

Pharrell Williams & Will.I.Am – Live On MTV

  • My Definition (Freestyle)

Philly's Most WantedLil' G's (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Lil' G's feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.

Re-Up GangWe Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1

  • You'll See featuring Pharrell (Freestyle)

Slim ThugAlready Platinum (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Chicken Strip feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg (Alternate Version)
  • Chicken Strip feat. Pharrell
  • I Ain't Heard Of That feat. Pharrell & Jay-Z (Change Clothes Remix)
  • I Do It For U feat. Pharrell
  • Problematic feat. Pharrell
  • Put Ya Up Ma
  • This Is My Life feat. LeToya Luckett (Alternate Version)
  • You Too Clean feat. Pharrell

I Ain't Heard Of That (CDS)

  • I Ain't Heard Of That feat. Pharrell (US Hot Rap #25) (Single)

Like A Boss (CDS) (US R&B/Hip Hop #67)

  • Like A Boss (Radio Edit) (US R&B/Hip Hop #67) (Single)

Snoop DoggRhythm & Gangsta (The Masterpiece) (November 16th, US Top Rap #3)

Rhythm & Gangsta (The Masterpiece) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Get Off (Deez Nutz) feat. Pharrell
  • Pass It Pass It feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Drop It Like It's Hot (Promo CDS) (September 12th, US 100 #1)

  • Drop It Like It's Hot feat. Kardinal Offishall (Remix)

T.I.Urban Legend (November 30th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Freak Though featuring Pharrell

Talib KweliThe Beautiful Struggle (September 28th, US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

The RootsThe Tipping Point (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

UsherYeah! (CDS) (January 27th, US 100 #1)

Wifey (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Vanessa CarltonHarmonium (October 21st, US 200 #33)

  • Who's To Say

(Background Vocals By Pharrell Williams)

Vanessa MarquezFriends Are (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Friends Are feat. Pharrell


AphroheadBack2Back Series

  • Journey Thru Thee Park

(Co-Produced By Chad Hugo)

Beanie SigelThe B. Coming (March 29th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Don't Stop featuring Snoop Dogg (May 7, US R&B/Hip Hop #67) (Single)

(Contains A Sample Of A Tribe Called Quest's 'Find A Way')

Bryan ZentzOn Monoid (April 25th)

  • Challenger

(Co-Produced By Chad Hugo)

Dizzee RascalBBC 1Xtra (Unreleased)

  • Graftin' (Imperial Remix)

(Co-Produced By Chad Hugo)

Faith EvansThe First Lady (April 5th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Goin' Out featuring Pharrell & Pusha T.

Fam-LayAmalance (CDS)

  • Amalance feat. Pharrell

Bang Bang (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Foxy BrownWamp Wamp (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Wamp Wamp feat. Pharrell

(Due To Hearing Loss, The Track Was Given To Clipse)

Gwen StefaniWind It Up (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Wind It Up feat. Pharrell (1st Version)

(Contains A Sample From Goran Bregović's 'Wedding')

Jamie FoxxUnpredictable (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I'm Still Here feat. Pharrell

(Went To Nicole Scherzinger)

Jesse McCartneyThe Beautiful Soul Tour (UK) (November 15th)

She's No You (The Neptunes Remix) (CDS) (April 5th, US Pop #24)

  • She's No You (Without Rap) (The Neptunes Remix)

Kanye WestLate Registration (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Disaster feat. Pharrell
  • Ordinary feat. Pharrell

Krayzie BoneToo Raw For Retail

  • Who's House featuring Keef-G, Asu & K-Mont

Mariah CareyThe Emancipation Of Mimi (April 12th, US 200 #1)

Missy ElliottThe Cookbook (July 4th, US Rap #1)

  • On & On featuring Pharrell (May 27, US Top 100 #2) (Single)

N*E*R*DGilles Petersons Present... BBC Sessions Ether (October)

  • The Improvised Jam

NellySweat & Suit (May 16th, US Top Rap #5)

  • Flap Your Wings feat. Pharrell & Vanessa Marquez (July 27, 2004) (Single)
  • Play It Off feat. Pharrell

NoreagaI'm A G (VLS)

  • I'm A G feat. Pharrell (Single)

OmarionO (February 22nd, US 200 #1)

Touch (CDS) (February 21st, US R&B/Hip Hop #35)

Pharrell WilliamsLouis Vuitton's Show Mix

  • Louis Vuitton's Show Mix

We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2

  • Maybe (Freestyle)

Q-TipFor The Nasty (CDS) (US R&B/Hip Hop #86)

  • For The Nasty feat. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes (US R&B/Hip Hop #86) (Single)

DJ L & Busta Rhymes: The Slaughter 3

  • For The Nasty feat. Pharrell & Busta Rhymes (Mixtape Version)

Re-Up GangWe Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2

  • Hate It Or Love It feat. Pharrell (Freestyle)
  • Play Your Part feat. Pharrell (Freestyle)
  • What's Up feat. Pharrell (Freestyle)

Slim ThugAlready Platinum (July 12th, US 200 #2)

  • Already Platinum featuring Pharrell
  • Ashy To Classy featuring Pharrell
  • Click Clack featuring Pharrell & Pusha T.
  • Dedicate featuring Pharrell
  • I Ain't Heard Of That featuring Pharrell & Bun B (Remix) (US Hot Rap #25) (Single)
  • Like A Boss featuring Pharrell (US R&B/Hip Hop #67) (Single)
  • Playa Ya Don't Know featuring Pharrell
  • This Is My Life featuring LeToya Luckett

Sleepy Brown – Margarita (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Margarita feat. Pharrell (Without Rap)

Snoop DoggDrop It Like It's Hot (The Neptunes Remix) (CDS) (December 5th)

  • Drop It Like It's Hot feat. Pharrell & Jay-Z (The Neptunes Remix)

Teriyaki BoyzBeef Or Chicken (November 16th, Japan #4)

  • Chou L A R G E featuring Pharrell

The NeptunesNike Women Commercial

  • Booty Shake
  • Keep Up
  • Kimberlee
  • Spot & Spin

TwistaThe Day After (October 4th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Lavish featuring Pharrell
  • When I Get You Home (A.I.O.U.) featuring Pharrell & Jamie Foxx

UsherI Heard A Rumour (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I Heard A Rumour


BeyoncéB'Day (September 4th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Green Light (July 30, 2007, UK #12) (Single)
  • Kitty Kat (2007, US R&B/Hip Hop #66) (Single)

Boo BonicMr. Treat Your Nose (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Mr. Treat Your Nose feat. Pharrell (Former Fam-Lay Track)

Cassius15 Again (September 11)

  • Eye Water featuring Pharrell

CiaraThe Evolution (December 5th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • I Proceed
  • I'm Just Me

ClipseHell Hath No Fury (November 28th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  1. We Got It 4 Cheap featuring Spanish Lee
  2. Momma, I'm So Sorry
  3. Mr. Me Too featuring Pharrell (October 1, US R&B/Hip Hop #65) (Single)
  4. Wamp Wamp (What It Do) featuring Slim Thug (October 31, US R&B/Hip Hop #93) (Single)
  5. Ride Around Shining featuring Ab Liva
  6. Dirty Money featuring Pharrell
  7. Hello New World featuring Pharrell
  8. Keys Open Doors
  9. Ain't Cha featuring The Re-Up Gang
  10. Trill featuring Pharrell
  11. Chinese New Year featuring Rosco P. Coldchain & Pharrell (Single)
  12. Nightmares featuring Pharrell & Bilal

Hell Hath No Fury (Sampler) (Unreleased)

  • Chinese New Year feat. Pharrell & Rosco P. Coldchain (Vinyl Version)

We Got The Remix (EP)

  • Stuntin' Y'all feat. Pharrell

DJ EFNUnstoppable Vol. 32

Fam-LayDa Beeper Record (CDS)

  • Da Beeper Record feat. Pharrell

Head Bust (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Head Bust feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Skrung Owt (Promo)

  • Strung Owt (April 12, 2012) (Single)

Skrung Owt (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Skrunt Owt (Alternate Version)

Fefe DobsonSunday Love (December 18th, 2012)

  • In The Kissah

Gwen StefaniThe Sweet Escape (December 1st, US 200 #3)

  • Breakin' Up
  • Orange County Girl
  • U Started It featuring Pharrell
  • Wind It Up (October 31, US Hot 100 #6) (Single)
  • Yummy featuring Pharrell
  • Yummy (Interlude) (Hidden Track)

The L.A.M.B. DVD

  • Candyland feat. Pharrell

(Went To Amerie, Then To Jakk Frost)

Wind It Up (CDS) (October 31st, US Hot 100 #6)

  • Wind It Up feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Mix)

Jay-ZKingdom Come (November 21st, US 200 #1)

  • Anything featuring Pharrell & Usher

Lady SovereignJigsaw (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

(Recorded 6 Tracks)

LL Cool JTodd Smith (April 11th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

LudacrisRelease Therapy (September 26th, US 200 #1)

  • Girls Gone Wild
  • Money Maker featuring Pharrell (July 17, US R&B/Hip Hop #1) (Single)

Stuck Up (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Stuck Up

Lupe FiascoFood & Liquor (September 19th, US Top Rap #1)

  • I Gotcha featuring Pharrell (August 8, US R&B/Hip Hop #86) (Single)

Daydreamin' (CDS) (September 11th, UK #25)

  • Kick, Push feat. Pharrell (Remix)

(Produced By Sountrakk)

Mos DefTrue Magic (December 29th, US Hot Rap #12)

  • Murder Of A Teenage Life

True Magic (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Luv 4 The World feat. Pharrell

NoreagaN.O.R.E. Y La Familia... Ya Tú Sabe (July 18th, US Hot Rap #8)

  • Vente Mami featuring Pharrellito & Zion

(Produced By Luny Tunes)

Ol' Dirty Bastard (aka Dirt McGirt)A Son Unique (Unreleased)

  • Operator feat. Pharrell & Clipse

Omarion21 (December 26)

