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The New Jersey Japanese School (ニュージャージー日本人学校 Nyūjājī Nihonjin Gakkō?, NJJS) is a Japanese school located in Oakland, New Jersey, United States in the New York City metropolitan area.[1] It is one of the two Japanese day schools operated by the Japanese Educational Institute of New York (JEI; ニューヨーク日本人教育審議会 Nyūyōku Nihonjin Kyōiku Shingi Kai), a nonprofit organization which also operates two Japanese weekend school systems in the New York City area.[2]

The school's students are Japanese expatriates. The goal of the school is to prepare them for the Japanese educational system when the students eventually return to Japan.[3]


The Japanese School of New York established a branch campus in New Jersey on April 1, 1992, with grades one through four. On April 1, 1999, the branch campus became its own school, The New Jersey Japanese School.[4]

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