The O'Sullivan Twins

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The O'Sullivan Twins
First edition
Author Enid Blyton
Illustrator W. Lindsay Cable
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series St. Clare's
Subject Boarding, Classic
Publisher Methuen
Publication date
Preceded by The Twins at St. Clare's
Followed by Summer Term at St. Clare's

The O'Sullivan Twins is the second in the St. Clare's series of children's novels by Enid Blyton. It was first published in 1942.

Plot summary[edit]

The newly sensible Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan depart for their second term at St Clare's, with their Cousin Alison joining them. Alison's character is airheaded and ditzy, but she is basically a decent and kind-hearted person.

Other new characters include Lucy Oriell and Margery Fenworthy. Lucy is the archetypal school story girl — bright, kind and popular — although she is portrayed well, without the one-dimensional flatness this type of character can often have. Her father is a painter and Lucy herself is a talented artist. Margery is sulky, sullen, rude, antisocial and the other girls suspect she is older than them, nearer to sixteen years old.

Events include a midnight tea party for second former Tessie, which is discovered by Mamzelle through the machinations of another second former, Erica. Erica causes trouble for the first and second formers throughout the year, and is finally trapped in a fire which results in a thrilling rescue by Margery, who becomes a heroine. Lucy's father is involved in an accident rendering him unable to paint, and therefore unable to pay St Clare's school fees, but she is helped by the twins and her new friend, Margery. There is also excitement when Janet puts beetles into Mamzelle's spectacle case and then the girls pretend they can't see them, leaving Mamzelle to believe she is going mad.

Characters in this book;

  • Pat O'Sullivan
  • Isabel O'Sullivan
  • Alison O'Sullivan
  • Margery
  • Lucy
  • Tessie
  • Nora
  • Erica (antagonist)
  • Winifred James
  • Belinda Towers
  • Hilary Wentworth
  • Mam'zelle
  • Doris Elward
  • Miss Roberts
  • Matron
  • Janet Robins
  • Miss. Theobald
  • Kathleen Gregory
  • Shelia Naylor
  • Rita George
  • Miss Lewis
  • Winnie

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