  • Obsession featuring Pharrell

P. DiddyPress Play (October 17th)

  • Partners For Life featuring Pharrell & Jamie Foxx

Take It Back (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Take It Back feat. Pharrell

Paul OakenfoldA Lively Mind (June 6th)

  • Sex N' Money featuring Pharrell (November 27, US Hot Dance #10) (Single)

(Produced By Paul Oakenfold)

Pharrell WilliamsIn My Mind (July 25th, US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

  1. Can I Have It Like That featuring Gwen Stefani (October 31, 2005, US Hot Rap #20) (Single)
  2. How Does It Feel
  3. Raspy Shit
  4. Best Friend featuring Natasha Ramos
  5. You Can Do It Too
  6. You Can Do It Too featuring Jamie Cullum (Interlude)
  7. Keep It Playa featuring Slim Thug
  8. That Girl featuring Snoop Dogg (December 26) (Single)
  9. Angel (January 21, UK #15) (Single)
  10. Young Girl feat Jay-Z
  11. I Really Like You Girl (Hidden Track)
  12. Take It Off
  13. Stay With Me (Dim The Lights) featuring Pusha T.
  14. Baby featuring Nelly
  15. Our Father
  16. Number One featuring Kanye West (August 21, UK #10) (Single)
  17. Show You How To Hustle featuring Lauren London

In My Mind (Japan) (July 25th, US R&B/Hip Hop #3)

  • International Swagger

In My Mind (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Can I Have It Like That (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Can I Have It Like That feat. Gwen Stefani (Chad's Baltimore Mix)

Mamacita (Promo VLS) (Unreleased)

Mamacita (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

In My Mind (The Prequel) (April 4th)

  • Come Go Wit Me feat. Clipse (Freestyle)
  • Fortified (Freestyle)
  • Gangsta Grillz (Freestyle)
  • High Rollers (Freestyle)
  • It Was A Great Day (Freestyle)
  • Liquid Swords (Freestyle)
  • Music For The Gangsta's feat. T.I. & Young Dro (Freestyle)
  • Paid In Full feat. Ab Liva (Freestyle)
  • Reminisce (Freestyle)
  • Sound Boy (Freestyle)
  • The Message (Freestyle)
  • This Is The Life feat. Fam-Lay (Freestyle)
  • When Skateboard Came (Freestyle)
  • Word To The Motherland (Freestyle)

DJ Green Lantern's Alive On Arrival (August 21st)

  • The Ice Cream Man (Freestyle)

PitbullEl Mariel (November 3rd)

  • Jealouso featuring Pharrell

Robin ThickeThe Evolution Of Robin Thicke (October 3rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

Wanna Love You Girl (CDM)

  • Wanna Love You Girl feat. Pharrell & The Flipmode Squad (Remix)

ShawnnaBlock Music (June 27th)

(Produced by Chaka Zulu)

Sleepy BrownMr. Brown (October 3rd)

  • Margarita feat. Pharrell & Big Boi (July, Bubbling Under Hot 100 #8) (Single)

Margarita (CDS) (July, Bubbling Under Hot 100 #8)

  • Margarita feat. Pharrell & Big Boi (Alternate Version)

Snoop DoggTha Blue Carpet Treatment (November 21st)

  • 10 Lil' Crips
  • Vato featuring B-Real (August 15, US R&B/Hip Hop #1) (Single)

Weeds OST (Unreleased)

  • Vato feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Styles P.Time Is Money (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Ghost feat. Pharrell

T.I.King (March 28th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Goodlife featuring Pharrell & Common

Goodlife (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Goodlife feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Teriyaki BoyzFast & Furious 3 – Tokyo Drift OST (June 20th)

  • Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) (US Pop 100 #97) (Single)

UsherDon't Take It Personal (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Don't Take It Personal

Young JeezyRumor Has It (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Rumor Has It feat. Pharrell


50 CentCurtis (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Raid feat. Pharrell

(Went To Pusha T.) * [9]

AmerieBecause I Love It (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • What A Thug Like

(Went To Jakk Frost) * [10]

'B.G. Bout To Blow (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • 'Bout To Blow feat. Pharrell

(Went To Nelly)

BeyoncéEmporio Armani Commercial (November 12th)

  • Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Britney SpearsBlackout (October 25th, US Top 200 #2)

  • Why Should I Be Sad (aka Stupid Things) feat. Pharrell

Blackout (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Stupid Things feat. Pharrell
  • Sugarfall (aka Hooked On) feat. Pharrell
  • My Big Secret (Originally Recorded By Janet Jackson) [1]

Child Rebel SoldierKanye West: Can't Tell Me Nothing (May 29th)

  • Us Placers (Single)

(Produced By Lupe Fiasco)

DJ DramaGangsta Grillz: The Album (December 4th, US Top Rap #2)

  • Cheers feat. Pharrell & Clipse

(Produced By Khao)

EveThe Beat Is So Crazy (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • The Beat Is So Crazy feat. Pharrell & Madonna

Fam-LayNo Time For No's (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • No Time For No's feat. Pharrell & Clipse

Jakk FrostWhat A Thug Like (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • What A Thug Like feat. Pharrell & Amerie

(Former Amerie Tune)

Jay-ZAmerican Gangster (November 6th, US Top Rap #1)

  • Blue Magic featuring Pharrell (September 20, US Hot Rap #17) (Single)
  • I Know featuring Pharrell (November 4, US Hot Rap #11) (Single)

Katharine McPheeKatharine McPhee (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Gotta Be You

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

KennaMake Sure They See My Face (October 16th)

  • Blink Radio feat. Malcolm Gladwell (Interlude)
  • Daylight (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Out Of Control (State of Emotion) (December 19) (Single) (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Loose Wires
  • Say Goodbye To Love (March 7, 2008) (Single)
  • Sun Red, Sky Blue (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Baptized In Blacklight (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Phantom Always featuring Justin Timberlake (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Face The Gun (Single) (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Good Luck (Interlude) (Hidden Track)
  • Better Wise Up (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Wide Awake (Produced By Chad Hugo)

Make Sure They See My Face (Japan) (October 16th)

  • Down

Make Sure They See My Face (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Black Goodbye Ride feat. Questlove
  • Deafest One's Never Wanted To Hear feat. Nas
  • Live & Flow
  • What If The Sky
  • Mind At Case
  • My Religion
  • Rearview

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

Out Of Control (CDS)

  • Out Of Control (State Of Emotion) (Impossible Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Stings & Hurts (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Stings & Hurts (Loose Wires Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Rockaway Life (Promo) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Kin4LifeGoodfoot (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Goodfoot feat. Pharrell

Kings Of LeonMy Party (The Neptunes Remix) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • My Party (The Neptunes Remix)

LL Cool JLL Cool J's iTunes Session

  • Luv U Better feat. Pharrell & Marc Dorsey (iTunes Version)

MadonnaHey You (Promo CDS) (May 7th, Canada #57)

MarioGo! (December 11th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  • Go! (Single)

Mary J. BligeGrowing Pains (December 18th, US 200 #1)

  • Til The Morning

(Former Natasha Ramos Track)

Michael JacksonThriller 25 (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Natasha RamosShow & Prove (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Deeper feat. Robin Thicke
  • Dope Boy feat. Pharrell
  • Invisible
  • Pack Up
  • Screwed (No Rap)
  • Screwed feat. Kanye West
  • Till The Morning

Nicole ScherzingerHer Name Is Nicole (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I M.I.S.S. You feat. Pharrell
  • Still Here

Pharrell & The YessirsOut Of My Mind (Unreleased)

  • Creamsickle

Pharrell WilliamsThe Hennessey Commercial (November 8th)

  • Entourage
  • Manifesto

Pepsi Commercial (March 26)

  • I've Got An Idea

(Went To The All-American Rejects' 'Dance Inside (Pharrell Williams Remix)'

R. KellyBaby Girl (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Baby Girl

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Sergio VenenoI Can Get It 4 U (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I Can Get It 4 U

Swizz BeatzOne Man Band Man (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

The All-American RejectsDance Inside (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Dance Inside (Pharrell Williams Remix) * [11]

The HivesThe Black & White Album (November 13th)

  • We Rule The World (T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.) (December 17) (Single)
  • Well All Right!

The Black & White Album (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

(Recorded +1 Song)

The NeptunesHappy Holidays (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Happy Holidays

Ice Cream Anniversary

  • Ice Cream Anniversary

Tito El BambinoIt's My Time (October 2nd, US Latin Rhythm #1)

  • El Booty featuring Pharrell

TwistaAdrenaline Rush 2007 (September 8th, US Top 200 #10)

  • Give It Up featuring Pharrell (July, US R&B/Hip Hop #95) (Single)

Give It Up (CDS) (July)

  • Give It Up feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

UsherOnly One (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Only One feat. Pharrell

Yung JocHustlenomics (August 28th, US #1)

  • BYOB
  • Hell Yeah featuring Diddy


AshantiThe Declaration (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

(Former Natasha Ramos Track)

Ashlee SimpsonBittersweet World (April 19th, US Top 200 #4)

  • Boys
  • Follow You Wherever You Go
  • Hot Stuff
  • I'm Out
  • No Time For Tears

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo & Kenna)

BrandyHuman (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Britney SpearsCircus (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Charles HamiltonHyperspeed (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Hyperspeed

Chester FrenchShe Loves Everybody EP (November 18th)

  • She Loves Everybody (The Neptunes Remix)

CommonUniversal Mind Control (December 9th, US Top Rap #1)

Universal Mind Control (UK)

  • Punch Drunk Love featuring Pharrell (Booty Shake Remix)

EveVideo Music Awards (September 7th)

  • All Night Long

Fall Out BoyFolie À Deux (December 16th, US Digital #1)

  • W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer)

HopeI Apologize (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • I Apologize feat. Pharrell

Jay SeanMy Own Way (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

John LegendEvolver (October 28th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • It's Over featuring Pharrell, Jessyca Wilson & Kanye West

