The Night Sky

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"The Night Sky"
Keane - The Night Sky.jpg
Single by Keane
B-side "Under Pressure"
"Put It Behind You" (Ffrisco mix)
Released 29 October 2007
Format 7", CD, USB
Recorded Heliocentric Studios
Genre Alternative rock
Length 5:03
Label Island
Producer(s) Keane
Andy Green
Keane singles chronology
"A Bad Dream"
"The Night Sky"
"A Bad Dream"
"The Night Sky"

"The Night Sky" is a song written and performed by English rock band Keane. The song was released as a one-off charity single released by the band in aid of War Child. It was released as a download on 22 October and then a physical release on Island Records on 29 October. It was also released in USB format, and was the third of Keane's singles to be released in this format.

The single was controversially deemed ineligible for the UK singles chart, due to the 7" vinyl containing a free poster; in the UK these are seen as 'free gifts', thus making any vinyl singles containing prints disqualified from the charts. A competition was run with the single's release, to win a programme guide, signed by all the artists who played at War Child's charity concert in Brixton Academy. This also rendered it ineligible, as it is deemed an incentive for those who would not under other circumstances have bought the single. Selling the single under USB format was also believed to be the reason for its disqualification from the charts as the charts do not recognize single sales released under the USB format which several Keane singles have been released under.

In Mexico, rather than "The Night Sky", the single's B-side "Under Pressure" has been broadcast as an A-side following the song's popularity and its previous release by BBC Radio 1.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "The Night Sky" – 5:05
  2. "Under Pressure" – 3:54
  3. "Put It Behind You" (Ffrisco Mix) – 5:44

Limited 7" (with free print)

  1. "The Night Sky"
  2. "Under Pressure"

USB Release

  1. "The Night Sky"
  2. "Under Pressure"
  3. "Put It Behind You" (Ffrisco Mix)


  1. "The Night Sky" (Radio Edit) – 3:27
  2. "The Night Sky" – 5:03
  3. "Under Pressure" – 3:50
  4. "Put It Behind You" (Ffrisco Mix) – 5:43
  5. "The Night Sky" (Demo) – 4:24

Information about song[edit]

The song is written from a child's point of view on war, thus the support for the foundation. It was composed by pianist Tim Rice-Oxley in late 2005 and the song was meant to be included on Under the Iron Sea, the band's second album but was replaced on the definite track list on 14 March 2006.


Under Pressure[edit]

The song is a cover of 1981 David Bowie and Queen's classic single "Under Pressure", for Radio 1's 40th anniversary. It was also included on the Radio 1: Established 1967 CD released on 1 October.
In this cover, singer Tom Chaplin reaches the highest tone achieved by him in a recording (A5) holding the note four seconds more than Freddie Mercury on Queen's original version.

Technical information on songs[edit]

Song Length Tempo Key Time signature Genre
"The Night Sky" 5:03 72bpm A (La major) 4/4 Power ballad
"Under Pressure" 3:50 95bpm D (Re major) 4/4 on 8 beats Rock
"Put It Behind You" (Ffrisco mix) 5:43 138bpm C (Do major) 4/4 Electronica

Release history[edit]

Country Date Track
United Kingdom 29 October 2007 "The Night Sky"
Mexico 16 November 2007 "Under Pressure"
20 July 2008 "The Night Sky"

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