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For the Columbus, Ohio, news publication, see The New Standard (newspaper).

The NewStandard (TNS) was an independent, nonprofit, ad-free news service. After nearly 3.5 years on line, The NewStandard discontinued publication on April 27, 2007.[1]

Publishing focus[edit]

TNS provided investigative journalism and current-events news coverage in three domestic US sections: Work & Money, Civil Liberties & Security, and Health & Environment.

In the tradition of populist reporting, The NewStandard provided coverage of national and international events, trends, and issues from a "bottom up" perspective. In doing so, The NewStandard continued a rich tradition that harkens back to journalism's roots: skeptical examination of political and socio-economic power systems while providing a voice to the voiceless in modern society.

Organizational structure[edit]

The organization's foundation rested on its management structure and financial model, both of which are unique among capitalist media, particularly in Western countries. The NewStandard was managed by PeoplesNetWorks, a collective operating within the principles of Participatory economics (parecon), yielding a news organization whose inherent values were "equity, solidarity, diversity, and participatory self-management," providing successful, real-world application of parecon theory.

Financial structure[edit]

Financial support came entirely from its readership, with strict guidelines driving interactions between donors and management and editors. No advertising was accepted under any conditions, resulting in a media company completely free of capitalistic profit motive. The NewStandard and PeoplesNetWorks operated in the public interest under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.


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