(Produced By Ghet-O-Vision)

Katharine McPheeThe House Bunny OST (July 16th)

KennaMake Sure They See My Face (UK) (May 12th)

  • Big Lights featuring Pharrell
  • Rockaway Life featuring Justin Timberlake (Produced By Chad Hugo)

Loose Wires (Promo) (Unreleased)

Say Goodbye To Love (Promo CDS) (Unreleased)

Keri HilsonBlack Cloud (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Black Cloud

(Produced By Chad Hugo, Alesha Dixon Demo)

Kevin RudolfIn The City (November 24th, US Top 200 #94)

  • She Can Get It

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Lupe FiascoParis, Tokyo (VLS) (September 22nd)

  • Paris, Tokyo feat. Pharrell, Q-Tip & Sarah Greene (Remix)

(Produced By Soundtrakk)

MadonnaHard Candy (April 19th, US Top 200 #1)

  • Beat Goes On featuring Pharrell & Kanye West
  • Candy Shop featuring Pharrell
  • Give It 2 Me featuring Pharrell (June 24, US Hot Dance #1) (Single)
  • Heartbeat featuring Pharrell
  • Incredible featuring Pharrell & Shae Haley
  • She's Not Me featuring Pharrell
  • Spanish Lesson

Hard Candy (Japan) (April 19th)

  • Ring My Bell feat. Pharrell

Hard Candy (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Beat Goes On feat. Pharrell & Kanye West (Extended Version)
  • Beat Goes On feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)
  • Beat Goes On feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version) II

The Acoustic Session (Unreleased)

  • Beat Goes On (Demo)

Maroon 5Call & Response: The Remix Album (December 9th, US Top 200 #73)

Missy ElliottPut It On You (Promo) (Unreleased)

N*E*R*DSeeing Sounds (June 8th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  1. Intro (Seeing Sounds)
  2. Time For Some Action featuring The Hives
  3. Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom) (May 13, Japan #17) (Single)
  4. Windows
  5. Anti Matter
  6. Spaz (US Top 100 #6) (Single)
  7. Yeah You
  8. Sooner Or Later (June 6) (Single)
  9. Happy
  10. Kill Joy
  11. Love Bomb
  12. You Know What
  13. Laugh About It

Seeing Sounds (Japan) (June 8th)

  • Lasergun Carrying

Everyone Nose (Remix) (CDS) (June 8th)

My Drive Thru (Converse Anniversary) (Promo CDS) (June 9th)

NellyBrass Knuckles (September 16th, US #1)

  • Let It Go (Lil' Mama) featuring Pharrell (Single)

Pharrell WilliamsMadonna: Hard Candy (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Rap2K Freestyle

  • Rap2K Freestyle

ResYou Know What (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • You Know What

(N*E*R*D Demo)

Rick RossTrilla (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • This Is My Time feat. Pharrell & T-Pain

Get Down (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Get Down feat. Pharrell

Robin ThickeSomething Else (September 30th, US #3)

  • Sidestep

(Drums By Pharrell Williams)

Scott Weiland"Happy" In Galoshes (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Happy

(Produced by Pharrell Williams) * [13]

Sean GarrettTurbo 919 (May 27th, Japan #12)

  • Patrón featuring Pharrell

Sierra SwanQueen Of The Valley (April 5th)

  • Demise Of Love
  • Nuclear Letdown
  • Sex Is Keeping Us Together (Single)

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

Snoop DoggEgo Trippin' (March 7th, US #2)

  • Sets Up featuring Pharrell

Feet Don't Fail Me Now (Promo) (Unreleased)

SolangeSol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams (August 26th, US #3)

  • I Decided (April 22, US R&B/Hip Hop #1) (Single)

Stack$CraZee & ConfuZed (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

T.I.The Throne Is Mine (March 31st)

  • Kick It In The Hotel

Teyana TaylorSwitch It Up (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Switch It Up

The NeptunesMicrosoft Commercial (September 18th)

  • I'm A PC (Microsoft Commercial)

Nike Commercial

The Pussycat DollsDoll Domination (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

The RootsHeat (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Heat

The ScriptThe Script (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

(Recorded +4 Tracks) * [16]

UsherFlash (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Flash


Bobby ValentinoMy Ex-Girlfriend (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • My Ex-Girlfriend feat. Pharrell

Rockin' With The Best (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Rockin' With The Best feat. Pharrell

Busta RhymesFast & Furious 4 OST (March 31st)

  • G-Stro featuring Pharrell

Back On My B.S. (May 19th)

  • Kill Dem featuring Pharrell & Tosh

Kill Dem (Promo) (Unreleased)

World Go Round (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • World Go Round (The Neptunes Remix) * [17]

Chester FrenchJacques Jams, Vol. 1 Endurance (April 8th)

  • Life In L.A. feat. Pharrell & JD

Chris BrownCaught Up (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Caught Up feat. Pharrell

Graffiti (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • I Need U feat. Pharrell

(Former Latrelle Track)

ClipseTill The Casket Drops (December 8th, US Rap #3)

  • All Eyes On Me featuring Pharrell & Keri Hilson (Single)
  • Champion featuring Graph Nobel
  • Counseling featuring Pharrell & Nicole Hurst
  • Door Man featuring Pharrell (Single)
  • I'm Good featuring Pharrell (June 11, US #14) (Single)
  • I'm Good featuring Pharrell & Rick Ross (Remix)
  • Life Change featuring Pharrell & Kenna (December 2, 2010) (Single)
  • Popular Demand (Popeyes) featuring Pharrell & Cam'Ron (US R&B/Hip Hop #90) (Single)
  • Showin' Out featuring Pharrell & Yo Gotti

Til The Casket Drops (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Daniel MerriweatherLove & War (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [18]

Fam-Lay (aka Shark City Click)Fast & Furious 4 OST (May 19th)

  • Head Bust feat. Pharrell

Get That Work Up (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Get That Work Up feat. Pharrell

Gucci ManeHave It All (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Have It All feat. Pharrell

The State VS. Radric Davis (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Soldier feat. Pharrell

The South Tape

  • Nah Nigga feat. Pharrell

JadakissThe Last Kiss (April 7th, US #3)

  • Rocking With The Best featuring Pharrell & Bobby Valentino
  • Stress Ya featuring Pharrell

Jay-ZThe Blueprint 3 (September 8th, US #1)

  • So Ambitious featuring Pharrell

(Contains Sample Of Minnie Riperton's 'Memory Lane')

Jennifer Lopez (aka Lola)Fresh Out The Oven (CDM) (October 7th, US Hot Dance #1)

JuvenileDJ Smallz & DJ Neptune Southern Smoke TV Vol. 2 (June 14th)

  • They Know

KennaThat's G (Lock It Up) (Gatorade Commercial) (June 4th)

  • That's G (Lock It Up)
  • That's G (Lock It Up) II

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

Kid CudiMan On The Moon: The End Of Day (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Capcom (Promo) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Kid SisterUltraviolet (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Lil' WayneAy Man (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Ay Man feat. Pharrell

Smackdown (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Smackdown feat. Pharrell

Troublemaker (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Troublemaker feat. Pharrell, Jae Millz & Gutta Gutta

Yes (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Yes feat. Pharrell

Lupe FiascoLasers (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Horn Synth feat. Pharrell

I'm Beaming (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • I'm Beaming (1st Version)

Love Letter To The Beat (Promo) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Chad Hugo, Former Alicia Keys Tune)

MadonnaSticky & Sweet Tour (September 2nd)

  • Beat Goes On feat. Pharrell & Kanye West (Tour Version)
  • Get Stupid (Interlude)

Malik YusefGood Morning, Good Night (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

ManamiBack Of My Mind (Promo CDS) (November 13)

  • Back Of My Mind feat. Pharrell (November 13) (Single)
  • Back Of My Mind feat. Pharrell (Japanese Version)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Michael JacksonThe Remix Suite (October 17th)

Mos DefThe Ecstatic (June 9th, US #2)

  • Twilite Speedball

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

N*E*R*D90210 OST (August 11th)

OmarionDevastation (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Devastation (Leave Her Alone) featuring Pharrell

Pharrell WilliamsGAP Commercial

  • Go Ho Ho (Gap Holiday Cheer Commercial)

PitbullFast & Furious 4 OST (June 31st)

  • Bad Girls featuring Robin Thicke
  • Blanco featuring Pharrell (March 24) (Single)
  • Blanco featuring Pharrell (Spanish Version)
  • You Slip, She Grip featuring Tego Calderón

Queen LatifahPersona (August 25th, US #3)

  • If He Wanna featuring Serani

RihannaRated R (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Sergio VenenoVen Aqui Mama (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Ven Aqui Mama feat. Pharrell

ShakiraShe Wolf (October 9th, UK #4)

  • Años Luz (Spanish Version Of 'Why Wait')
  • Did It Again (October 16, US Hot Dance #1) (Single)
  • Good Stuff
  • Lo Hecho Está Hecho (Spanish Version Of 'Did It Again')
  • Long Time
  • Why Wait

Did It Again (Promo) (October 16th, US Hot Dance #1)

  • Did It Again featuring Kid Cudi (Remix)
  • Lo Hecho Está Hecho featuring Pitbull (Remix) (Spanish Version Of 'Did It Again')

Snoop DoggMalice In Wonderland (December 8th, US #2)

  • Special featuring Pharrell & Brandy

Teriyaki BoyzSerious Japanese (January 28th, Japan #3)

The NeptunesStreet Dreams OST (April 16th)

  • Hoppin' Over Fences

UsherCertified (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Certified feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

I Love You 2 (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • I Love You 2

(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Adam Levine)

WaleAttention: Deficit (November 10th, US #2)

  • Let It Loose feat. Pharrell


Agnes (Elsie Fisher)Despicable Me OST (July 6th)

  • The Unicorn Song

Camp LoStudio Session (October 20th) (Unreleased)

  • October 20

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Cee-Lo GreenIt's OK (EP) (December 13th)

  • Bridges

Chiddy BangThe Preview (EP) (October 1st, US Rap #11)

  • The Good Life (October 8) (Single)

(Co-Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Child Rebel SoldierG.O.O.D. Friday (October 8th)

  • Don't Stop!

