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The Norwegian Academy of Literature and Freedom of Expression (Det Norske Akademi for Litteratur og Ytringsfrihet) is a Norwegian institution, founded by the poet Knut Ødegård in 2003, and also called Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson-Akademiet. Its objective is to promote understanding of cultures other than our own and for literary free speech. The membership includes Norwegian and foreign scholars, authors, politicians and journalists. The organization's 2016 President is Kristenn Einarsson.

The Bjørnson Prize[edit]

The association annually awards the international (Bjørnsonprisen) which includes a cash award of 100,000 kroner (approximately €12,500).

Recipients of the award:

The prize ceremony is held in the autumn in conjunction with the annual seminar held at the historic Bjørnson house in Molde.

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