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The Next Hit is a 2008 mystery-suspense thriller written by David Garvin and directed by Antwan Smith. It had a limited release on August 28, 2008 and given an R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America for language and violence. The movie runs 98 minutes in length, and was filmed in Miami, Florida.


"The Next Hit" is a mystery suspense thriller about a record company that takes an unorthodox approach to boosting sales; which is to put out a 'hit' on their marquee talent's life with hopes of creating a multi-platinum recording legend.

After a long slump of declining record sales, Super Starr Records' luck ironically takes an upturn when their marquee rap artist is murdered during some major music industry feuds. Record sales hit the roof but the death seems to be a mystery to everyone. Though the killers have done a great job covering up their tracks, a loose end emerges as the dead rapper's label mate, Rodson Gray is suspected of knowing information that can expose the culprits. When several attempts are made on Rod's life his popularity increases resulting in more sales for Super Starr Records. While the fame makes it hard to hide, Rod and his girlfriend Ana are forced on a wild run for their lives. The plot thickens when Rodson discovers that Ana and Super Starr Records were actually in on the ploy from the start.[1]


Rod Ball plays the role of the ER Doctor, Craig Bonaventura as the Hit Man, Vanessa Cruz as Dawn, Fredro Starr as Rodson Gray, Roxe Karvell aka T-Drop as T.Baby, Lark Voorhies as Ana Smith, Simeon Anderson as Nas-tee, and Flo Rida, Rick Ross, and Della Savoury playing themselves.


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