The New Prescription

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The New Prescription
The New Prescription.jpg
Studio album by Breed
Released August 24, 2004
Recorded 2002–2004
Genre Midwest hip hop, Gangsta rap, G-Funk
Label UMZ, Psychopathic Records
Producer Esham, G. Pierce, Ess Man, Lavel
Breed chronology
Chopped and Screwed
The New Prescription
The Mix Tape

The New Prescription is the 14th and final album by Breed. Released in 2004, it was Breed's final album, and the only release by UMZ Entertainment, a subsidiary of Psychopathic Records.



Breed signed to UMZ Entertainment after leaving Fharmacy Recordings. UMZ was founded by Alex Abbiss as a subsidiary of Psychopathic Records, a label founded by Abbiss and Insane Clown Posse. Abbiss wanted to release music intended for a wider audience than ICP's Juggalo fanbase.[1] Regarding Breed, ICP member and label chairman Joseph Bruce stated, "It’s just a business relationship that turned friends. We’re not doing anything with him in the future that we know of as far as tours or anything like that. He’s just doing his thing. His record is a great record."[1]


Breed recorded The New Prescription with production by Psychopathic artist Esham, Psychopathic-affiliated rapper Lavel, and non-affiliated producers Ess Man and G. Piece. The album's songs were engineered, mixed, and arranged by Psychopathic producers Fritz the Cat, J. Hicks and Esham.[2] "Gotta Go" featured vocals by singer Tobi, while "Roll" featured a guest rap verse by Esham.[2]


"Rap Game" was released as a promo single, and a music video was produced, featuring an appearance by Tech N9ne in the video.[3]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "Intro" Esham and Lavel 0:40
2. "Breed (Let Me Hear Ya Say!)" G. Pierce 3:40
3. "Roll Wit Me (Niggaz & Bitches)" Ess Man 3:25
4. "Rap Game" Ess Man 2:59
5. "One Two" Ess Man 2:58
6. "Outta My Mind" G. Pierce 3:33
7. "Truth" Ess Man 3:32
8. "For the People" G. Pierce 3:45
9. "4 Cheese" G. Pierce 4:10
10. "Popcorn Popper" Ess Man 3:20
11. "I'm 2 Dope" Ess Man 3:40
12. "Gotta Go" (featuring Tobi) G. Pierce 5:00
13. "Frontin" G. Pierce 3:26
14. "Roll" (featuring Esham) Ess Man 3:55
15. "Outro"   0:26
Total length: 48:24


  • Breed  – vocals, lyrics
  • Tobi  – guest vocals
  • Esham  – guest vocals, production, mixing, engineering, arrangement
  • Lavel  – skit vocals, production
  • G. Pierce  – production
  • Ess Man  – production
  • Fritz the Cat  – engineering, mixing, arrangement
  • J. Hicks  – engineering, mixing, arrangement