Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

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Night Is Short, Walk On Girl
The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl poster.jpeg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Masaaki Yuasa
Produced by Kōji Yamamoto
Noriko Ozaki
Junnosuke Itō
Screenplay by Makoto Ueda
Based on Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome
by Tomihiko Morimi
Starring Gen Hoshino
Kana Hanazawa
Music by Michiru Ōshima
Cinematography Batiste Perron
Edited by Akari Saitō
Science Saru
Distributed by Toho
Release date
  • April 7, 2017 (2017-04-07)
Running time
92 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Box office ¥530million(Japan)

Night Is Short, Walk On Girl (夜は短し歩けよ乙女 Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome; alternately titled The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl in North America), is a Japanese animated romantic comedy film directed by Masaaki Yuasa.[1] The film is based on the novel of the same name written by Tomihiko Morimi and illustrated by Yūsuke Nakamura, who also serves as the film's original character designer.

The film is a spiritual sequel to The Tatami Galaxy, also based on a a novel written by Morimi and adapted by Yuasa. Though both works share a Kyoto University setting and some characters, the plotlines are largely unrelated.[2]


The film follows a night out for two university students: an unnamed woman (referred to as "kouhai" or "junior" throughout the film, and "The Girl with Black Hair" in the film's credits) and an unnamed man (referred to as "senpai" or "senior" in the film and its credits.) The senpai plans to confess his romantic feelings for the kouhai to her that night, though circumstances keep them separated for a majority of the evening.

The kouhai meets a pervert, Todo, at a bar. She wins the admiration of two other patrons, Higuchi and Hanuki, after punching Todo when he makes an advance on her. Higuchi and Hanuki lead the kouhai in gate crashing strangers' parties, where she drinks an impressive amount of alcohol. She later participates in a drinking game with Rihaku, a supernatural being, and wins.

Meanwhile, the senpai undertakes a number of adventures to find a copy of Ratatatam, a beloved book from the kouhai's childhood. After obtaining the book, he learns that she is to play the lead in the final scene of a guerilla theatre production. He attempts to replace the male lead in the scene, but is unsuccessful. Having caught a cold, the senpai returns home.

The kouhai visits the companions she has met throughout the night, all of whom have caught the same cold as the senpai, and nurses them back to health. Her final visit is to the senpai, who gives her the copy of Ratatatam and suggests visiting a used bookstore together, to which she enthusiastically assents. The film ends with the two meeting for coffee before going to the bookstore.


Characters Voice actor [3]
Senior Gen Hoshino
The Girl with Black Hair Kana Hanazawa
The School Festival Executive Head Hiroshi Kamiya
The Underpants Leader Ryuji Akiyama
Seitarō Higuchi Kazuya Nakai
Hanuki-san Yūko Kaida
The God of the Old Books Market Hiroyuki Yoshino
Kiko-san Seiko Niizuma
Nise-Jōgasaki Junichi Suwabe
Princess Daruma Aoi Yūki
Johnny Nobuyuki Hiyama
Tōdō-san Kazuhiro Yamaji
Ri Haku Mugihito


The film was made by the staff of The Tatami Galaxy.

The band Asian Kung-Fu Generation performed the theme song "Kōya o Aruke" (荒野を歩け, lit. "Walk in the wilderness").[4]

To promote the film's release in South Korea, the Korean band Romantic Punch were employed to create an image song, "Moonwalk in Kyoto" (밤은 짧아 걸어 아가씨야) (the Korean title of the song is the same as that of the novel and film).[5][6]


Night Is Short, Walk On Girl was released in Japan on April 7, 2017. Internationally, the film was released by Anime Limited in the United Kingdom on October 4, 2017,[7] and by GKIDS in the United States on August 21, 2018, where it was titled The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl.[8] Rights to the English-language edition of the original novelization have been acquired by Yen Press.[9]


Critical reception[edit]

On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 92% based on 13 reviews with an average rating of 6.7/10.[10]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Award Category Nominee Result
41st Ottawa International Animation Festival Best Animated Feature The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl Won
50th Sitges Film Festival Best Animated Film Nominated
41st Japan Academy Prize Animation of the Year Won


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