The New Times (magazine)

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The New Times
New times 1959.jpg
Cover of the magazine issued on 24 April 1959
EditorYevgenia Albats
Categoriesnews and political magazine
Year founded1943
CountryUSSR, Russia
Based inMoscow
Video podcast studio of The New Times, 2008

The New Times (Russian: Новое Время) is a Russian language magazine in Russia.[1] The magazine was founded in 1943.[2] The current version, established in 1988,[citation needed], is a liberal, independent Russian weekly news magazine, publishing for Russia and Armenia. (During the Soviet times it was a multi-language political magazine which followed the official party line.) Its chief editor is Russian investigative journalist, political scientist, writer and radio host Yevgenia Albats.[3]

The magazine contains articles on politics, economics, social life and journalist investigations. Columnists provide the readers with their opinions regarding recent news and events.

After an interview of Yevgenia Albats with opposition politician Alexei Navalny, aired on Echo of Moscow, The New Times faced an basically illegal formal 22 million Ruble fine in October 2018.[4] The fine amount (almost $370,000) was crowd-funded in four days[5].


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