The Night Heaven Fell

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The Night Heaven Fell (Les Bijoutiers du claire de lune)
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Roger Vadim
Produced by Raoul Lévy
Written by Roger Vadim
Jacques Rémy
Starring Brigitte Bardot
Stephen Boyd
Alida Valli
Fernando Rey
Pepe Nieto
Music by Georges Auric
Cinematography Armand Thirard
Release dates
April 16, 1958 (France)
October 21, 1958 (U.S.)
Running time
93 minutes
Country France
Language French
Box office 2,134,822 admissions (France)[1]

The Night Heaven Fell (Les bijoutiers du claire de lune) is a 1958 French-Italian film directed by Roger Vadim. Vadim had already acquired international fame with his daring debut And God Created Woman (1956). Like its predecessor, The Night Heaven Fell explored the exuberant sensuality of Brigitte Bardot, who was Vadim's wife at the time.


Set in rural Spain, Bardot plays Ursula, a young girl who has just left a convent and has moved in with her aunt Florentine and her violent husband, the count Ribera. Ribera wants to see Lambert, a young man from the village, dead. Ursula quickly falls in love with Lambert. In a confrontation between the two, Lambert kills Ribera in self-defence.

The reason for the conflict soon becomes clear to Ursula: he was having an affair with her aunt. However, when Florentine discovers her lover has no intention of making any commitment to her, she refuses to confirm Lambert's alibi to the police and forces him into becoming a fugitive. Ursula, always impulsive, runs off with him and together they seek a way to get him safely out of the country.


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