The Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby

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Norfolk Brawds
League logo
Metro area Norwich
Country United Kingdom
Founded 2010
Track type(s) Flat
Affiliations UKRDA WFTDA

The Norfolk Brawds (NBRD) are a UK Roller Derby team based in Norwich, Norfolk and were the first Roller Derby team to form within the county. The Norfolk Brawds are a member of the UKRDA[1] and skate women's flat track Roller Derby to the women's flat track derby WFTDA rules set.

Brother team to the Norfolk Brawds are the East Anglo Smacksons, who commenced their training in 2012, competing in their first bout in early 2013. A Norfolk Roller Derby B team has existed since 2015 and are known are The Black Shucks.

Team history[edit]

The league was formed in 2010 and is entirely owned and run democratically by its members. The Norfolk Brawds competed their first full season of bouting in 2012 and in January 2012 the team were pleased to announce their first major sponsor, local Norfolk rock stars The Darkness.[2]

On 4 August 2012 The Norfolk Brawds held their first "open door" home event at the UEA Sportspark in Norwich Norfolk [3]

2013 holds an excited year for the team as they play their first competitive championship making their debut in The Heartland Series.

Bout history[edit]

The Brawds first complete season of bouting was in 2012. Below is a list of open and closed door interleague bouts played by the team.

Date NBRD Team Opposing Team Score
11 May 2011 NBRD Travel Team Seaside Siren Roller Girls 23-188
19 May 2012 NBRD Travel Team Dolly Rockit Rollers - Raggy Dollz B 58-271
3 June 2012 NBRD Travel Team Hertfordshire Roller Derby - Hell's Belles Roller Girls 230-59
1 May 2012 NBRD Travel Team Seaside Siren Roller Girls - Heartless Beaches B 182-141
4 August 2012 NBRD Travel Team Romsey Town Rollerbillies - Travel Team A 55-288
2 September 2012 NBRD Travel Team Middlesbrough Milk Rollers - Travel Team B 196-124
7 October 2012 NBRD Travel Team Surrey Rollergirls - Travel Team A 286-128
11 November 2012 NBRD Travel Team Bristol Roller Derby - Harbour Harlots B 153-244
9 February 2013 NBRD Travel Team Bedfordshire Roller Girls 143-120
23 March 2013 NBRD Travel Team Birmingham Blitz Dames tba
11 May 2013 NBRD Travel Team Northampton Roller Derby Vendetta Vixens tba



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