The New New Thing

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The New New Thing
A Silicon Valley Story
The new new thing -- book cover.jpg
Paperback edition
AuthorMichael Lewis
CountryUnited States
PublisherW. W. Norton & Company
Publication date
October 17, 1999
Media typePrint (Paperback)
Pages349 pp.

The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story is a book by Michael M. Lewis published in 1999 by W. W. Norton & Company.[1]


The book is written with a comedic touch similar to that of the Lewis's earlier book Liar's Poker. The book focuses on the founder of several Silicon Valley companies, James H. Clark, and the entrepreneurial culture that dominated the area during the height of the Internet boom.[2][3]


It was named one of the best books of 1999 by BusinessWeek,[citation needed] Christian Science Monitor,[citation needed] St. Louis Post-Dispatch,[citation needed] and The Industry Standard.[citation needed]


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