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The New York Enterprise Report or "' NY Report"' is a media company based in New York City, New York. The company is founded on the belief that all business owners should have access to the expertise that will help them grow their companies. The business caters to entrepreneurs and executives who constantly seek better ways to operate and grow. Through NY Report’s multi-media platforms, they provide their readers with access to knowledge from experts and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs.The publication mainly covers local small businesses, that are located within the Greater New York Area. The magazine uses expert-written news articles, tips, advice and other helpful resources to help small business owners expand their company. The New York Enterprise Report puts out a monthly publication as well as publishes daily articles and interviews on their website to help people grow their businesses.[1]


The New York Enterprise Report holds dozens of highly acclaimed business events and conferences throughout the year. Some of their major, flagship events include The Small Business Awards, which honors the achievements and accomplishments of small businesses throughout the tri-state area, and The Best Accountants & Attorneys for Privately Held Companies, which recognizes the tri-state area’s top business advisors.


Winners of the July 2012 Issue of 10 Great Entrepreneurial Places to Work include: BAM Architecture Studio, Alexander Interactive (Ai), AC Lion, Infinia Group, TradingScreen, Conversation, Arkadium, OperationsInc, Blue Fountain Media and Applico.[2]


The magazine was owned by RSL Media LLC. RSL Media LLC. is a company that specializes supplying articles written by business experts to business publications. These articles are often aimed at equipping small and midsize businesses with the intel needed to expand their firms. The company was founded in 2003 by Robert Levin. Every year, the firm saves thousands of dollars for small businesses, by providing advice for those wanting to grow their business. The magazine was recently bought by SmartCEO and is now SmartCEO magazine.


Founder, editor-in-chief and publisher, Robert Levin, employed a staff that includes general manager Angela Geller, executive editor Daria Meoli, associate editor Michelle Court, art director Tony Gamino, marketing manager James Linney, sales director Amy Mancuso, business development manager Hilary Whidden, and production consultant Rosemary P. Sullivan. Their staff has many years of servitude in the magazine and newspaper industry. The magazine and website have hundreds of contributing authors, all of whom are business experts for the publication.


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