The New American Diet

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The New American Diet
New American Diet.jpg
Author Stephen Perrine with Heather Hurlock
Cover artist George Karabotsos
Country United States
Language English
Subject Nutrition
Publisher Rodale
Publication date
November 2009
Media type Print (Paperback)
ISBN 1-60529-464-0

The New American Diet (Rodale, 2009) is a diet book about the effects of "obesogens" on our bodies, and to propose a prescriptive diet plan to reverse what they call "The Obesogen Effect." Author Stephen Perrine (editor of Children's Health, editor-at-large of Men's Health, and former editor-in-chief of Best Life) and co-author Heather Hurlock (former health editor of Best Life) research and discuss the link between obesogens and the American obesity crisis, as well as increases in rates of diabetes, depression, heart disease, declining birth rates and sperm counts, and autism.

Obesogens were described as natural and artificial endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in the food and water supply.[1]


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