The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College

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The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College is a guide published annually by the Cardinal Newman Society to assist students in choosing a Catholic college or university. It includes a list of Catholic institutions of higher education selected for their adherence to Catholic teaching and commitment to higher education.[1][2] The guide seeks to include schools which comport with the principles of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.[3]

First published in 2007, the Guide identifies 20 of the 197 Catholic colleges in the United States, as well as seven colleges and universities abroad and online where, in the Society's view, "students can reasonably expect a faithful Catholic education and a campus culture that generally upholds the values taught in their homes and parishes."

The Guide claims "to show students where they can learn and grow in a genuine Catholic environment without the nonsense that has overtaken even some of the most well-known Catholic universities."[4] Not all recommended colleges are accredited,[5] and the criteria for recommendation includes whether or not the Tridentine Mass is offered on campus.[6]

The Newman Guide is published both in printed book form and online. The Guide's website includes all of the information for free.

Selected institutions[edit]


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