Chrisette MicheleLet Freedom Reign (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Dancing Shoes

(Contains A Interpolation Of Minnie Riperton's 'Reasons') * [23]

Christina AguileraBionic (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

CiaraBasic Instinct (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

D.A. WallachDespicable Me OST (More Music) (July 6th)

  • The Way It Is (Vector's Theme)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

David BisbalDespicable Me OST (July 6th)

  • Soñar (My Life)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, iTunes Bonus)

Destinee & Paris Despicable Me OST (July 6th)

  • I'm On A Roll

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

DiggyAirBorne (September 10th)

(Produced By Black The Beast & Omen)

Dirty MoneyLast Train To Paris (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

DrakeThank Me Later (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Dirty Looks feat. Pharrell * [27]

EJGalaxy (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Galaxy

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Fam-LayYouinstantly (Promo CDS) (January 27, 2011)

  • Youinstantly (January 27, 2011) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

GameAin't No Doubt About It (CDS) (July 3rd)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

It Must Be Me (CDS) (April 14th)

  • It Must Be Me feat. Pharrell (April 14) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The R.E.D. Album (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Bounce feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

GiorgiaDespicable Me OST (July 6th)

  • Tu Sei (My Life)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Gucci ManeThe Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted (September 28th, US #4)

(Recorded +Five Tracks) * [28])

JoJoCan't Take That Away From Me (September 7th)

  • Pretty Please

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Kenna)

Kelly ClarksonWho's That Girl (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Who's That Girl

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

KennaDownload To Donate For Haiti

  • Never Let Me Down

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Mike Shinoda)

Songs For Flights (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Fifteen Thousand Feet
  • Posers & Thieves
  • The Beginning

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

Keyshia ColeCalling All Hearts (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Kid CudiMan On The Moon II (The Legend Of Mr. Rager) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

(Recorded +2 Tracks) * [30]

LudacrisBattle Of The Sexes (March 9th, US #1)

  • Sexting

Battle Of The Sexes (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Banger

Lupe FiascoWhat U Want (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • What U Want feat. Kenna

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

We Beaming (Promo) (October 13th)

ManamiHold Back (Promo CDS) (January 29)

  • Hold Back (January 29) (Single)
  • Hold Back (Japanese Version)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

N*E*R*DNothing (November 2nd, US R&B/Hip Hop #5)

  1. Party People featuring T.I.
  2. Hypnotize U (October 16, BEL #54) (Single) (Produced By Daft Punk)
  3. Help Me
  4. Victory (Background Vocals By Rhea Dummett)
  5. Perfect Defect
  6. I've Seen The Light (Background Vocals By Rhea Dummett)
  7. Inside Of Clouds (Hidden Interlude)
  8. God Bless Us All
  9. Life As A Fish (Background Vocals By Rhea Dummett)
  10. Nothing On You (Background Vocals By Fam-Lay)
  11. Hot-N-Fun featuring Nelly Furtado (May 18, US Hot Dance #1) (Single)

Nothing (Japan) (November 2nd, US R&B/Hip Hop #5)

Nothing (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Radio feat. Rhea
  • You're The One
  • For Sure

(Recorded +23 Tracks)

Live On MTV (December 3rd)

  • Hot-N-Fun feat. Rhea
  • Party People (Without Rap)

Live (March 24th)

  • Show Me Some Love feat. Rhea

Soldier (Promo) (Unreleased)

Nelly5.0 (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Nicki MinajPink Friday (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Pac DivDon't Mention It (April 27th)

  • Broccoli

(Produced By Swiff D, Adlibs By Pharrell Williams)

Paul McCartneySimply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time (MSSL CMMND Refix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Paul WallHeart Of A Champion (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Pharrell WilliamsDespicable Me OST (July 6th)

  • Despicable Me
  • Fun, Fun, Fun
  • Prettiest Girls
  • Rocket's Theme

Despicable Me OST (More Music) (July 6th)

  • Despicable Me (Orchestra Version)
  • Fun, Fun, Fun (Orchestra Version)
  • Prettiest Girls (Orchestra Version)

Despicable Me OST (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Despicable Me (Alternate Version)
  • Despicable Me (Alternate Version) II

Pharrell Williams & Heitor PereiraDespicable Me Score (July 6th)

  1. Logo/Beautiful Egypt
  2. Happy Gru
  3. Door Bell Rings
  4. Kyle Attacks
  5. Nefario Calls Gru
  6. Minion March
  7. Miss Hattie's Face
  8. Gru Calls Mom
  9. Meeting Mr. Perkins
  10. Explosion
  11. Adoption Process
  12. Meet The Girls
  13. Gru's Kitchen
  14. Gru's Lair
  15. Girls Amped Up
  16. Drunk Unicorn
  17. Girls To Dance Class
  18. Gru Is Angry
  19. Girls To Bed
  20. Mal Mart
  21. Cookie Delivery
  22. Blast Off
  23. Nefario Is Angry
  24. Piggy Bank
  25. Teleconference
  26. Hyper Girls
  27. Nefario Confronts Gru
  28. Gru In Space
  29. The Moon
  30. Rushing Back
  31. Korean Lab Heist
  32. Gru VS. Vector
  33. Don't Let Her Take Us
  34. Sleepy Kittens
  35. Kisses Goodnight

Pusha T.Arm Piece (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Arm Piece feat. Pharrell

RheaMotorcycle (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Motorcycle feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Went To G I R L As Come Get It Bae)

Robin ThickeDespicable Me OST (July 6th)

  • My Life

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Despicable Me OST (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • My Life feat. Pharrell & Rhea

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Sara BareillesKaleidoscope Heart (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Swedish House MafiaOne (CDM) (March 22nd, UK 2nd)

  • One featuring Pharrell (March 15, UK #1) (Single)
  • One (Your Name) featuring Pharrell (Extended Version)
  • One (Your Name) featuring Pharrell & Pitbull (Remix)

(Produced By Swedish House Mafia)

Swizz BeatzBang Bang (Promo) (November 1st)

  • Bang Bang feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.

(Produced By Swizz Beatz)

T.I.No Mercy (December 7th, US #1)

The All-American RejectsAT&T Team USA OST (February 11th)

  • Move Along (Chad Hugo Remix)

The Minions (Despicable Me Characters)Despicable Me OST (July 6th)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

TygaFirst Time (Promo) (June 21)

  • First Time feat Pharrell (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

UffieSex Dreams & Denim Jeans (June 14th, US Dance #17)

(Produced By Mirwais)


Alyssa BernalLove Hangover (November 15th)

  • One Of Us Gotta Leave featuring Pharrell

(Produced By Martin Terefe)

Avril LavigneGoodbye Lullaby (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Beyoncé4 (June 24th, US #1)

  • I Care (March 23, 2012, POR #16) (Single)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Jeff Bhasker)

Big SeanFinally Famous (June 28th, US #2)

  • Get It (DT) featuring Pharrell

BuddyHow To Make It In America: The Mixtape Vol. 2 (September 19)

  • Awesome Awesome (September 20) (Single)

Awesome Awesome (Promo) (September 20)

  • Awesome Awesome (Video Version)

David GuettaNothing But The Beat (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [34]

E-40Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift (March 29th, US Rap #7)

  • Beastin'

(Produced by Chad Hugo)

EJ BollmannRiot (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Riot

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Fam-LayBeach Cruiser (Promo) (August 3)

  • Beach Cruiser (August 3) (Single)

(Produced by Chad Hugo)

GameThe R.E.D. Album (August 19th)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Purp & Patron (January 26th)

  • Dedicated feat. Pharrell
  • In My '64 feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Gloria EstefanMiss Little Havana (September 27th, US #28)

  • I Can't Believe
  • Heat
  • Make Me Say Yes
  • Miss Little Havana (September) (Single)
  • Right Away featuring Pharrell
  • Say Ay featuring Pharrell
  • So Good
  • Time Is Ticking
  • Wepa (June 24, US Hot Dance #1) (Single)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Miami Heat Play-Off Commercial (May 31)

  • Wepa (Miami Heat Version) (May 31) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Wepa (Remixes) (June 24th, US Dance #1)

  • Wepa (Spanish Version)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

GorillazThe Fall (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

IncubusIf Not Now, When? (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

J. ColeCole World: The Sideline Story (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Jared EvanAnywhere (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Anywhere feat. Pharrell & Game

Jason MadisonStick 2 The Script (February 9)

  • Turn U On feat. Pharrell (February 9) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Javier ColonCome Through For You (November 21)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Martin Terefe)

JoeGone Away (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Gone Away feat. Pharrell

KennaLand 2 Air Chronicles I – Chaos & The Darkness (April 26th)

  1. Chains featuring Shimmy Hoffa (February 22) (Single)
  2. Kharma Is Coming
  3. What U Want (Written By Lupe Fiasco)

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

Land 2 Air Chronicles I (Chaos & The Darkness) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Lil' ScrappyGrustle (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Grustle feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

LloydKing Of Hearts (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled feat. Pharrell * [38]

Lupe FiascoLasers (March 7th, US #1)

  • I'm Beaming (January 13, 2010) (Single)

MSSL CMMND: Foolcast #22 (April 29th)

  • What U Want (Chad Hugo Remix)

MadonnaRarrities (Unreleased)

  • Candy Shop feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)
  • Heartbeat feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

Mansions On The MoonMSSL CMMND: Foolcast #22 (April 29th)

  • Love Is Going To Destroy Me (Chad Hugo Remix)

Mark RonsonRecord Collection 2012 (CDM) (September 5th)

(Produced By Mark Ronson)

Maxine AshleyMaxine Hustlin' (The Streets) (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Maxine Hustlin' (The Streets)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Ring Pop (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Ring Pop

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

N*E*R*DQream Commercial (November 13th)

