The Night That Will Not Die

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The Night That Will Not Die is the second live album with British heavy metal singer Blaze Bayley. It was released on 30 October 2009 and is a 2-CD set containing 21 songs, all recorded on 13 December 2008 at the Z7 concert in Pratteln, Switzerland.[1] It is also the second Live DVD.


  • 01.The Man Who Would Not Die
  • 02.Blackmailer
  • 03.Smile Back At Death
  • 04.Alive
  • 05.Identity
  • 06.Kill & Destroy
  • 07.Ghost In The Machine
  • 08.Ten Seconds
  • 09.Futureal
  • 10.The Launch (discarded in DVD)
  • 11.Lord Of Flies
  • 12.Leap Of Faith
  • 13.Edge Of Darkness
  • 14.Crack In The System
  • 15.Voices From The Past
  • 16.Stare At The Sun
  • 17.Born As A Stranger
  • 18.Man On The Edge
  • 19.While You Were Gone
  • 20.Samurai
  • 21.Robot


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