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TNT-The Northeast Today
Categories Current Affairs
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 70000
Publisher Kirit Pradyot Deb Burman
First issue August 2007
Company Manikya Prints and Works.
Country India
Language English

The magazine TNT-The Northeast Today, was launched by Kirit Pradyot Deb Burman[clarification needed] (also known as P.B.K.Manikya) in August 2007. The monthly estimated circulation of the magazine is 70,000 making them one of the largest selling magazine in the Northeast market. The magazine is known for its all-round coverage, and primarily covers politics, sports, cuisine, lifestyle, health, environment, science, and travel. The name of the magazine is still under trademark controversy with one of the publications based out of Noida named Northeast Today Magazine which was launched in 2011, four years after the launch of TNT- The Northeast Today magazine.[1]


The magazine states that it has no political bias and also that it is equidistant from all political parties. Though lately it has been seen that its stand for the cause of Tibet and against the Maoist movement has been very critical and vocal. The magazine has also been seen as very supportive for the human rights and large-scale displacement of indigenous people for large projects. The stand for forest bill rights is also very much evident in the magazine. Recently the magazine was a partner in the Mega Quiz organised by which encourages participants to know about local knowledge along with the happening the world over. The Northeast Today aptly puts it as "a journey within for the search of knowledge".[citation needed]


The Northeast Today, or TNT as it is popularly known, has been involved in a lot of youth activities, such as quiz, debates and seminars, largely because it has a large student and youth base. It is estimated that almost 75% of the readers are under the age of 35.[citation needed]

The magazine has also co-partnered a musical show, Eric Martin The magazine was also part of the huge popular White Lion/FireHouse show that attracted over 42,000 fans is Shillong in December 2008.[citation needed]


The magazine aims to see that the Northeast region is taken at oar in the national level, not only politically but at all levels. The magazine is also one of the youngest in terms of age with the average age of 28 years in the editorial board. The magazine is for the people of northeast by the people who actually reside and live day to day.[citation needed]


  • Pradyot Manikya Deb Burman[clarification needed] - Editor in Chief /Owner/ Publisher
  • Managing Editor
    • Priya Konthoujam
  • Assistant Associate Editor
    • Nawaz Yasin Islam
  • Bureau Chief
  • Sub-Editors/Reporters
    • Christopher Gatpoh
    • Tutu Imchen
    • Shynna Kharmawphlang
    • Shilajit Kar Bhowmick
    • Priyanka Deb Burman
    • Ambia Zahan
    • Kausav Baruah
    • Zodin Sanga
  • Graphic and Layout Artist
    • Bah Phop
    • Uttam Sarkar-Circulation-In-Charge (Tripura)


The current circulation is estimated at about 70,000 magazines per month thereby making it one of the most popular magazines from northeast India.[citation needed]