The New Life (novel)

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The New Life
Yeni Hayat (Pamuk novel - 1994 cover).jpg
First edition (Turkish)
Author Orhan Pamuk
Original title Yeni Hayat
Translator Güneli Gün
Country Turkey
Language Turkish
Publisher Farrar Straus & Giroux
Publication date
Published in English
Pages 296
ISBN 978-0-374-22129-4
OCLC 35657984
894/.3533 20
LC Class PL248.P34 Y4613 1997

The New Life (Yeni Hayat in Turkish) is a 1994 novel by Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk, translated to English in 1998 by Güneli Gün.


The plot centers around a young engineering student in Istanbul who discovers a "new life" in the pages of a book of the same name. The protagonist is so thrilled by this novel that he sets off in search of the new life it describes, finding a number of other readers who have become similarly consumed as well as a few people who seek to destroy the book because of the effect it has on its followers. No passages from the book are revealed, and readers of the novel are left to hypothesize about its nature through the actions of the main character and other obsessed readers.

Comparisons to other writers[edit]

Pamuk's stream of consciousness writing style is reminiscent of Jack Kerouac's On the Road. His agitated, phantasmagorical prose style has been compared to Franz Kafka's body of work, too.The New Life has explored the Kafkaesque predicament and bewilderment of Osman in Istanbul, giving the story a universal 'light touch of Kafka'.