The Nosebleed Section

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"The Nosebleed Section"
Single by Hilltop Hoods
from the album The Calling
Released 2004
Format Radio
Genre Australian hip hop
Length 3:40
Label Obese Records
Writer(s) Matthew David Lambert, Daniel Howe Smith, Barry John M. Francis (DJ Debris), Melanie Safka
Producer(s) Hilltop Hoods
Hilltop Hoods singles chronology
"Dumb Enough"
"The Nosebleed Section"
"Clown Prince"

"The Nosebleed Section" is a song by the Australian hip hop music group Hilltop Hoods. It was a radio single from their 2003 album The Calling. In the Triple J Hottest 100, 2003 it placed at Number 9,[1] in 2009 it was voted Number 17 in the Hottest 100 of All Time and in 2013 it was voted Number 4 in the Hottest 100 of the Past 20 Years, making it the highest placed Australian song and the highest placed hip-hop song in both countdowns as well as the highest placed song from the 21st century in the former, despite never being released as a physical single.[2][3] It is one of their best-known songs and was a radio hit in 2004, even appearing on the Channel 9 police drama Stingers,[4] but it was not an ARIAnet chart hit, which they did not attain until 2006 when they released "Clown Prince".

The lyrics of the song deal with upbeat themes of parties, concerts, good times and living the high life involved in an MC's career.

That was definitely a turning point for us. When Triple J started playing it, that was our break. We started getting a lot of festival gigs, show offers, stuff like that.

The chorus and backing beat of "The Nosebleed Section" are sampled from the song "The People in the Front Row" sung by Melanie Safka.[6] Pieces of this song are continually inserted into "The Nosebleed Section".

You know, I looked around for faces I'd know,
I fell in love with the people in the front row, oh ho...
...Put me here, and I'm all yours,
It's not for the money and it's not for the applause, no.

The song includes lyrics from the Powderfinger song "These Days", sung in tune by the band rather than sampled.

This life turned out nothing like I had planned.


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