The New Deadwardians

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The New Deadwardians
Cover for the first issue
Publication information
Publisher Vertigo
Schedule Monthly
Format Limited series
Genre Zombies in comics,
Publication date March 2012 to October 2012
No. of issues 8
Creative team
Written by Dan Abnett
Artist(s) I.N.J. Culbard

The New Deadwardians is an eight issue comic book series by Dan Abnett with artwork by I.N.J. Culbard.[1] The series began publication in March 2012 by Vertigo. Abnett has stated that The New Deadwardians will span eight issues but that "We already have a very, very nice idea where we would go next with it, both in terns of the geopolitics of the world but a very specific other case for a second series".[2]


The comic follows Chief Inspector George Suttle as he attempts to solve crimes in a post-Victorian England where the upper classes are composed of vampires and the lower class of zombies and humans. As Suttle tries to get to the bottom of an upper-class citizen's murder, he discovers that there's more to this murder than meets the eye.


Common themes in the The New Deadwardians involve class relations as well as the women's rights movement as seen by suffragettes fighting for the right to become vampires on their own terms.[3]


Reception for The New Deadwardians has been overwhelmingly positive,[4][5] with Comic Book Resources calling it "inventive" and "unique".[6][7] The New Jersey On-Line and Shock Till You Drop praised the story line, with Shock Till You Drop writing that "with an end date in sight it only makes me more impatient for the next issue because I want to see what happens next".[8][9]

Crave Online commented that the series was "worth a look", but that while the artwork was bright and clean the characters' heads were occasionally misshapen.[10]

Collected editions[edit]

The series has been collected in the form of a trade paperback:


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