  • What They Want

No Planes In SpaceMSSL CMMND: Foolcast #22 (April 29th)

  • Chains (Demo)
  • Potholes D Createur Uniden

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo & Paul Banks)

NoreagaNORE'aster (April 24th)

  • Like The Way featuring Pharrell (July 13) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Finito (CDS) (September 18th)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Oh LandOh Land (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Standing On Trains

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Recorded +2 Tracks) * [39]

Pharrell WilliamsBionic Yarn Commercial (June 11th)

  • Bionic Yarn Theme

The Game Has Changed (Promo) (March 28th)

  • The Game Has Changed (Freestyle)

(Produced By Daft Punk)

Revlon Commercial (September 15th)

  • You Got Me

Pusha T.Fear Of God (March 11th)

Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray (November 8th)

  • Raid featuring Pharrell & 50 Cent (Alternate Version)

RaekwonRock N' Roll (Promo CDS) (May 26th)

(Produced By DJ Khalil)

Styles P.Master Of Ceremonies (October 4th)

  • Don't Turn Away featuring Pharrell

(Produced By Reefa)

Spank RockEverything Is Boring & Everyone Is A Fucking Liar (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

T.I.Hear Ye, Hear Ye (Promo CDS) (October 18)

  • Hear Ye, Hear Ye feat. Pharrell (October 18) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

T-PainRevolveR (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Teyana TaylorLive In Amsterdam (December 16th)

  • I Feel Alive (Spinnin') feat. Pharrell

The Cool KidsWhen Fish Ride Bicycles (June 22)

  • Get Right
  • Summer Jam feat. Maxine Ashley (August 31) (Single)

The ThroneWatch The Throne (August 8th, US #1)

The-DreamTerius Nash: 1977 (August 31st, US #29)

  • Real feat. Pharrell

(Produced By The-Dream)

Travis BarkerGive The Drummer Some (March 15th, US Rap #2)

(Former Lupe Fiasco Track Known As 'Horn Synth')

Let The Drummer Get Wicked (February 21st)

  • Come N' Get It feat. Clipse (Single)

TygaBlack Thoughts 2 (April 12th)

  • First Time feat. Pharrell (Mixtape Version)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Really Raw (Promo) (February 3)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Wiz KhalifaRolling Papers (Studio Session) (Unreleased)


Adam LambertTrespassing (May 14th, US #1)

  • Kickin' In feat. Pharrell
  • Trespassing (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

ApparatjikSquare Peg In A Round Hole (March 19th)

  • Do It Myself feat. Auto Goon
  • Time Police feat. Auto Goon

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Square Peg In A Round Hole (Advance) (Unreleased)

  • Do It Myself feat. Auto Goon (Alternate Version)
  • Time Police feat. Auto Goon (Alternate Version)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Square Peg In A Round Hole (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Do It Myself feat. Auto Goon (Alternate Version) II
  • Do It Myself feat. Auto Goon (Alternate Version) III
  • Time Police feat. Auto Goon (Alternate Version) II

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Chester FrenchMusic 4 Tngrs (June 19th)

  • Next Big Thing feat. Pharrell & Pusha T.

(Produced By Chester French)

Christian RichChristian Rich (EP) (April 10th)

  • Come & Love Me feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Christian Rich)

Conor MaynardContrast (July 27th, UK #1)

  • Glass Girl
  • Lift Off feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Cris CabEcho Boom (January 31st)

  • Echo Boom feat. Pharrell (Produced By PJ McGinnis)
  • One Thing (Single) (Produced By Pharrell Williams)
  • What Can't We Do (Here We Go Again) feat. Daytona (Single) (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees) (Promo CDS) (September 13)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

One Thing (Promo CDS) (January 5th)

  • One Thing (Extended Mix)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Live...In The Moment (August 20th)

  • Sensation

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

What Can't We Do (Here We Go Again) (Promo CDS) (October 23rd)

  • What Can't We Do (Here We Go Again) feat. Kid Ink (Remix)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Curren$yThe Stoned Immaculate (June 1st, ,US #2)

  • Chasin' Papers feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

D.O.P.E.D.O.P.E. (March 1st)

  • Block Blazer feat. T.I.

Danny!Payback (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Speed (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Speed feat. Pharrell

DMXUndisputed (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Dominic LordFashion Show (EP) (September 14th)

  • The Glass Fight (Interlude)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

EstelleAll Of Me (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Fam-LaySide 2 Side (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Side 2 Side feat. Pharrell

Frank OceanChannel Orange (July 10th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Freddie GibbsBaby Face Killa (September 25th)

  • The Diet feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Cylla)

GameCalifornia Republic (April 5th)

  • It Must Be Tough feat. Pharrell & Mysonne
  • Roll My Shit feat. Snoop Dogg
  • They Don't Want None feat. Pharrell & Shyne
  • When My Niggas Come Home feat. Pharrell, Snoop Dogg & Rhea

Jesus Piece (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Stripper feat. Pharrell

Jared EvanLive At Highline Ballroom (April 24th)

  • Show Me Some Love

(Former N*E*R*D Tune)

Jay-ZGlory (Promo CDS) (January 9, US Rap #23)

  • Glory feat. Pharrell & Blue Ivy Carter (January 9, US Rap #23) (Single)

Justin BieberBelieve (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Katy PerryCalifornia Dreams EP (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Let Loose feat. Rihanna * [46]

Kendrick Lamargood kid, m.A.A.d. city (October 22, US #1)

  • Good Kid feat. Pharrell

(Recorded +5 Tracks) * [47]

KennaIt Begins (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • It Begins

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Kid IcarusForms (October 21st)

  • Night feat. Chad Hugo
  • Photosynth feat. Chad Hugo

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

Leah LaBelleLeah Labelle (Album Sampler) (May 1st)

  • Make Me Get Up
  • Mr. Scissors
  • Sexify (Alternate Version)
  • So Hot

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Sexify (CDS) (May 10, US #89)

  • Sexify (May 10, US #89) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Share This Thing (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Share This Thing

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

100 Percent (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • 100 Percent feat. Pharrell & JD

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Mac MillerGlow (Promo CDS) (August 6)

  • Glow feat. Pharrell (August 6) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Onaroll (Promo CDS) (June 5)

  • Onaroll (June 5) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Mary J. BligeEveryday People (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Everyday People 2012 feat. JD

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, JD & Bryan Michael Cox)

Masia OneBootleg Culture (September 12)

  • Errybody feat. Pharrell, Game & Isis

(Produced By Che Vicious)

Maxine AshleyCookieman (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Cookieman feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Hot Thing (Promo) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Went To Usher))

MiguelKaleidoscope Dream (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

MikaThe Origin Of Love (September 16th, UK #24)

The Origin Of Love (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • China Boy feat. Pharrell (aka Celebrate)

Ne-YoR.E.D. (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

Nelly FurtadoThe Spirit Indestructible (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

OverDozStudio Session (Unreleased)

  • August 1

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Pharrell WilliamsChelsea Lately Theme (Unreleased)

  • Chelsea Lately Theme
  • Chelsea Lately Theme II
  • Chelsea Lately Theme III

The 84th Annual Academy Awards: Celebrate The Music (February 26th)

  • It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got Pharrell

Places & Spaces I've Been (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Places & Spaces I've Been
  • Places & Spaces I've Been II

Qream Commercial (Unreleased)

  • The Qream Launch

Pharrell Williams & Hans ZimmerThe 84th Annual Academy Awards: The Score (February 26th)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams & Hans Zimmer)

Rick RossGod Forgives, I Don't (July 30th, US #1)

  • Presidential feat. Pharrell & Elijah Blake (September 20) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Rich Forever (January 6th)

(Produced By Boi-1da)

The Black Bar Mitsvah (October 8th)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

RihannaUnapologetic (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Robin ThickeAnother Life (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Another Life

Rye RyeGo! Pop! Bang! (May 15th, US Rap #23)

  • Shake, Twist, Drop feat. Tyga

Scissor SistersMagic Hour (May 25th, US Dance #1)

  • Inevitable

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

StalleySavage Journey To The American Dream (March 30th)

  • Everything New (April 4) (Single)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Mind Made Up (Promo CDS) (February 17)

  • Mind Made Up (February 17) (Single)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

T.I.Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head (December 18th, US #1)

  • Hello feat. Pharrell & Cee-Lo Green (May 22) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The NeptunesBillionaire Boys Club Holiday Collection (Unreleased)

  • Billionaire Boys Club Holiday Collection 2012

Team Ice Cream 2012 (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Team Ice Cream 2012

The Oh Hello'sHello My Old Heart (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Hello My Old Heart (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

TygaCareless World: Rise Of The Last King (February 21st, US #1)

  • Lil' Homie feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

UsherLooking 4 Myself (June 8th, US #1)

  • Hot Thing feat. Pharrell & A$AP Rocky
  • Twisted feat. Pharrell

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Wiz KhalifaO.N.I.F.C. (December 4th, US #1)

  • Rise Above feat. Pharrell, Tuki Carter & Amber Rose

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

O.N.I.F.C (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • The Future Is Ours feat. Pharrell & 2 Chainz

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

YunaYuna (April 24th, US Heat #19)

  • Bad Idea
  • Live Your Life (February 12, US Heat #37) (Single)
  • See You Go

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Live Your Life (Promo CDS) (February 12th)

  • Live Your Life (Video Version)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Live Your Life (Promo) (February 12th)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)


2 ChainzB.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time (September 9, US No. 2)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Feds Watching (Promo CDS) (June 4, US No. 12)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

A$AP RockyLong.Live.A$AP (January 15th, US #1)

(Produced By SpaceGhostPurrp)

Aloe BlaccLift Your Spirit (October 25th, US #4)

  • Love Is The Answer feat. Pharrell (November 21) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Alyssa BernalNovember 16 (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • November 16

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Azealia BanksATM Jam (CDS) (August 30th)

  • ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (August 30) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

ATM Jam (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Alternate Version)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

