The Occult Review

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The Occult Review
Occult review.jpg
Owner(s)Ralph Shirley
PublisherRider & Co.
EditorRalph Shirley
Ceased publication1951
HeadquartersLondon, UK

The Occult Review was a British illustrated monthly magazine published between 1905 and 1951 containing articles and correspondence by many notable occultists and authors of the day, including Aleister Crowley, Meredith Starr, Walter Leslie Wilmshurst, Arthur Edward Waite, Franz Hartmann, Florence Farr, and Paul Brunton. Edited by Ralph Shirley and published in London by William Rider and Son, LTD. (later Rider & Company), it is said to have been devoted to the investigation of supernormal phenomena and the study of psychological problems. It was published under different names from 1905 to 1951. From September 1933 to April 1938 it was published as The London Forum. In January 1936 it semi-reverted to The Occult Review (incorporating the "London Forum") as a quarterly, but then reassumed its original title in its July 1938 issue.[1]


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