The Occupied Times of London

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The Occupied Times of London
Occupied Times of London Logo.jpg
Type Quarterly newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Editor The OT Collective
Founded 26 October 2011 (2011-10-26)
Political alignment Autonomist
Language English
Ceased publication 2017

The Occupied Times of London is a political newspaper which originated from Occupy LSX in 2011.[1][2] Originally produced from the occupations at St. Paul’s and Finsbury Square, the paper included news, features and interviews. It remains a free, non-profit publication without any advertising and was first published on Wednesday 26 October 2011.[3]

The design of the Occupied Times of London incorporates Jonathan Barnbrook's 'Bastard' font, with a signature back-page placard design or slogan in each issue.[4]

The last issue was Issue 29 March 2017 before it became Base Magazine.[5]


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