The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau

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Cousteau on Calypso

The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau by Jacques Cousteau is an encyclopedia in 21 volumes, that forms an encyclopedia of marine life.[1]

It was published between 1973 and 1978.[2]

List of books[edit]

  1. Oasis in Space
  2. The Act of Life
  3. Quest for Food
  4. Window in the Sea
  5. The Art of Motion
  6. Attack and Defense
  7. Invisible Messages
  8. Instinct and Intelligence
  9. Pharaohs of the Sea
  10. Mammals in the Sea
  11. Provinces of the Sea
  12. Man Re-Enters Sea
  13. A Sea of Legends
  14. Adventure of Life
  15. Outer and Inner Space
  16. The Whitecaps
  17. Riches of the Sea
  18. Challenges of the Sea
  19. The Sea in Danger
  20. Guide to the Sea and Index
  21. Calypso


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