The Newark Targum

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The Newark Targum
Type Weekly student newspaper
Format Tabloid
Publisher Targum Publishing Company
Editor Rohan Mathew
Founded 2006
Headquarters 126 College Ave. Suite 431
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

The Newark Targum is a weekly student newspaper published by the TargumPublishing Company for the student population of the Newark campus of Rutgers University. It is a weekly paper, with a circulation of 5,000 copies, printed each Wednesday during the academic year. It exists as a bi-fold tabloid-sized newspaper, similar to the Daily Targum the daily newspaper at Rutgers University published since 1869 on the university's main campus in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

'The Newark Targum strives to provide Rutgers–Newark students with the most in-depth, accurate news reporting on campus.

The content of The Newark Targum is generated largely by student editors and reporters based at the Rutgers–Newark campus and at Rutgers' main campus in New Brunswick. Some content is shared between The Newark Targum and the Daily Targum, especially with regards to issues relevant to the university community. The Newark Targum also prints content from The Associated Press, most notably on page 2 in the World Briefs column and occasionally in the sports section.


The first issue of The Newark Targum was printed on February 15, 2006. Mid-fall semester 2005 an e-mail was sent to business manager Brad Whitson asking for The Daily Targum to be delivered to the Rutgers–Newark campus. From that e-mail a discussion between Whitson and editor-in-chief Nick Sevilis ensued, first focused on the logistics of transporting the daily paper to Newark from New Brunswick, and ending with a discussion of the logistics of creating a second newspaper with Rutgers–Newark as its main focus. Though little stock was placed in such a grand plan by either person, planning moved ahead swiftly as little resistance was met in the form of financial constraints by the printing and delivery companies. Promising too was the positive reaction from Rutgers–Newark students and administration. With a tentative budget set, the four student executives went to the company's Board of Trustees, which approved a test run of four issues. The paper received approval to continue printing until the end of the Fall 2006 semester, when it was discontinued.

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