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The Nighttime Clap was a sketch-comedy show on the cable channel Fuse TV. Alison Becker and Sean Hart hosted the show, and Dominic Dierkes and Billy Eichner were field reporters. The show studied and parodied current happenings in pop culture and music. The show was cancelled after its initial run due to poor ratings.


The Nighttime Clap consisted of a series of eclectic sketches and field reports related to current trends in popular music. Several bands appeared on the show, including Electric Six and Thursday.


  • Sean Hart: Host
  • Alison Becker: Host
  • Dominic Dierkes: Correspondent
  • Billy Eichner: Correspondent
  • Kristen Schaal: Correspondent
  • Sue Galloway: Various
  • Julie Brister: CD Psychic

Recurring segments[edit]

  • Existential iPod
  • Billy Eichner Reports
  • This Week in Masturbation
  • Concert interviews
  • What's Stuck in Rick Rubin's Beard?
  • 1950s Housewives
  • Goth/Industrial/Emo Chick
  • Band Interviews
  • A Guide to Williamsburg
  • Manhattan Tour
  • Varsity Interpretive Dance Squad


  • Aaron Bergeron
  • Brock Mahan
  • Matt O'Brien
  • Matthew Pack

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