BeyoncéBeyoncé (December 13, US #1)

Bruno Mars – Gorilla (Promo) (September 10, US Hot 100 #22)

Busta RhymesTwerk It (Promo CDS) (June 17, US #4)

  • Twerk It feat. Tosh
  • Twerk It feat. Tosh & Nicki Minaj (Remix) (June 17, US #4) (Single)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Twerk It (Promo) (June 17th, US #4)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

CassieRockaByeBaby (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Cee-Lo GreenMSSL CMMND: Why Fight The Space Age (February 26)

  • Bridges (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo and Daniel Biltmore)

Despicable Me 2 OST (June 18)

  • Scream feat. Pharrell

(Produced by Pharrell Williams)

Chad HugoGatorade commercial (June 27)

  • One More (Gatorade Commercial)

MSSL CMMND: Why Fight The Space Age (February 26)

  • Strolling To The Seaside (MSSL CMMND Freestyle Mix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Daft PunkRandom Access Memories (May 17, US No. 1)

(All Tracks Produced By Daft Punk, Written By Pharrell Williams)

Get Lucky (CDS) (April 19, US #1)

(Produced By Daft Punk, Written By Pharrell Williams)

Lose Yourself To Dance (CDS) (August 13, US Hot Dance #1)

  • Lose Yourself To Dance feat. Pharrell & Nile Rodgers (Radio Edit)

(Produced By Daft Punk, Written By Pharrell Williams)

Daichi MiuraThe Entertainer (November 20)

  • Chocolate

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Danny ZookMSSL CMMND: Why Fight The Space Age (February 26)

  • I Like It That Way

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Destiny's ChildLove Songs (January 29th, US R&B/Hip Hop #72)

  • Nuclear

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Earl SweatshirtDoris (August 20th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

Doris (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Feet feat. Pharrell * [52]

Empire Of The SunIce On The Dune (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

EveLip Lock (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Guess Who's Single
  • Hey Girl feat. Eminem

Foo FightersEverlong (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Everlong (MSSL CMMND Revenge Edit)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Fugitive 9Carbon Harbingers

  • Rituals

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Gucci ManeDiary Of A Trap God

  • Fall Back feat. Tyga

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

J PharaohMSSL CMMND: Why Fight The Space Age (February 26th)

  • Pharaoh From The Beach

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Jason DeruloTattoos (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Jay-ZMagna Carta... Holy Grail (July 4th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

Jay SeanNeon (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

(Recorded +3 Songs) * [55]

John LegendLove In The Future (August 30th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • Aim High

Juwelz ChampaignOh I (Promo CDS)

Kap GOctober 8 (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • October 8

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Kelly RowlandTalk A Good Game (June 14th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  • Stand In Front Of Me
  • Street Life feat. Pusha T.

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Talk A Good Game (Japan) (June 14th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  • Feet To The Fire feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

KennaLand 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation Is Suicide – Chapter 1 (September 3rd)

  1. Wild Wild Life
  2. Relations (An Ode To You & Me) (November 12) (Single)
  3. Get In Closer

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo)

Relations (An Ode To You & Me) (Promo) (November 12)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Public Relations (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Public Relations

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Public Relations (Promo Version) (Unreleased)

  • Relations (An Ode To You & Me) (Promo Version)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Leah LaBelleLolita (Promo CDS) (January 18)

  • Lolita (January 18) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Mac MillerWatching Movies With The Sound Off (June 14th, US Top Rap #3)

  • Objects In The Mirror

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Maxine AshleyCookieman (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Cookieman feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Mood Swings (EP) (February 21st)

  • Perpetual Nights (February 14) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Purple Sky (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Purple Sky

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Mayer HawthorneWhere Does This Door Go (July 16th, US R&B/Hip Hop #30)

  • Reach Out Richard (December 11) (Single)
  • The Stars Are Ours feat. Pharrell
  • Wine Glass Woman

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Where Does This Door Go (Japan) (July 16th, US R&B/Hip Hop #30)

  • They Don't Know You

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Micah JavierMSSL CMMND: Why Fight The Space Age (February 26th)

  • Joy Joy Joy (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Mike PosnerIDGAF (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • IDGAF feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Went To Nelly)

Miley CyrusBangerz (October 4th, US 200 #1)

Bangerz (Deluxe) (October 4th, US 200 #1)

  • On My Own
  • Rooting For My Baby

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Bangerz (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

MSSL CMMNDWhy Fight The Space Age (February 26th)

  • Heartbreakers feat. Graph
  • Hope & Prey (Ghetto Panda)
  • Say It's Okay feat. Lil' Wayne
  • The Spark feat. Oak & Trackademics (Mixtape Version)

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Sunshine (Rooftop In Berlin Mix) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Sunshine (Rooftop In Berlin Mix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

The Spark (Promo) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

NellyM.O. (September 30th, US R&B/Hip Hop #4)

  • Get Like Me feat. Pharrell & Nicki Minaj (July 2, US R&B/Hip Hop #32) (Single)
  • IDGAF feat. Pharrell & T.I.
  • Maryland, Massachusetts
  • Rick James feat T.I.
  • Shake Whateva feat. Pharrell

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

No MaliceHear Ye Him (August 18th)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

No Planes In SpaceMSSL CMMND: Why Fight The Space Age (February 26th)

  • Why Fight The Space Age (Potholes De Createur Uniden) (2nd Version) (Chad Hugo Remix)

Widespread (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Widespread

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Paul Banks)

NoreagaThe Problem (Lawwwddd) (Promo CDS) (June 11)

  • The Problem (Lawwwddd) feat. Pharrell (June 11) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Pharrell WilliamsDespicable Me 2 OST (June 18th)

  • Happy (November 21, Worldwide #1) (Single)
  • Just A Cloud Away

i am OTHER Theme (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • i am OTHER Theme

Moncler Lunettes Commercial (Unreleased)

  • Moncler Lunettes (Commercial)

Swarovski Commercial (Unreleased)

  • On My Mind (Swarovski Commercial)

Places & Spaces I've Been (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Places & Spaces I've Been III

The Noreaga Studio Session (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • The Noreaga Studio Session

World Of Red Bull (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • World Of Red Bull (Commercial)

Pharrell Williams & Hans ZimmerMan Of Steel Score (June 11th)

  • Arcade
  • Are You Listening, Clark
  • DNA
  • Earth
  • Flight
  • General Zod
  • I Will Find Him
  • If You Love These People
  • Ignition
  • Krypton's Last
  • Launch
  • Look To The Stars
  • Man Of Steel (Hans' Original Sketchbook)
  • Man Of Steel Theme
  • Oil Rig
  • Terraforming
  • This Is Clark Kent
  • This Is Madness!
  • Tornado
  • What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World
  • You Die Or I Do
  • You Led Us Here

(All Tracks Composed By Pharrell Williams & Hans Zimmer)

Pusha T.My Name Is My Name (October 7th, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • S.N.I.T.C.H. feat. Pharrell
  • Suicide feat. Ab Liva (January 17, 2014) (Single)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Wrath Of Caine (January 28th)

  • Revolution

QuadronAvalanche (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Ray LewisNatural Born Hitters (August 23rd)

  • Practice
  • Pregame
  • Training

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

RDGLDGRNRed Gold Green (EP) (September 3rd)

  • Doing The Most (January 21, 2014) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

RhyeOpen (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Open (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Rizzle KicksRoaring 20s (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Feelin' Myself feat. Pharrell

(Recorded +4 Tracks) * [57]

Robin ThickeBlurred Lines (July 12, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Blurred Lines feat. Pharrell & T.I. (March 26, US R&B/Hip Hop #1) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Blurred Lines (CDS) (US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Blurred Lines feat. Pharrell & J Balvin (Latin Version)
  • Blurred Lines feat. Pharrell (Without Rap)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The InternetFeel Good (September 20th)

  • Dontcha (September 10) (Single)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

The Lonely IslandThe Wack Album (June 8th)

  • Hugs feat. Pharrell (May 17) (Single)

(Produced By Tommy Hittz)

The NeptunesChi-Town & MIA (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Chi-Town & MIA

Tokyo (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Tokyo

The WeekndKiss Land (September 10th, US R&B/HIp Hop #1)

  • Wanderlust feat. Pharrell (Pharrell Williams Remix)

Tinie TempahDemonstration (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Tyler, The CreatorWolf (April 1st, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • IFHY feat. Pharrell (March 29) (Single)

(Produced By Tyler, The Creator)

WoodkidI Love You (EP) (June 14th)

  • I Love You (Pharrell Williams Remix)

YunaNocturnal (October 29th)

  • Someone Who Can

(Produced By Chad Hugo)


Alicia KeysIt's On Again (CDS) (March 31st, US R&B/Hip Hop #49)

  • It's On Again (Without Rap)
  • It's On Again feat. Kendrick Lamar (March 31, US R&B/Hip Hop #49) (Single)
  • It's On Again feat. Kendrick Lamar (Radio Edit)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Aloe BlaccLincoln Motor Company Commercial (Promo) (January 26)

  • Love Is The Answer (Director's Cut) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Alvin RiskThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST (April 22nd, US Soundtracks #2)

  • Electro (Remix)

(Produced By Alvin Risk, Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams & Junkie XL)

A$AP FergFerg Forever (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Asher RothRetroHash (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Cheat So Bad feat. Pharrell
  • Let It Rock
  • The Beast

(Recorded +9 Tracks) * [59]

Anthony HamiltonHome For The Holidays (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Azealia BanksATM Jam (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • ATM Jam feat. Pharrell (Demo)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

BeckMorning Phase (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

BeyoncéBeyoncé (Platinum Edition) (EP) (November 24th)

  • Blow feat. Pharrell & Timbaland (Remix)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Timbaland)

Bia#CHOLASEASON (November 5th)

  • All Around The World (July 21, 2015) (Single)
  • Chain Swang feat Pharrell & Fam-Lay
  • Medusa
  • No Apology
  • Spend It

