The Nobody

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The Nobody
Date 2009
Page count 144 pages
Publisher Vertigo
Creative team
Writers Jeff Lemire
Artists Jeff Lemire
Pencillers Jeff Lemire
Letterers Sean Konot
Colourists Jeff Lemire
Original publication
Date of publication July 7, 2009
ISBN 1401220800

The Nobody is the first graphic novel by Eisner-nominated cartoonist Jeff Lemire that was published by Vertigo Comics, an imprint of DC Comics. It is a story inspired by the H.G. Wells novel The Invisible Man and recasts the iconic bandaged stranger as a modern day drifter. His presence in a small-town American fishing village creates a frenzy that unwraps and exposes the scarred underside to their own secrets.


  • Victoria "Vickie": primary narrator, only friend of John Griffen
  • John Griffen: main character, resembles "The Invisible Man" by H.G. Wells
  • "Reg" Reggie: Vickie's father
  • Mrs. June Jacques: inn keeper
  • Teddy "Henfrey": paranoid old man, first met at King's Tavern
  • Bill: bartender at King's Tavern
  • "Millie" Jeffers: waitress King's Tavern
  • Jack "Jeffers": Millie's husband
  • Mr. Tommy Marvel: old man by the lake and owner of Howie
  • Howie: the dog
  • Deputy Ayde: lawman
  • John "Kemp": Griffen's partner in Chicago
  • "HER": lady in Griffen's visions
  • Anna: Vickie's alibi friend

Allusions to "The Invisible Man"[edit]

  • Both "Invisible men" stayed at an inn in a small town.
  • Both "Invisible men" stirred curiosity and fear within the inhabitants of the town.
  • The Invisible Man was only known as "Griffin", while the main character in The Nobody was named John "Griffen".
  • Dr. Kemp in The Invisible Man was the partner to "Griffin". The Nobody has a John "Kemp" serving a similar role.
  • In The Invisible Man the law enforcers name was Colonel Adye and in the Nobody he was simply Deputy Ayde.
  • Both books have a "Mr. Marvel" (Thomas Marvel and Tommy Marvel), both serve different purposes.
  • Both "Invisible men" are shot to flee badly injured.
  • Both "Invisible men" violently beat their "Kemp" and a police officer (Ayde)
  • The invisibility wears out when the person who is invisible dies.