The New Islander

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The New Islander
New Islander logo md.gif
Editor Agnes Arnold-Forster
Categories Americana, Politics, International Affairs, Culture, Humor, Expression, Nostalgia, Literature, Poetry, Reporting, Lifestyle, News, Society, Travel, Art, People
Format Magazine
First issue Autumn, 2009
Company New Islander Media Inc.
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English

The New Islander is an American magazine of literature, politics, cultural commentary, and personal expression, based in New York City and published by New Islander Media Inc.[1] Founded by young writers and editors from the United States and United Kingdom, the magazine principally targets the intellectually diverse regional societies that make up both countries, placing particular emphasis on New York, London, New England and the Midwest. The New Islander's website has been praised for being "nostalgic and simple, yet still rich and sophisticated."[2]

The magazine's format is not that of a newsmagazine, but that of a lifestyle and literary publication, publishing not just fiction and poetry but also essays on news-related events, stories, and phenomena, in addition to pieces of political opinion and cultural commentary.


The New Islander debuted in beta on November 1, 2009, advertising itself as a new brand of American magazine. After two years of test publishing, the company suspended front-end operations. Since the Spring of 2011, the publication has pulled back to pre-alpha with an undisclosed launch date.

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