The Newry Highwayman

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"The Newry Highwayman" is a traditional Irish or British folk song about a criminal's life, deeds, and death. It is also found in Ireland, the USA and Canada with titles such as "Rambling Boy" and "Rude And Rambling Man". The earliest known broadside is from about 1830 (Bodleian Harding B 25(2054)). Some versions mention "Mansfield" and this is sometimes taken to be William Murray, first Earl of Mansfield (1706-1793). British variants are generally classified as Roud 490; American variants are classified as Laws L12.

Other titles for this song include:

  • Wild and Wicked Youth
  • The Flash Lad
  • In Newry Town
  • Newlyn Town
  • The Rambling Boy
  • The Roving Blade
  • Adieu Adieu


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