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Big K.R.I.T.Cadillactica (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Brian Wilson & All Star Tribute - God Only Knows (Promo) (October 7)

(Produced By Ethan Johns)

BuddyIdle Time (February 25th)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Ca$h OutLet's Get It (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Chad HugoBeautiful Distraction (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Beautiful Distraction

Chris BrownX (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Cris CabWhere I Belong (June 12)

  • Good Girls (April 7, 2011) (Single)
  • Liar Liar (September 30, 2013, FRA #5) (Single)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Crowded HouseDon't Dream It's Over (MSSL CMMND Remix) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Don't Dream It's Over (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Chuck InglishConvertibles (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Czarina RussellThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST (April 22nd, US Soundtracks #2)

  • Within The Web (First Day Jam)

(Produced By Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, Junkie XL, Andrew Kawczynski & Steve Mazzaroritten)

DaleyDays + Nights (February 11th, US R&B/Hip Hop #21)

  • Look Up (July 23) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Denitia & SeneThe Nude (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • The Nude (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

DJ QbertAscender (Music From The 5D Land Of Agartha) (Promo) (July 1st)

  • Ascender (Music From The 5D Land Of Agartha) feat. Chad Hugo & Tipsy

(Produced By DJ Qbert & Chad Hugo)

Ed SheeranX (June 20th, US 200 #1)

  • Runaway
  • Sing (April 7, UK #1)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

FabolousAlright (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Alright

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Went To Kendrick Lamar)

Fleetwood MacRhiannon (MSSL CMMND Remix) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Rhiannon (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Foster The PeopleSupermodel (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

FutureHonest (April 21, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • Move That Dope feat. Pharrell, Pusha T. & Casino (February 6, US Rap #7) (Single)

(Produced By Mike Will Made It, Recorded +2 Tracks) * [67]

GrandeMarshallNot Be Stopped (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Not Be Stopped

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Graph GonzalesHeartbreaker (Promo) (April 7th)

  • Heartbreaker (May 23) (Single)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Heart Breake Spiritus (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Heart Breake Spiritus (Chad Hugo Remix)

GraëHandle That (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Handle That

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Gwen StefaniPaddington OST (November 28th)

  • Shine feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Spark The Fire (Promo CDS) (December 1)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Hans Zimmer & The Magnificent SixThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Score (April 22nd, US Soundtracks #2)

  1. I'm Electro
  2. There He Is
  3. I'm Spider-Man
  4. My Enemy
  5. Ground Rules
  6. Look At Me
  7. Special Project
  8. You Need Me
  9. So Much Anger
  10. I'm Moving To England
  11. I'm Goblin
  12. Let Her Go
  13. You're My Boy
  14. I Need To Know
  15. Sum Total
  16. I Chose You
  17. We're Best Friends
  18. Still Crazy
  19. The Rest Of My Life
  20. You're That Spider Guy
  21. The Electro Suite
  22. Harry's Suite
  23. Cold War
  24. No Place Like Home

(All Tracks Composed By Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, Junkie XL, Andrew Kawczynski & Steve Mazzaroritten)

Hatsune MikuJellyfish Eyes OST (April 26th 2013)

  • Last Night, Good Night (Re-Dialed) (Pharrell Williams Remix) (May 13) (Single)

Jennifer HudsonJHUD (September 23rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

JHUD (Japan) (September 23rd, US R&B/Hip Hop #2)

  • Never Give It Up

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Jenny LewisHead Underwater (MSSL CMMND Remix) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Head Underwater (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Jessie JSweet Talker (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

JettaCrescendo (Promo CDS) (July 1)

  • Crescendo (July 1) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Kap GLike A Mexican (March 6th)

  • Cocaina Shawty feat. Fabolous (Mixtape Version)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Kid InkMy Own Lane (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Kid SisterDUSK2DAWN: The Diary Of Jane Jupiter (August 21)

  • Higher feat. Dâm-Funk (September 11) (Single)

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Kylie MinogueKiss Me Once (March 14, US Dance #3)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Kiss Me Once (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Winners

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Lee Harvey - A Lost Lee Harvey (EP) (Unreleased)

  • No Hard Feelings
  • Rebel
  • One Time
  • Walls
  • Wicked
  • Don't Come Back

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo) *

Little DragonKilling Me (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Killing Me (Chad Hugo Remix)

LIZThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST (April 22nd, US Soundtracks #2)

  • That's My Man

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

MadonnaBack That Up (Do It) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Back That Up (Do It) (Demo)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Major LazerApocalypse Soon (February 25)

(Produced By Boaz Van De Beatz)

Mansions On The MoonForgot Who I Am (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Forgot Who I Am

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Ted Wendler)

Mary J. BligeThink Like A Man Too OST (June 17th, US R&B/Hip Hop #6)

  • See That Boy Again feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Mike Einziger & Ann Marie SimpsonTil Everyone Can See (Promo) (June 11)

(Produced By Mike Einziger, Ann Marie Simpson, Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams & Travis Barker)

MSSL CMMNDBamboo (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Bamboo

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Need Not Wonder (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Need Not Wonder

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Nicki MinajThe Pinkprint (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

OmarionSex Playlist (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

One DirectionFour (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Cross My Heart feat. Pharrell * [72]

P. DiddySeptember 8 (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • September 8

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Paloma FaithA Perfect Contradiction (March 10th, UK #2)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

PassengerLet Her Go (MSSL CMMND Remix) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Let Her Go (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Pharrell WilliamsG I R L (March 3, US 200 #1)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

G I R L (Japan) (March 3rd, US 200 #1)

  • Smile

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Reincarnation OST (December 1)

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 OST (April 22nd, US Soundtracks #2)

  • Here

(Produced By Stephen Lipson, Pharrell Williams, Johnny Marr & Hans Zimmer)

Meet The Baes (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Meet The Baes

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Live At The Grammy's (December 4)

  • Please Come Home For Christmas

(Produced By Charles Brown)

UNIQLO (Promo) (Unreleased)


(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Pharrell Williams & Brad PaisleyGrammy Salute: The Beatles (February 15)

  • Here Comes The Sun

(Produced By George Harrison)

Pharrell Williams, DaNica Shirey & Luke WadeThe Voice Season 7 (November 25th)

(Louis Armstrong Cover, Produced By Bob Thiele)

Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton & Gwen StefaniThe Voice Season 7 (December 16th)

  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

(Produced By Judy Garland)

Red VelvetHappiness (Promo CDS) (August 3)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Will Simms)

Sage The GeminiGas Pedal (MSSL CMMND Remix) (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Gas Pedal feat. IAmSu! (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

Sam SmithStay With Me (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Stay With Me (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore)

ScHoolboy QOxymoron (February 25th, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

SpyMobSometimes It Doesn't Feel Right (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Sometimes It Doesn't Feel Right (MSSL CMMND & Keebz Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo, Daniel Biltmore & Keebz)

St. VincentDigital Witness (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Digital Witness (Chad Hugo Remix)

T.I.Paperwork (October 21st, US R&B/Hip Hop #1)

  • G' Shit feat. Jeezy & WatchTheDuck (January 28, 2015) (Single)
  • Light 'Em Up (RIP Doe B) feat. Pharrell & WatchTheDuck
  • Oh Yeah feat. Pharrell
  • Paperwork feat. Pharrell

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Trap Nigga Hustle (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Trap Nigga Hustle

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The Madden BrothersGreetings From California (September 12, AUS #1)

  • California Rain (September 12) (Single)
  • Good Gracious Abbey

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams)

TimbalandLive (Unreleased)

(Went To Snoop Dogg As 'So Many Pros')

UsherShe Came To Give It To You (Promo CDS) (July 8, US R&B/Hip Hop #11)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Kickin' It (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Kickin' It

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)


Adele - 25 (Studio Session)

  • Untitled **

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Didn't Make The Final Cut)

A Tribe Called Quest - People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths Of Rhythm (25th Anniversary Edition) (November 13th)

  • Bonita Applebum (Pharrell Williams Remix) *

Ana-ToleFor A Night (MSSL CMMND Remix) (Promo) (June 10)

  • For A Night (MSSL CMMND Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore as MSSL CMMND) * [73] OST (May 26)

  • Get Back Up

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [74]

AwreeohDOPE OST (June 15)

  • It's My Turn Now
  • Go Head
  • Don't Get Deleted (June 4) (Single)
  • Can't Bring Me Down

(All Tracks Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [75]

Bia - All Around The World (July 21)

  • All Around The World (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Studio Session (Unreleased)

  • Untitled *

Big SeanDark Sky Paradise (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Untitled

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [76]

What A Year (Promo)(December 31)

  • What A Year feat. Pharrell & Detail

(Produced By Bobby Johnson, Frank Dukes, Maneesh, Detail & Amaire Johnson)

BuddyDOPE OST (June 15)

  • New Money

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [77]

Busta Rhymes - Master Race (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Master Race *

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

The Return Of The Dragon: The Abstract Went On Vacation (December 25)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Cameron RaffertyManny OST (May 26)

  • Face Your Destiny (Manny Pacquiao Theme)
  • Face Your Destiny (Manny Pacquiao Theme) (Remix)

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo) * [78]

Chad HugoManny OST (May 26)

  • Media Day

(Produced By Chad Hugo, Rob Rivera & Sammy Asuncion) * [79]

OMG.. Moonbmz (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • OMG.. Moonbmz feat. Bob D Nicki's Adlibbers *

Chad Hugo & YardnoiseManny OST (May 26) * [80]

  • Unabashed (Michael Koncz Theme) (Produced By Chad Hugo, Rob Rivera & Lee Keebler)
  • Titanic March (De La Hoya Theme) (Produced By Chad Hugo)
  • Majestic (Bob Arum Theme) (Produced By Chad Hugo & Rob Rivera)

Charlie WilsonForever Charlie (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

D.A. WallachTime Machine (October 16)

  • Faded Blue *

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Far East MovementManny OST (May 26)

  • Mobbin'

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [82]

