The Oceanic Concerts

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The Oceanic Concerts
Oceanic Concerts.jpg
Live album by Pete Townshend and Raphael Rudd
Released 2001 (UK)
Recorded UK
Genre Rock
Label Eel Pie
Producer Pete Townshend
Pete Townshend and Raphael Rudd chronology
O' Parvardigar
The Oceanic Concerts
Live: La Jolla Playhouse 2001

The Oceanic Concerts is a collaboration album with Pete Townshend and Raphael Rudd that was first publicly released in 2001.

Townshend sings a selection of Who standards ("The Seeker", "Bargain", "Drowned", even the comical "Tattoo") as Rudd accompanies him on harp.[1] Rudd, a harpist and pianist, had been a member of the band Renaissance between 1984-87.[2] He died shortly after the release of this recording in April 2002.

The concerts were recorded around Christmas in 1979 and 1980 according to the liner notes by Rudd.[3]


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