The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil

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The New Adventures of Beany and Cecil was a revival of Bob Clampett's Beany and Cecil. It was produced in 1988 by DIC Entertainment and Spümcø (which is the studio's first animated series). Only eight episodes were produced, five which aired during its original run. This incarnation of the show was produced and directed by John Kricfalusi.


ABC had been negotiating for the production of the show with the Clampett family, who insisted that John Kricfalusi would be part of the production. The long negotiations delayed the start of production to mid-July, causing much of the animation to be rushed in order to meet the September deadline. Tensions rose between Kricfalusi and ABC over the tone of the show, leading to an uncomfortable atmosphere for the show's crew. The more ABC strove to soften the show, the more Kricfalusi pushed for shocking and offensive material. The Clampett family were ultimately not very happy with the cartoon, but remained supportive of Kricfalusi.[1] ABC cancelled the show after a handful of episodes as they found the humor not suitable for children's programming.[2]


  1. Cecil Meets Clambo
  2. The Golden Menu
  3. The Brotherhood of B.L.E.C.H.
  4. DJ's Disappearing Act
  5. The Framed Freep
  6. The Bad Guy Flu
  7. Courtship of Cecilia
  8. Radio With a Bite


Additional voices[edit]


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