Francesco YatesChange The Channel (Promo CDS) (August 27)

  • Change The Channel (August 27) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [83]

Fugitive 9 - Landmines (Promo) (November 18)

  • Landmines *

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Gin Wigmore - Blood To Bone (Studio Session)

  • Untitled *

(Produced By Chad Hugo, Didn't Make The Final Cut)

GunplayLiving Legend (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Steel Drums feat. Pharrell
  • Untitled feat. Big Sean

(Recorded +1 Track, Produced By Pharrell Williams, Didn't Make The Final Cut) * [84]

Iamsu! & P-LoManny OST (May 26)

  • Can't Stop, Won't Stop

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [85]

Jamie FoxxHollywood: A Story Of A Dozen Roses (May 18)

  • Tease feat. Pharrell * [86]

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Kap GDOPE OST (June 15)

  • Cocaina Shawty

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [87]

Kendrick LamarTo Pimp A Butterfly (March 16)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Sounwave, Former Fabolous Track) * [89]

KennaSay Goodbye To Love (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Say Goodbye To Love (Sensual Seduction Remix)

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [90]

Kevin McCallSunflower (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Sunflower

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [91]

Koryn Hawthorne & Pharrell Williams - We Can Work It Out (Promo) (May 18)

  • We Can Work It Out (May 18) (Single)

(The Beatles Cover, Produced By George Martin)

Koryn HawthorneBright Fire (Promo) (May 18)

  • Bright Fire (May 18, US R&B Digital Songs #12) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [92]

Kris Lawrence & JNaturaLManny OST (May 26)

  • Champion

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [93]

Lion BabeWonder Woman (Promo) (March 18)

  • Wonder Woman feat. Pharrell (March 18) (Single)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [94]

LudacrisLudaversal (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

  • Chance To Win * [95]

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

MadonnaTake A Day (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Take A Day feat. Pharrell * [96]

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Take It Back (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Take It Back feat. Pharrell * [97]

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Maxine AshleySomeway, Somehow (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Someway, Somehow * [98]

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Studio Session (Unreleased)

  • Untitled (January 23rd) *

Meek Mill - Dreams Worth More Than Money (Studio Session)

  • Untitled *

(Produced By Pharrell Williams, Didn't Make The Final Cut)

Mia ZChild (Promo) (May 20)

  • Child (May 20) (Single)

(Produced by Pharrell Williams) * [99]

Mikky EkkoTime (Studio Session) (Unreleased)

Missy Elliott - WTF (Where They From) (Promo) (November 12)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

N*E*R*DThe SpongeBob Movie 2: Sponge Out Of Water OST (January 27)

  • Squeeze Me (January 5) (Single)
  • Sandy Squirrel * [101]
  • Patrick Star * [102]

Squeeze Me (Promo CDS) (January 5)

  • Squeeze Me (Alternate Version) * [103]

OverDozLast Kiss (Promo) (May 26)

  • Last Kiss (May 26) (Single)

(Produced by Pharrell Williams) * [104]

Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera & Blake SheltonAre You Gonna Go My Way (Promo) (Unreleased)

(Lenny Kravitz Cover, Produced By Lenny Kravitz) * [105]

Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine & Christina Aguilera - The Thrill Is Gone (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • The Thrill Is Gone

(B.B. King Cover, Produced By Bill Szymczyk)

Pharrell Williams, Sawyer Fredericks & Koryn HawthorneI Don't Want To Be (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • I Don't Want To Be

(Gavin DeGraw Cover, Produced By Mark Endert) * [106]

Pharrell WilliamsGIRL Tour (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • GIRL Tour (Intro) * [107]

(Produced by Pharrell Williams)

Freedom (Promo CDS) (June 30)

(Produced by Pharrell Williams)

Live In Leeds (Unreleased)

  • Able

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) * [109]

Battle For Big Blue (Promo) (Unreleased) *

  • Battle For Big Blue
  • Battle For Big Blue II

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Puff Daddy & The FamilyFinna Get Loose (Promo) (June 28)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Finna Get Loose (Promo) (August 6th)

  • Finna Get Loose feat. Pharrell (Video Version)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Studio Session (Unreleased)

  • Untitled *

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Pusha T - Darkest Before Dawn OST (Unreleased)

  • Switch feat. Pharrell *

Sawyer Fredericks & Pharrell Williams - Summer Breeze (Promo) (May 18)

  • Summer Breeze (May 18) (Single)

(Seals & Crofts Cover, Produced By Seals & Crofts)

SBManny OST (May 26)

  • All My People

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [111]

Snoop DoggBush (May 12) * [112]

  1. California Roll feat. Pharrell & Stevie Wonder (Produced By The Neptunes) (May 5, US R&B #15) (Single)
  2. This City feat. Charlie Wilson (Produced By The Neptunes)
  3. R U A Freak feat. Pharrell & Charlie Wilson (Produced By The Neptunes)
  4. Awake feat. Pharrell & Charlie Wilson (Produced By The Neptunes)
  5. So Many Pros feat. Pharrell & Charlie Wilson (April 14, FRA #169) (Single) (Produced By The Neptunes, Former Timbaland Track 'Been It')
  6. Peaches N Cream feat. Charlie Wilson (March 13, US Rhythmic #19) (Single) (Produced By Pharrell Williams, Contains Elements Of 'Feet Don't Fail Me Now')
  7. Edibles feat. T.I. (Produced By The Neptunes)
  8. I Knew That (Produced By Pharrell Williams)
  9. Run Away feat. Pharrell & Gwen Stefani (Produced By Pharrell Williams)
  10. I'm Ya Dogg feat. Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross & Charlie Wilson (Produced By Pharrell Williams)

Sunny MoonshineGreen Pastures (Crack Ballad) (Promo) (January 14)

  • Green Pastures (Crack Ballad) (Gabe Niles x Chad Hugo Edit) * [113]

(Produced By Chad Hugo & Gabe Niles)

The QuarryFrozen Hearts (Promo) (February 3)

  • Frozen Hearts (February 3) (Single) * [114]

(Produced By Chad Hugo)

Tove LoChase Mor Body Odor (Promo) (August 2)

(Produced By Chad Hugo) * [115]

Travi$ ScottRodeo (September 4)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams & Allen Ritter) * [116]

Tyler, The CreatorCherry Bomb (April 13)

  • Keep Da O's feat. Pharrell & Coco O.

(Produced By Tyler, The Creator) * [117]

Vince Staples - Summertime '06 (Studio Session)

  • Untitled *

(Produced By Chad Hugo, Didn't make The Final Cut)

WatchTheDuck - The Trojan Horse EP (November 20)

  • Stretch 2-3-4 feat. Pharrell (Single) (November 17)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams)


Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Dream Bigger (Promo) (May 3)

  • Dream Bigger feat. Pharrell (May 3) (Single)
  • Dream Bigger feat. Pharrell (Alternate)

(All Tracks Produced By Axwell Λ Ingrosso) *

A$AP Rocky - Hear Me (Promo) (January 27)

  • Hear Me feat. Pharrell

(Produced By Kinobeats & Miles Sloan) *

Cassius - Go Up (Promo)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) *

Chad Hugo - Friend Of Star Trek (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Friend Of Star Trek

(Produced By Chad Hugo) *

Frank Ocean - Blonde (August 20)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) *

Hannah Huston - I Call The Shots (Promo) (May 23)

  • I Call The Shots (Single) (May 23)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) *

J Balvin - Safari (June 23)

  • Safari feat. Pharrell, BIA & Sky

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) *

Kap G - El Southside (March 7)

  • Southside

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) *

Kenna - Sleep When We Die (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Sleep When We Die (Chad Hugo Remix) *

Kevin McCall - Rocketship Emoji (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • Rocketship Emoji

(Former Alicia Keys Song, Produced By Chad Hugo)*

Kirk Franklin - 123 Victory (Promo) (August 19)

  • 123 Victory feat. Pharrell (Remix)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) *

Little Big Town - Wanderlust (June 10)

  1. One Dance
  2. C'mon feat. Justin Timberlake
  3. One Of Those Days (Single) (May 24)
  4. Work
  5. Skinny Dippin'
  6. Willpower
  7. Miracle
  8. The Boat

(All Tracks Prodduced By Pharrell Williams)

Missy Elliott - Pep Rally (Promo) (February 8)

  • Pep Rally (Single) (February 8)

(Produced By Pharrell Williams) *

Mr. Len & Chad Hugo - I Live It (Promo) (Unreleased)

  • I Live It

(Produced By Mr. Len & Chad Hugo) *

Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine & Blake Shelton - The Voice Season 10

  • I Wish

(Stevie Wonder Cover) *

'Pharrell Williams, Daniel Passino & Hannah Huston (April 26)

  • Let Love Rule

(Produced By Lenny Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz Cover)

Pharrell Williams - Rules Of The Game (May 17) (Composed By Pharrell Williams)

B Is For Book (Promo) (June 29)

  • B Is For Book

(Produced By Questlove) *

Sawyer Fredericks - A Good Storm (May 13)

  • 4 Pockets (Pharrell Williams Mix) *

SG Lewis - Yours EP (August 19)

  • Meant To Be (Single) (August 16)

(Produced By Chad Hugo) *

The Quarry - So I Walked Out In The Rain (EP) (January 3)

  • So I Walked Out In The Rain
  • City Lights

(All Tracks Produced By Chad Hugo & Daniel Biltmore as MSSL CMMND) *

The Neptunes Singles[edit]

These are all releases by The Neptunes, released as a Single with or without an Official Music Video with credits by Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams or The Neptunes.




  • BLACKstreet – Tonight's The Night (US R&B/Hip Hop #27, August 26)



  • Keystone – If It Ain't Love (The Neptunes Remix)




















  • Missy Elliott - Pep Rally (February 8)
  • Axwell Λ Ingrosso - Dream Bigger (May 3)
  • Hannah Huston - I Call The Shots (May 23)
  • Little Big Town - One Of Those Days (May 24)
  • SG Lewis - Meant To Be (August 16)

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